Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Shoe On The Other Foot – 17 April 2013

gods20handGod said:

What is loneliness but lack of knowledge? What is loneliness but lack of Self-Acquaintance? What is loneliness but wayward thinking, a tangent, a lack of Self-Awareness? In the case of loneliness, you have sent your own heart adrift. Like Baby Moses, you own dear heart has been cast adrift from the shore. The shore is not far from the sea, and yet to be cast from the shore of God is unfathomable. I wonder if loneliness has become fashionable in the world, something that has caught on.

What rift can have come between the Oneness of Us? What imaginary line has been drawn that you would exclude yourself from Me, as though distance is sensible and more likely than Oneness?

It is hard to imagine that you, a child of Mine, could turn your head from Me. With the Ocean right in sight of you, how could you turn your head from Me and your heart turned off?

You may think you spend a lifetime seeking Me and not finding Me. I cannot and do not look away. I look right here at you. You may think I don’t understand you or that I don’t care about you when you don’t see. I see. I see you. I keep you right in front of Me. You are never out of sight or mind. I call you to Me at every moment, day and night, season after season. You are on My mind, and you are in My heart. In a million ways, I say, “I am here.” And you don’t seem to hear Me. You want Me to come up to you.

I have come right up to you. I extend Myself. I do everything to get your attention, and, yet, you hear Me not. You see Me not. I dance before you. You dance away and ask where I have gone. How did you acquire this sense of absence? Why would you hold this assumed distance up before Us like a towel? I have never left your side. My hand has been forever holding yours. We have an engagement, you and I. We are forever One and never not One. Beloveds, your mind wandered. You set your sights on far away places that do not exist. I exist. Heaven exists. The Kingdom of God lies within you. I am forever ensconced in your heart. How could your heart possibly be the last to know?

Even when the Prodigal Son stayed away from Me, His Father, he knew where I was. He knew where he could return to, and he returned. Yet you may say I do not exist, and there is nowhere for you to go. You call out:

“Where are You, God? Where have You gone without me? Why have You left me? Why would You leave me forlorn?”

Why would you bereave yourself and drop your awareness of Me? Bereaving a loss of My Presence is not exactly the best use of your life. It is not a novel you want to write. You have spent long enough writing it. You have spent too long writing this dark fantasy. Instead of deepening your support of awayness from God, come back into the Light of God. Come back to Me. Come right up to Me and say:

“God, here I am. I am here. I came back. I had a dream that you were away. Now I know this was a dream I dreamt. I dreamed I covered my eyes, and now I have opened them again to You. I have come back to You, God. I am here for You. What would You ask me to do for You?” / link to original article


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