OPPT Dissolved March 18th! Thank You For Your Service – 21 April 2013

do it now( Lucas : I will express the title is not what it seems. You have to see OPPT got to its next step into I- UV and now there seem some other developments. You should listen to the radio shows and other stuff here on the page.

The OPPT UCC documents still are filed and valid even when OPPT moved on. You might after listening and reading and understand things change. But go ask and listen also whatever you wanna know in the coming Monday and Tuesday radioshows on Blogtalk Radio of the OPPT. OPPT-In on Freedom Reigns Blogtalk Radio and The Collective Imagination on 5D Network Blogtalk Radio)

On March 18, 2013, the One People’s Public Trust 1776 (OPPT) was officially dissolved. Thank you for your service.

The OPPT held space for the One People for a period of 90 days on, above and below Gaia, allowing her citizens to learn who they BE, as ABSOLUTE value absent all limits, to remember their true embodied purpose, and to move forward with choice, manifesting as empowered BEings, DOing with full self-sovereignty. The OPPT gracefully served its purpose. It awoke, empowered, and activated the people. Its job has been fulfilled. It is NOW up to the People, as I, Universal Value embodied absent all limits, themselves.

Over the period of three years, OPPT Trustees Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, Caleb Skinner and Hollis Randall Hillner diligently researched, investigated and created the OPPT by learning through personal experience that the root of the corrupt system had its origins within with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). They came to know that the system had been crafted by a few powerful individuals to intentionally, perpetually, financially enslave humankind. The UCC filings made by the trustees, through the OPPT, dealt the final death blow to these Powers That Were, foreclosing upon all corporations, including corporations masquerading as “governments”.  This vital and essential act helped to awaken the populace to the fact that their world reality was quite different than what they had been lead to believe. All governments and financial systems had been usurped by a small group of controllers. News spread like wildfire around the globe, groups were established and mobilized to spread the  truth. Radio shows and Youtube videos exploded with the joyous facts of freedom from the slavery systems. Disclosure was here. Truth, through embodied BEing was revealed from behind the veiled curtain.

An excerpt from the announcement that broke on December 28, 2012 speaks of our value and how to obtain it.

And in regards to questions about application and process to access value. The people do not have to fill out forms or applications for what is already theirs. No matter where any state of body, any one of the people, domicil that body by choice on this planet…this is about, and for, each of those states of body equally. The only application any one of the people have to make is the application of making knowing, willing and intentional choices to stand in self, in Truth, and we are here to assist with the tools preserved in perpetuity (and in the former slavery systems) to effectively, lawfully and legally do that. Please be patient as we prepare those for release as soon as “humanly” :) possible, by creation and co-creation with the energy and efforts of all of creation’s universe. At this moment in present, we do announce that the people’s systems, paid for by the people, that were unlawfully and illegally commandeered by the former principals, agents, and beneficiaries of the former slavery systems, are in the process of being repossessed, and in the event that is not achieved “in a twinkling of an eye”, we are committed to creating and co-creating with any and all the people on the planet, and creation’s universe, the temporary tools and systems to make sure that the people of this planet and all creation’s universe can BE and use what is “deposited” therein by creation to further create and co-create our “now”.

Many thought the value we were trying to access was money. It never was, as money is a representation of value in the old, now defunct paradigm. The true value is us – our energy, Eternal Hearts embodied as ABSOLUTE value.

The tools referenced above materialized as Courtesy Notices and CVACS (Creator’s Value Asset Centers). The Courtesy Notices introduced by a core of brilliant visionaries have been used by many all over the world, sent as official Notice to banks, debt collectors, utility companies, courts, legal offices and other representations of the old system. The CVAC is you and me. WE are the CVACS.

The entire history and step by step events by OPPT are on the OPPT-in.com website.

universal valueThe I U/V Exchange (formally known as OPPT) is the NOW-level evolution as the embodiment of true value. OUR true value as the ABSOLUTE embodiment of Eternal Essence, absent all limits, is infinite. Within this New Paradigm, the concept of money and exchange requires a redefinition. As each person’s value of their BEing is infinite, money becomes a distraction from their true worth of DOing and BEing.  Bob Wright announced on the Gwen Caldwell Morning Brew show  on April 17, 2013 that former trustee Caleb Skinner is currently working on the new system, that it is nearly complete. Bob suggested within days.

The April 18, 2013 Morning Brew Show with Brian Kelly and Bob Wright expounds upon the newest evolutions of the system, OPPT being approached by the SWISSINDO group, the United Nations (UN) involvement, Provosts arrests, etc, and up-to-the minute evolutions of the I/UV exchange. It has become glaringly apparent that we need a bridge to bring us to where we are going. We are creating our new paradigm as we progress within each NOW moment.

The word of OPPT spread swiftly around the planet. The One People are awakening NOW to their true value and their true worth within Creator Source’s universe.  Money has been revealed as an illusory representation of true value, this has enslaved us within the old paradigm. The original want of money has quickly morphed to BEing Universal Value, as Creator intended. The people are waking up. Evolution is on the horizon, rapidly morphing into view as the NOW.

We have all been players in this game, and some have done their share of horrible things. Wisdom suggests that someone had to play these roles and they did a great job. Now, we must remember that they, too, can be loving Beings and need us to love them more than ever, welcoming them home.

NOW is the time to stand up, hold hands and move towards the finish line for hue-manity. And SO it is DONE.

Deva and Eagle

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