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gheartAmended with love—

Greater Works

“Greater works than these shall ye do…wherein no longer shall ye resist the appearance of evil.”

Q.  What greater work is there than to heal the sick, teach the ignorant, and raise the dead?    Are not such deeds solely performed as acts of resistance to apparent adverse or evil appearances?  But what can be greater and more noble than this?

A.  Seeing only Perfection—where none exist as sick to heal, ignorant to instruct, nor dead to raise.  Yea—where the Actual All Are Immaculate Vibrant Wholeness, Absolute Joyous Wisdom, and the Originless and Endless Beauty of Radiant Loving Life.

True:, false:, or neither:

To address an evil we wish for extinction, instead gives power increasing its distinction.


The dream says the ‘opposites” are cause for inspiration,

where the presence of darkness provides Light appreciation.

But ages of treating evil having failed to bring good,

should suffice to question how such theory has stood.

To ignore adversity the dream mind calls delusion,

while Heaven Ever declares—Perfections’ beyond intrusion!

Seeing Perfection no human can endorse,

attending to what’s broken is claimed the true course.

The Works of God naught but God doth achieve,

where the ego of dream exists not to conceive.

Ascension in masse the act now on stage,

the “Greater Works Band” is finally the Rage!

Protesting mentality left forever behind,

emanating the Light is our Sole Divine Mind.

Seeking of peace health and life in hopes they be found,

gives place to Infinity never ceased to abound.

Alas, traveling eons a road battered sore,

we find we’re the Ones we’ve long waited for.

Wandering no more where folk reap what they sow,

“Occupy Eternity” is all that We Know.

Sitting by a river feeling overwhelmed with love,

I looked into the tree where was perched a lone dove.

Retrieving the significance I felt on that day,

inspired the painting the above words display.

From the Love of the One that Is Being

the Immaculate All that It’s seeing.

For an added sense of Joy consider the following:

Truth Not Applicable To The Unreality Of Dream

Where Imperfection And Ignorance Is Reality,

Healers And Teachers Abound.

Truth does not, in any way, shape, or form recognize—by way of responding to with teaching or enlightening—unreal images on the screen of Its Glorious Cosmic Play.  To do such would be likened to an attempt in a theatre house of a spectator to rise from his seat to offer assistance to an apparently troubled figure on the movie screen who is being held at gun point and being told there is no mercy and cries out for help after being informed he is about to be eliminated.  Because of the common knowledge in the dream that movie realities, inclusive of every last entity cast therein, are never actual, no spectator thereof would even think to intervene in such manner. Reality Bliss Beings, even the Radiant I Am Embodiments that are poised behind all acting roles in the Dream of human existence, maintain this precise attitude regarding the Amazing Divine Production of Mind which They Eternally Are.

Due to the fact that all dream participants are unreal entities, such are not given to fully see or accept the play or dream matrix within which they perform, to be but the harmless Cosmic Movie Production that it actually is.  Furthermore, the Unique Design of Such, is that any actress or actor assuming a role which portrays the appearance of exerting the highest levels of resistance to the idea of the so-called 3 dimensional material matrix being but a non-actual Glorious Divine Play—will be among the most prominent of teachers and healers therein.

It all comes down to one bottom line—dream beings are unreal and therefore cannot be taught!  All human dream teachers know one thing only—namely, to teach other dreamers of their utter foolishness and this is referred to as Truth Teaching!   It never was nor ever will be such!   It’s the same with healing in the dream—all such has less than nothing to do with what is Real!  The fact is, teaching and healing endeavors can have but one apparent effect in the dream, namely, the perpetuation of ignorance and disease amongst both, practitioner and client therein.

To acknowledge and attempt to heal so-called sickness or disease is not one whit different, in the final analysis, from a government recognizing the presence of “evil” activity and declaring war to eliminate such.  Both physicians and soldiers are esteemed as heroes in the unreality of dream.  Both disease and apparent evil may be put down hither and yon—repeatedly—only to reappear over and over again somewhere else!  Such is the on-going apparent madness—resulting from imperfection perception— within the Play of dream!

“No one can change an illusion into a more perfect illusion.  This has been tried, but always there will be another imperfect illusion.  In short, no matter how many healings one may see or experience, there is always going to be a need for further healing, so long as the primary illusion persists.  The primary illusion is that there is something existing that is not God.  The primary Fact is: God Is All; All Is God.  It is as simple as that.”  (You are The Splendor, pp103,104, by Marie S. Watts)

“When one adopts the idea that he must bring Truth into expression, he overlooks the fact that the Self is Mind and Manifestation as One.

“The very word demonstration is thought of as the practice of Truth over error; the use of Truth to heal disease, sorrow or sin.

“One of the old sayings of the East is that ‘Satan is the science of demonstration.’

“As a human being, one seeks and prays for the things which are already his as Spiritual Being.”  (Atomic Light by Lillian de Waters, p139)

“The term demonstration also implies duality.  One may demonstrate over a certain sickness, but he shall continue subject to other discords, and so be in need of further healing; in fact, it will be a continuous program.  Identification with a mind of one’s own is the very source of all tribulation!  How vain the theory of man—that he can heal the very things he himself has created out of darkness!  Man can treat sickness from now until Doomsday, and never can he bring sickness to an end.”  (Greater Works p22, by Lillian de Waters)

There is never any healing or teaching necessary or feasible in Reality Absolute!  Divine Mind IS Reality Absolute!   Divine Mind IS Perfection Absolute!  Divine Mind IS Originless and Endless Wholeness and Joyous Intelligence Absolute!  There is Only Divine Mind, naught else exists!

Mal-practice redefined

All Teachers and healers within the so-called 3-d plane, relate to others solely upon the basis of the fictitious mist of their own self-perceived imperfection.   That is, as long as one views his or her self as ignorant (seeking a deeper understanding of Truth) and diseased (or continually subject to the threat thereof), just so long will such see the same in all others.  Thus all practice of teaching and healing is based solely upon one’s very own self-projection to those around them.    Hence, it is no mystery as to why educational and medical institutions rank the highest among monetary profit industries within the illusion of dream.  All such must consequently fall under the category of delusionary mal-practice.  Indeed, all practice within the so-called relative dream world is naught but mesmeric mal-practice whereupon not merely do teachers and healers project their personal imperfection upon others—but subtly assume a superior awareness level over the so-called student and client thereof.

“The Person Seeing Perfection Is The Master.”

(Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East Vol.6, pp 62-63).

“By looking for (or seeing) the Christ in every face you would bring forth that Christ or God-quality, in all. We make no comparisons, we see only the Christ or God-quality in all at all times and in that way we are out of your (mortal or human) vision. We see Perfection or have (and always are) Perfect Vision.” (Ibid. Vol.1, pp 88-89).

“A man (or Reality Being behind an earth role who is ceaselessly) endowed with Self-knowledge feels no incentive to action such as the attainment of the desirable, the relinquishment of the undesirable, the reforming of the impure, or the changing of one substance into another. All these incentives are found only in the relative world characterized by good and evil, pain and pleasure, and the other pairs of opposites.  An Illumined Person (the One Alone who Is Light) sees Brahman or Perfection, Everywhere—both within and without.  There exists for him no imperfection or evil that he might change or destroy; for if he sees anywhere even a trace of evil, he has not attained the Knowledge of Brahman.”   (For obvious reasons there is no one existing that can ‘attain’ such Knowledge or become or evolve into being God.   That which Is This Knowledge has Immutably and Eternally been Such). (The Bhagavad-Gita as Translated by Swami Nikhilananda, p 15).

“There is no discord in the natural order of the Universe (or the Bliss and Reality World of so-called Ascended Master Consciousness). All discord is our (the ego false-self’s) reaction to that which we imagine to be wrong or out of its rightful place. It is only to the degree (or due to the fact) that we are not in tune with things as they are in fact that there is discord in our own nature. Discord is not without, it is within our own nature. To prevent (or see the unreality of) this discord we must harmonize (or Be the Immutable Harmony) with the Spiritual Reality back of all (dream) appearances.” (Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol.4, p 43).

“There is in Truth no creation and no destruction.  No one is bound, no one is seeking liberation.  No one is on the way to deliverance.  There are none liberated.  This is the Absolute Truth.  This is the Sum and Substance of all the Upanishads.”  (The collected Works Of Ramana Maharshi, by Arthur Osborne, p 172).

“Q. Is it necessary to overcome all flesh?

“A. It is necessary NOT to overcome all flesh but to put a better conception upon It by the resurrection of this Body from a material to a Spiritual condition. (In other words, role termination! However, no one needs role termination to commence conceiving differently!  None did ever or will ever exist who could ‘begin’ to see aught Divine!  The mind which confessed its blindness has merely vanished and all that’s left is the One Seer or Divine Mind which Always Sees All that It Is as It Is).  If we come into (or visualize as) True Spirit, this Flesh is Immortalized Always.  Why overcome flesh?   It is Perfectly Beautiful and Pure if we overcome (via role termination) the idea (and mind) that has held It out of that condition.”  (Ibid. Vol.6, p 47).

“All form may be transformed, or changed in form, through a change of consciousness in regard to it. (Again, none actually exist to experience a change of any kind.  Only the mind which has thought such disappears giving place to That Immutable Harmonistic Consciousness which Alone Is). (Ibid. Vol.1, p 37).

The Master further says, “That is what Job was trying to bring out when he said,” ‘Yet in my flesh shall (or do) I see God’ (that is, see as God—even the Sole Seer—All That I Am Joyously Is). It is even expressed that way in the Upanishads. In everything bring forth the Christ Self and see Reality in the place of a differentiated physical body.  The Body is Radiant and Pure Spiritual Substance and It will show forth (or be in Its Ever-present evidence as) this condition when the thought of Its materiality is withdrawn (by the disintegration of the mind which thinks such) and gives place to the Truth that Flesh in Its True State Is the Radiant Light of God through which (and as which) God is Manifest in His (/Her) Spiritual Perfection.” (Life And Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol.4, pp 97-98).

“The Mind which Is God is the same yesterday and forever. That which seems to be a new idea to us is but our discovery of (or simply Being—as there is no one existing that can discover That which is Actual and Real) what Always was. Healing and so-called demonstrations are not bringing something into being but are an awakening to (or an evidence of) That State which has Always Prevailed in Fact” (which is all that could possibly remain upon the termination of the role of dream.) (Life and Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. 4, pp 30-31).

“They (The so-called Ascended Ones) see completely through the material or physical to what they say is That Perfect Condition wherein All Activity is Harmonious.”  (Ibid. Vol. 4, p 36).

“They (The Masters) teach … that it is not necessary to spend long years in meditation to bring this about … that the instant you become silent (or role terminate at the Cue of Divinity) you are One with Harmony and Accord.”  (Indeed, there are none to instantly or gradually become one with That which Immutably Is.  Only the so-called mind that imagined thus and sought to evolve into Such—has now utterly dissolved and all that remains is the Alone Infinite Harmony as ever It Is!)  (Ibid. p 37)

“The old idea of the devil … is a direct violation of the fact that there is only the Power of God.  There is no power opposed to the Ultimate Good in the Universal trend.  That which seems to be opposition is in our (the dream ego’s) own minds, which often (Nay, always especially in early stages) work contrary to the Divine Purpose. The creative trend of the Universe or the will and purpose of God is to dissolve ignorance just as light dissolves darkness.”   (In actuality, there is never any darkness for Light to dissolve.  There is only the disintegration of the dream mind that thought so).  (Ibid. Vol.4, p 59).

“When one realizes that the whole problem of manifest results is more a matter of opening up the consciousness (more dream lingo, as there never was nor ever could be such a ‘one’) to see or include something which Already Exists in Fact, instead of trying to bring something that is not out into manifest form, then the whole matter will be much simpler. As the mind expands (or vanishes at role termination, the One Seer remains) to see or grasp the Spiritual Fact, there can be no question whatever about the Manifestation of That Fact.  If it is so in God, it is so Everywhere for God Is All.   It is all a matter of awareness upon our part and our (the human) awareness must be expanded (Nay—utterly vanish where only Divine Consciousness is left) to include the Reality and Existence of the Spiritual Fact.

‘That was Jesus’ method of working. Every word was established unto Him. He exalted every word through His Exalted Consciousness, knowing that It (whatever was necessary for the happiness and maintenance of That which Alone Is) was Already in Existence.

“In the matter of treatment of so-called disease, the average metaphysician makes the mistake of dealing with the opposites, disease and health.  Here are two conditions, the one to replace the other. In the East they do not work in this way any more than did Jesus. When you seek for Perfection, know that It is established unto you.  Exalt Perfection.  Perfection Exists independent of both the opposites of health and disease.  Perfection is an eternally established Fact in Principle and it is complete within Itself on every so-called plane. Both health and disease are delusions according to Eastern Philosophy, for they are only human concepts.   For instance, your own idea of health today would not suffice you in five years from now for health is a relative idea in your (or the dream entity’s) own consciousness.  There is nothing relative in (true or actual) Being.  All is Complete, All is Perfect, and the true practitioner (totally a dream lingo term for upon role termination not a notion or trace of a so-called ‘practitioner’ could possibly remain) identifies himself with Reality and does not deal with delusion.  Let go of the opposites altogether (a fact of Role termination where the Timeless Clarity declares that there never are any to let go of aught) and put in their place the Perfection.

“We find that Jesus did not in any instance treat with the opposites. (For such is merely ‘band-aid consciousness’ whereupon only symptoms are treated which can never touch the ‘cause’). He put into the place of both the opposites the True Perfection. His great statement was Perfection Always and That Perfection was always established unto him.

“If I place on the black board the figures two plus two equals three and then follow with two plus two equals five, would you deal with the three and five and try to establish the right answer? No, you would go right through these (bogus) figures, deal with the fact two plus two equals four, and both these extremes would vanish. That which is less or more than the correct answer has nothing to do with the fact in principle and it is only by bringing the fact of principle to bear upon the situation that any correct answer is possible.  Our (the human) ideas of health and disease are both less than the Perfection which is established in the Foundations of the Universe and never can that which is less than Perfection be made into Perfection.  You are dealing with something unrelated to either of these extremes. ‘Be ye perfect, even as your Father in heaven is Perfect,’ is the correct standard of procedure here.

“Most people (Nay—all so-called humans must) fail in the so-called demonstration because they make a statement of Perfection and then immediately begin to look back into the matter of the opposites (or settle back down into the not yet vanished—dream consciousness). Only ‘if thine eye be single shall thy body be filled with Light.’ (That is, only when the Seeing Eye is the Divine Eye or the Eye of God, is The Body always and only in evidence as a Light Body of Divine Immutable Perfection). ‘Now henceforth and Forever See only Perfection.’ said Jesus.

“Speaking the Word (or living and speaking that only which is True and Real) is never hypnotic.  Treatment, or speaking the Word, is not projecting our (or the human’s) ideas of health to offset disease. This latter is hypnotic.  Speaking the Word is only telling the Truth, declaring That which Always has been, and Always will be True of Any Individual, Condition, or Circumstance in Principle (or in the timeless Paradise of the Absolute). Hypnosis is a result of speaking from the human mind with its imperfect concepts.

“It is not necessary that the (so-called) sick or needy person (or the phantom imperfection entity) ask for your help nor that he be conscious that you are sending forth the Word (or the on-going Emanation of Perfection) to him. (Of an absolute certainty, to the Sole Mind there is no such “him”).  If you send it forth on the Christ Right Ray (or from the standpoint of knowing that you—as well as all others—Are the One Infinite Consciousness and Perfection expressing as myriad Immortal forms), you are merely presenting his own innate (or natural) Perfection to him. (For impossible it is to accept as true any dream entity’s notion of mistaken identity or condition that such hold of themselves.) You are not working against the will of any individual when you work with Perfection, for the innate will of everyone (within the dream) is for Perfection. This rather frees his will (by the inspiring influence to dissolve such at role termination and thus be done) from its entanglements in the (apparent) realm of false habits and concepts (indeed—from all the unreality of so-called human existence in the Play of Dream).  It is merely calling forth (or emanating) That which has Always Existed until It arrests the attention of everyone involved and they (via role termination and as the Sole Existing Mind are said to) merely see that it is so.  (God Beings are never ‘waiting’ for any to commence seeing Perfection!  To Them, no such any did ever or could exist!)

“In treating (or interacting with dream-consciousness) at a distance, thought is more rapid and potent than (spoken) words.  Thought does not know time and space while a word or audible sound belongs on the material plane and must traverse space and endure in time in order to reach its destination. Notice how instantly your thought is at the sun, the center of the earth, or at any other place.  Thought does not travel, it is already there.  Every Fact in Spirit is already there and, further, it is already in evidence.  To see this Fact is to lift yourself into (or Be) this Fact and to see It for another is to lift him into It  (or likewise see him as It as well).  I, if I be lifted up—to the plane of Reality, it draws all things into (or knows all things to be the composite Nature of) this Realm.  This is the true approach, rather than to try to lift anything or anybody into the Perfect State.  We might as well try to make energy out of earth by using a pick and shovel.

“The function of the Word is not to project something into being but it is to expand the mind of man (or vanish the so-called human mind by role termination) until (or then by and as Divine Mind it is said that) he Sees That which has Always Been.  ‘Before Abraham was, I Am,’ is just as True of every Fact of Spirit as it was (and is still) of (Jesus, the) Christ.”

“Its all about “training the mind (which is simple dream lingo indicative of the dissipation of the human entity in order) to see through its veil of hypnotism, the veil in the temple, to see through to the so-called other side where All Things are Already Perfect and in Evidence.  (In the final analysis, Clarity has it that there is no veil and none that ever begin to see or travel thru such.  There is only Eternally Unveiled and Everywhere Present Perfection Absolute.  All that Is, is Immutably That).

“Mental practice (or human-mind processing) is purely hypnotic and only substitutes a condition that may (appear to) be somewhat better for the condition that was already there. Why substitute one human state or conception for another when the Perfection of God Him (and Her) Self is there waiting recognition?  (Or where it is Eternally clear that naught besides Absolute Perfection Is, and that All Existence Is Unchangeably That.  Impossible it is that any could ever exist of whom it could be said that the Self is there waiting their recognition!  All that Is—Is the Glorious Everywhere Present and Loving Radiant Self!)

“To stand by the Fact regardless of the consequences is the procedure. There can be no loss but the loss of our illusion and the gain is Truth Itself, so why should we hesitate.”   (Obviously, there is no actual loss or gain to any!  And most assuredly, none to exit the one in order to attain the other!) (Ibid. Vol.4, pp 64 -71).

“To impose one idea upon the body in substitution for another, or to attempt with the (human) mind to awaken bodily centers, is the most intense form of hypnotism for it is the willful imposition of thought and becomes most binding. Did you ever notice how a living sense of Joy functions equally and automatically over your entire body? No part of your being had to be stimulated to that state of Joy. Imagine how long it would take you to become Joyous if you had to proceed to concentrate upon each part of your body to awaken it to the state of Joy and then proceed with each body center in this way until you finally became happy.  Mental processes (or human mind procedures) do not produce Spirituality nor do they awaken the physical centers.  Spiritual awakening (or terminating the role of dream) immediately pervades (or dissolves) the entire being of man….  (God only remains as Such Immutably and Eternally Is!)      (Ibid. Vol.4, pp 87-88).

“If all things are made (or consist) of Spiritual Substance, there is no dividing line between what we have called Spirit and Its Manifestation.  Only when man is under a state of hypnosis (or immersed within his /her dream role) does he imagine that there is something besides the Unity of All Things and the Oneness of All Things.  Through his state of hypnosis he imposes false influences into (illusory) form and these distortions (of dead-matter or material inventions) are the fabrications of his own ignorance.” (Ibid. Vol.4, pp 191-192).

(Dream) “Man always questions the nature of beginning. It is not easy (Nay, utterly impossible for him) to conceive of anything without an origin. As far as man (in the dream of human existence) is concerned, beginning came into being with conscious or separate identity.  Before that, Man was Spirit, (such usage of the term ‘man’ is at present utterly obsolete!  Man never was Spirit!  Man never was period!) and That State is one to which we shall return.” (These two sentences do, in a sense, present the sum and substance of The Great Cosmic Play—That is, Its Grand Story-line from apparent start to all the way to Its Glorious Ending. Obviously, and apart from the consideration of The Drama Divine—so-called humanity could never actually exist let alone constitute something ‘other’ than Eternal Immortal Spirit.  Hence, there is no humanity to return to being Spirit—All that Spirit Is has never, nor could It ever depart from being That Very Immutable Entirety and Joyous Perfection which It Eternally Is). (Ibid. Vol.5, pp 44-45).

“This is exactly the manner in which the Masters meet every situation. ‘What appears (to so-called human or dream consciousness) ‘exists not at all,” they say. They are not hypnotized by the opinions held by the race nor conditions as they appear to the race, for they know Reality. Their determination is in the Realm of Facts and they traverse time and space just as Columbus sailed across the edges of the earth. There were no edges to the earth and there is no time or space to the Master. They are all illusions just as the flat earth with its edges was an illusion.

“This is just what Jesus meant when he said, ‘get thee behind me, Satan,’ as it is translated. In reality he said ‘get thee behind me limitation (or human/demonstration consciousness),’ for there is no such thing. He put it out of the range of his consideration and conduct, for in his illumined state there were no such things. He saw through the hypnotic spell, the veil in the temple, and lived (lives) wholly in Reality.” (Ibid. Vol.4, pp 82-83).

People planet-wide are getting DONE with the irksome unreality of the so-called 3d material or dream plane.  And presently it is getting easier and easier for each so-called performing artist therein to definitely include themselves in the overall unreality scenario of this dimension.

Hitherto, all have imagined that eventually in some way or another, they, as a so-called human race, would climb up and out of the unreality of Dream and commence living forever in a so-called Eternal World.  But such is utterly impossible!  The reason is plain and simple.  Clearly, there are never any survivors of dreams, whether they be the so-called human type or Divine.  That is, no such beings actually exist in the dream state, hence the utter impossibility of exiting the unreality thereof and entering the Realm of the Real.  Of a Divine Certainty, naught has ever or could ever diminish from, nor be added to Reality Absolute.  Beside the Cosmic Absolutism nothing is!

Moreover, presently, more than any time previous, entities of all stations of the dream life appear to be experiencing a rapidly expanding awareness that the entirety of their conscious environment or objective and dualistic reality is not real.  But the difficulty has been for such to include themselves as fictitious beings within this unreality.  This perception however, is speedily changing.

Absolutely nothing within the so-called Earth Drama is real! Reality Beings behind all dream acting never did or could possibly fall from the Divine Estate which They Eternally and Joyously Are, and therefore none Such could ever possibly require recovery.  The Real People—Light Beings—are always elsewhere and are never actually participating or birthing and dying in a make-believe Divine Comedy Play.  But truly, there is no actual “elsewhere.”  There is only Everywhere, and All who Are, are Always That!

The curtain is not about to—but is presently falling at lightening speed bringing the MOVIE DIVINE to Its final climax!  I rejoice exceedingly as do we All just over on the so-called imaginary “other-side”.  Yea imaginary, for there is only Reality Absolute which has no actual outside or other side thereto.

For more joyous and amusing considerations, see the chapter entitled—The Law of Miracles in Autobiography Of A Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda.

The One Love Is All there Is!  All That Is, Is The One Timeless Love! Such has neither beginning of days nor ending of Life.  No alternate existence is!  Reader, the assumptive dream you does not nor could it ever actually exist!  There is but one You—namely, The One Divine Love!  By no means are these statements offering information!  Rather, Such is the Eternal Knowing that You Immutably and Eternally Are!

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