AscensionPioneers – Divine Love : Importance Of Being Grounded – 23 April 2013

Uploaded on 23 April 2013 by ASCENSIONPIONEERS

Dear Ascension Pioneers!

We are Divine Beings and we already come from a state of pure Divine Love. We eternally exist in Spirit, but here … we are Humans. We are both vertical and horizontal Beings. As Humans, we are learning to embrace our Human nature and how to live in a grounded way. This means bringing our Spirit knowing from the vertical alignment to our horizontal way of living here on Earth. This does not just apply in grounding ourselves to mother Earth, eating grounding food and walking barefoot … this applies to being real and grounded in our ways … with all of our Being. This means that we are to be real and authentic in all of our earthly connections and relationships. We learn through experience and there is no better way to learn as being a Human. We cannot learn through the intellect … we truly learn when we experience and then embody what we have integrated. This is how we embody the Divine Love Essence that we already are in pure Spirit. The more real that we are, the more we love … the more Love can flow through us. And there is always something to learn and embody in the infinite Creation. Nothing is in vain, and we are all here for a reason.

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Tomorrow I will be a guest on another co-creation show! My host will be lovely Julie Seibert from “Reawaken your brilliance”. You can find more information about the show here! P.S. The show runs on April 24th, 9 PM EST US! See You there! Here is the direct link:…


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