RemovingTheShackles – Adults Need To Listen – THe Children Know – 19 April 2013

shacklesThe children will lead us…..

I dare you to tell me that this child of light DOESN’T Know- KNOW– KNOW– that she is Eternal Essence Embodied.  I Dare you to tell me that this child DOESN’T remember who she is!!

Uploaded 8 September 2o12 by  Winston Reid

Listen to this Child’s Eternal Heart, his Eternal Essence speak to you.
He Knows KNOWS KNOWS.  (put link here as it will not be played from here you have to get to youtube.)

The Adults need to LISTEN.  The Adults need to remember.  The Adults need to return to childhood. To return to that time of no limits, to that time of understanding and KNOWING- BEFORE the adults around them convinced them that their world was imagination and that the grow up world was the real world.

The children know.

Are you Listening?

Is their World Imaginary?…… or is it your “adult” world that doesn’t really exist?  / link to original article


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