Ida Lawrence – Zero Thoughts Are Best -21 April 2013

Sacred CentersWhere we truly exist is illustrated above. Hold this posture in your daily life. Be the calm, be the harmony and be this exact with your intention. The Golden Door is inside every heart. Emphasized here, is our natural state. Zero thoughts are best. Torn away from our natural state a long time ago, we have been moving through our lives seeking and searching for the outer significance of what truly already exists within us.

Inside our private sanctuary is a Golden Door encircled with a vibrational tone quite familiar to us. This tone is an octave resonating a sequential frequency of higher light. We originate from a place of Omnipotence. We know this doorway, the golden hallway and we know the love and radiance found inside of this sacred place. Our heart forgives our ignorance, as we knowingly chose to walk away from this door at the very beginning so we could again rediscover it, and this time we do it with a passionate fury.

When we abide by the innate knowing of our true nature we find we are always where we are supposed to be, doing what we are supposed to do. Non-panicking and serene in the face of inconceivable odds, is the true stature of the one who sits inside the sanctuary of the Golden Door.

Called on now, the one who sits in the graceful posture is us.

We must not forget this. We are the serene, we are the calm. Above and beyond anything before and after us is what remains pure–Omnipotence is our essence. Light is ever and always here. Dissolve worries, rascally thoughts, disengage with the outer world angst as it is not who we are. We are coming into a place designed by us. This period of our transformation is here and what is required is for us to know it and be it. To show up and honor our inner sanctuary, is to be our True Illumined Self.

Today as I strolled around the farmer’s market I was drawn to a person I have known for some years. We sat for while talking and holding hands. We were communicating through our sensory system and vibrating a sweet and simple light that drew others to us. This is what I am talking about. Wherever you are be the you that you are. The you that is not negative, or fearful, or sarcastic, or disconnected or grumpy or moody. All of which are lower thought form energies. Each has an intelligence and energy and each has a lower vibrational energy. With the energy goes the thought of that emotion. We are not our emotions so please whatever you do don’t enhance a lower frequency of thought as there are those of us who no longer choose to partake in this.

Your thoughts travel faster than light. Think instantaneous. Keep in mind this planet was created through Thought and then there was Word and there was Light. That word is the Sound and that sound is AUM. Which is not from the East or the West, or something trendy we do in meditation groups. It is the Omnipotent call of our Creator originating from the source of Cosmic Light. This Cosmic Light responds to ITS name.  This is the primordial sound that is being sung in every cell in your body and there are billions of cells just as there are galaxys, where the AUM sound is also present.

Be the AUM. Sing the AUM, know the AUM, think AUM.

If you think of being home. Think AUM. If someone around you is in a moody or angry space or funk. Think and sing AUM. If you want to send this planet higher in orbit think and sing AUM under your breath all day and night. I am a Yoga teacher and light body educator. You can ask your higher self at night to sing AUM while you sleep—it will. There is nothing like the Naad (sound current), to take you “there.” This is our home and we are all here, so when you think you want to leave, know all you have to do is sing AUM. You will go wherever you want to go. Preferably through the Golden Door of your inner sanctuary where you will see through your mid-eye, your all knowing-seeing, single eye a new world rising.

The New Book: A New World Rising, How to Navigate Through It, Christina Fisher Copyright, 2013 / link to original article/ / link to article

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