Lucas – The Cosmic Way – From Divine Chaos To Divine Order – 18 April 2013

Computer simOh it is so beautiful to see all those personal swirling vortexes in our 5D  already still finding the inner-balance to and shift to the cone point in it all. Connecting totally with 5D and  our small vortexes that come now soon to our last bit of the old paradigm cone sticking into the 5D vortex. All those that are on that tipping point will flow into the 5D spiral upward. All of you behind those will come when ready. We made last year come true that everybody will come and shift. We opened that timeline for everyone last year. There will not be separation in two earths or two different timelines. The only  flow will be that of all personal vortexes finding their way from within to the space of being neutrality having the polarities reconciled as balanced oneness.

All that is divine chaos in perception will become divine order in perception. All will be in its place of being there where it should be. It all just is. When we reach all that point we will have universal peace, love and we will know all that was and is and will be as it is seen in the moment of now. The knowing of all will be imminent.  The smile on the faces of those already feeling the balance and love forming will encourage you. You all will find that way even those still fighting the fight and being in duality perception. They will overcome the extreme polarities and find equilibrium.

It is unfolding all as it is on every level of personal and external perception. Things change and move. Seekers will stop seeking and find that what is and has always been in their heart. The connection to source,  and all that is and to your higher self is found there.  You may truly find you in you.  There is only you that can see you and express the love you have for you.  It is that what you should do first and then make peace and express love to all that is.  The time has come to empower yourselves  to be those beings that are masters of their own and are masters of light. We are the ones to overcome and incorporate polarities in ourselves in a balanced way.  This makes if we have done this we can create all we want from love and balance for all. There is in balance only equality no more duality and polarity.

Our cosmic wishes to be a free human race that are as individuals free but also still together creating and manifesting that what is for all of us in equality and therefore abundance to be.  The peace that will come in us will bring us this universal peace.  Step into the equilibrium. There is no separation anymore and no more finger that points out those that have been doing in the old 3D perceptions wrong or evil as they just were teachers of the other polarity side for us in our duality experiment. Love and embrace all as it is the both sides that are uniting in all.

Love and Light,


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  2. Dear Lucas , THANK you for your blog . I read every day !!! You have taught me to discern ! Much love from Bristol , Uk