Ann Albers – A Message From Ann And The Angels – 20 April 2013

annalbers2Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

We have said this so many times and we will say it as long as we have voices to speak through, God loves you, dear ones, more than you can possibly imagine. God wants to assist you in your lives. And yet God has granted you, upon the earth, free will. The entire universe, by its nature, must respond to the loving vibrations you put out. Aspects of the universe will respond to other vibrations as well. We, the angels, only respond to love. It is in our very design.

The universe is not designed to respond solely to your words or your thoughts, rather it responds to the energy beneath them. This is why you can pray with all sincerity, “God I need help. I need the bills paid. I need to be healed,” and see nothing happening, because beneath your words perhaps is an energy that says, “I have lack. I have ill health.” Instead dear ones do what it takes to get your energy aligned with your words and your prayers. This is why visualization often works. In visualization you align your imagination with that which gives you joy. And when you find that vibration within you, you are by your very energetic nature, calling it back unto you. When you do anything it takes to feel abundant – smelling the roses, sharing of your gifts with another, etc. – then you are by your very energetic nature, calling abundance unto you.

God is not a parent who gives into your fearful pleas. God instead says, I will support your love, your joy, your growth into an awareness of who you are. I will support truth and only truth, and truth dear ones, is that you are abundant. You are well. You are pure. You are holy. You are loved. Can you find ways to feel those truths in your life, thereby creating them in ever expanding ways? We think you can! You can feel love by being loving. You can feel abundant by being generous. Any frequency you tap into in any way will bring more of that into your life. If you are only “giving to get”, that is not from abundance, but rather from lack. If however you give from a loving, and abundant heart, you cannot help but attract those qualities back into your life.

You are creative, brilliant, and beautiful in our eyes. We are constantly whispering to you, “This path feels better. This path feels more loving. This path feels more authentic.” We try to guide you in joyful ways. Sometimes you insist on painful lessons… but in time, love will rise up within you and remind you that in the eyes of God, you ARE loved, and you are perfect as you are – even as you grow into a greater understanding of the truth of your being.

And if by some chance you find yourself in fear, anger, or the darker spaces, dear ones, love yourselves. Be compassionate with yourselves. We can and do repsond to this love and amplify even the tiniest amount of love in miraculous ways.

God Bless You. We love you so very much.
— The Angels
Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

First of all I want to thank you for the outpouring of love last week. Lucy and Bruno (my husky wolf in heaven) are having a great time. Lucy woke me up in spirit at 4:44 last Saturday to remind me that I had promised her right before she passed, that we would go hiking the following weekend! I got out of bed and got going, and on the way, I got stuck behind a car plastered with doggie decals and with a license plate that said ARF ARF! Truly your loved ones, furry or otherwise are with you!

However, as I mentioned last week, this short but intense grief was the deepest I have ever felt. When I asked the angels why it was so deep, even though I could see and Lucy’s joy, they responded honestly. “You are feeling guilt. Love doesn’t hurt. You are beating yourself up over missed opportunities for love. Be present. You have both graduated from some very difficult lessons.”

“Regretting missed opportunities for love hurts.” I struggled for awhile with that one. I loved Lucy so much but the truth was, she also drove me past the ends of my patience with her upset glares that seemed to occur whenever I couldn’t give her what she wanted. I was giving my life for a soul that was often a sweet little girl, but just as often an extremely moody and difficult personality. The grief I felt was for those times when I could have been more patient, more loving, more compassionate, and more understanding.

In the throes of it, only a day after her passing, I was bawling and apologizing to her for not having more snuggle time. I was explaining that laundry and other aspects of her care had taken up almost all of my spare time. I reassured here that all I had wanted was a loving interaction. Finally, after letting me bury myself in guilt and grief, she showed up and quite matter of factly spoke to my heart in feelings more than words, “Why are you crying? We did it. We found the love! Let’s play!”

She was right. We did find the love, and in glorious fashion. I did learn to cultivate great patience, love, compassion, and a willingness to surrender and set my entire life and desires aside for a few years to care for her. I did come to embrace the fact that the only thing that truly matters in life is the love we bring into the present, no matter what is going on. And she, during the very last week of her life, learned to open her soul to the fact that real love does not always mean getting what you want, but rather it is a state of being. She felt your love on her Facebook page, and as I read your posts to her, she felt mine.

So before I did the first live-stream internet session on Wednesday with Braco, I simply prayed with all my heart, “God I know in the present Lucy and I are fine. We mastered our lessons on earth with one another. We found an amazing love in spite of the challenges. So please, work through this beautiful soul to wash away my undeserved guilt and pain. I want to be a light for the world once again, but I need your help now.” Within seconds, I felt waves of light and love washing through my soul and after only a few minutes of standing in Oneness, the guilt, grief, sorrow, and sadness were totally washed away. All that remained was joy and a feeling of incredible euhporic celebration for Lucy and I who had graduated with honors from some amazingly challenging lessons. The grief has never returned. I was even cheering up the vet’s assistants when I went to pick up the ashes. Meanwhile, Lucy and Bruno, in spirit, continue to be characters, walking all over me, nudging me for attention, and sending me love so immense it fills my heart. I feel nothing but love.

So when you find yourself in spaces that aren’t as light-filled as you like, remind yourself that you are human and it is OK. I know better than to entertain guilt. I teach this. But I am human and when I occasionally stray into the denser spaces, I do as the angels have always taught me, and choose to give myself the same love and compassion that is so easy to share with others. In this space of self love you are open to receive every bit of help you need. I prayed to abide in a higher truth and God answered through the grace and gaze of one of His angels on earth. Guilt tried to sneak into my heart a few times later in the week, in various ways, but I refused to entertain anything other than the truth that we are all eternal unending love. If you can remember this you will receive help in even the darkest spaes.

No matter what adventures we have in this human world, they cannot dim our soul’s beautiful light. It is our choice to believe in the truth of our Being or not, just as it is our choice to believe the sun is behind the clouds or not, but if you can do this – no matter what – you will quickly feel this light rising within you washing away your own areas of misunderstanding. This level of self love will call forth the Love of God to raise you up once again into truth.

I hope you have a love and light filled week. Choose to be loving and kind to yourselves no matter what. We are perfect as we are and expanding into more awareness each day, as the angels like to say, much as an acorn is perfect, but always dreaming of expanding into the oak.

Bless you,
I love you all,
Ann / link to original article

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