Lisa Gawlas – The Bounty Of LIfe Reflected Thru New Choices, New Energy – 23 April 2013

bounty of lifeI do believe, we as a collective, hit the G spot of LIFE and we are now resting (or buzzing) in the afterglow!!  (smile)  For as long as I have been seeing the eclipse energies, they have always appeared equal to each other, different, but the same width and height on the field of Life, until yesterday.  But, I’ll get to that in a moment.

My first lady showed up, suitcases packed, heading off into a new direction that not only took her off her center path, but looping out to the edges of the eclipses.  I realized there is something much bigger to seeing people show up on what I will call the farther ends of the eclipses than those who are heading straight into the middle and it all seems to come down to choices.  Putting real energy into the choices of change.

This lady owns a home in Texas and has made the choice to go house sit for someone her in New Mexico for several months, the choice itself is disguised by the need to return to her acupuncturist that is in Santa Fe.  She felt the need to see him again, the moment she wondered how she can do that, she got a call to house sit.  Doncha just love when life falls together in your lap!!

The frustrating thing to me tho, she was in complete thick black gel-like energy, the deep unknown remaining unknown, at least for now.  Even her suitcases, one in each hand, two moving forward with her from behind… completely black.  For all intents and purposes, she is already packed and taking all she needs for this next adventure in her life.  Because she put these choices into real motion in her life, she is already walking towards the outer bands of the eclipses.  If you think about the energy of a hurricane, the first thing that comes ashore is the outer-bands   A bit windy and rainy, but nothing like the brunt of the hurricanes core energy.

As I tried to get some information about her suitcases and what she is packing… suddenly, for the first time since my lady a month or so ago woke up late and that turkey came barreling onto the field to greet her, the turkey showed up once again.  I was soooo excited!!  It strolled into her reading from the right side (future) and directly at the place I call her inner heart and outer heart (created life) field, showing the bounty, the harvest and thanksgiving celebration coming to her as she embarks on her new direction!!  She has indeed chosen to move out of her inner heart field (her home and life in Texas) to a new adventure that is filled with secrets… exciting secrets!  I could feel the excitement, just not reveal the details!!

My next lady was heading straight on into the core of the eclipses… sorta.  From her left side emerged a watery field of energy that was located from foot to hip and was as wide as her profile (not very wide at all.)  This liquid energy was filled with the blue, black and violet energy that I know represents the energy energy.  It moved from her out into life’s direction that curved back towards the outer/inner edge of the eclipses.  Eventually I realized this was showing her changing/evolving emotional field, which is already underway, so her emotions thru this cycle should not be as huge as maybe… her body will experience the energies.  So, we looked at her body.

I realized, her actual legs were that now familiar gel-like black energy (the deep unknown) and her upper torso was strange.  I know she is a female, yet, what I was seeing was absolutely the torso and upper body of a man, colored in the same earth energy field as the liquidy outflow from her legs.  Hmmmmmmm…..

She mentioned something that really deepened the understanding of what is happening to many thru this cycle.  She considers herself a sun worker, like I do myself.  Yet, what is coming to the fore thru this sandwiching energy is the divine masculine who houses the complete energy of the earth worker (very much like my Jorge does.)  The only thing her team would show us right now, her body may feel a bit battered as the infusion happens thru the first half of the eclipse phase, but her emotional field should move thru it easier (not huge pendulum like swings.) But dammit if they wouldn’t let us go any further than that at this moment.

Doesn’t spirit know it is not nice to keep secrets!!  Someone should toss them a rule book! (smile)

I had a man show up yesterday, heading right into the eye of the hurricane… holding an gel-like umbrella.  The rains had already started spilling out of the sky onto him, pinging off from the umbrella he was holding.  What I felt was he was trying to protect himself from the incoming energies… which one would tend to do going into a storm.  But, there is no holding us back from what needs to happen.  From what I was feeling, the umbrella, representing the black energy, he was holding at bay the very secrets of his soul, surely not intentionally…

Often times, we argue with ourselves, debating what we will do, when and how.  Hell, I do this myself (hence abscesses and eye ball scratches) and want to put off what spirit needs to happen now.  We surely don’t do this as a conscious thought of holding ourselves back…

It is really hard for us to fully know just how deep our day to day choices run and what we may be doing or not doing by putting something off til later, or changing our minds all together about something.  Like I said, what needs to happen NOW Will!!

I watched as he and his umbrella went thru the kneader of the first half of the eclipse… that umbrella is toast!!

By this time, I was doing all I can to sustain my own mind thru the shear intensity of energy thru every reading.  I swear, everything feels so much more concentrated now, the winds of change howling in my brains.  But my next man was going to energetically crush me!!  In a good way of course! (smile)

There he was, standing directly at the center of the eclipses, strands of glowing white energy strung from his body to the solar eclipse.  I instantly thought of a weaving loom with the strands of white energy pulled taught between him and the solar eclipse.  There was already a weaving of yellow/gold strands going across near his body and outward a little bit.  Things that are already in place in his newly created life.

Then I started to realize that solar eclipse for him was not like any other I had connected to.  Until this moment, all three eclipses were even.  Again, think sandwich or cookie… symmetrical.  The solar eclipse to him, was about 30 feet above the field.  Then it suddenly hit me… I had seen thru one reading last week or so, the intense energy vibration of 2014, octaves above our current energy field.  This solar eclipse is going to serve to align him to that intense octave most will experience at the end of this year.

What is really funny, and fit him so well, just before I called him I started to hear a song, repeated over and over again. “I’m gonna rocka my soul in the bosom of Abraham.”  Snappy tune, but who the hell is Abraham?  I didn’t have time to look it up, assuming the song was for me… it wasn’t.  It was for him.  He understood it completely!!  I hadn’t heard it since.

But what was equally interesting was several days before the full on solar eclipse was a key hanging there on the left side of his already strung loom and another one just on the other side of the solar eclipse.  Suddenly, I remembered a show I just watched the evening before called “Di Vinci’s Demons.”  The story line of that show (trying to get two keys in relationship to the “book of leaves” had a similar feel to what this man was about to experience.  Thank god he really understood and connected to the meaning and relationship within his life.

The one thing I know about this man, he has put a lot of new choices, including a move into play into his life and everything that is needed is in full alignment with his soul energy, the field of life and is about to get incredibly real for him.

I have got to add this message for everyone, but most especially, in relationship to this high octave man and what he has already done so far.  ”If you want to have it all, then you must be willing to risk it all!!”

Did I mention how much I am physically affected by your soul energy.  If you are heading to the energies of 2014, then so am I!!  Thank you very much.  I started rocking a headache that simply grew and grew and grew.  My own brains started to get scattered to the four winds!  Holy heaven batman.  As exciting as all this is… and trust me, IT IS, it actually hurts as well.

It really wasn’t until this morning do I fully realize why we all needed a day off the day prior.  Phew baby… one day of separation rocked my brains, going in directly after life shared an energetic orgasm for all to enhance their lives with, I am sure my ears would have been bleeding before the end of the day!!

Last, but ohhh so far from least, my lady who I read for a couple weeks back that evoked the image of an orange out house (that was not an out house at all, just a small something or another that came up for her.)  The moment I connected to her, she was pouring orange from head to toe arching upwards to the solar eclipse energy.  Her solar eclipse was about 15 feet from the ground, showing the higher octaves she is moving into.  She too was different than anyone else.  There was a thick blanket of gel-like white energy that stretched the entire field of the lunar eclipse to the solar eclipse and what I could only feel like a sewing needle sewing the orange of her life (her expanded sense of soul self in Life) deep into the magical workings of soul alive in life (the white energy.)

There is sooo much happening on so many aspects of life for everyone.  I am not even sure how to put the fullness of that into words.

When I first realized we were coming into an eclipse cycle of such intensity, I knew instantly it was a bookend from last years May 20th solar eclipse followed by the intense Venus transit… that kicked off our intense cycle of change on every level.  Changing our biological energy, our field of life, our choices and connections, right down to the thoughts we held up to that point.  Now… we are asked (demanded) to live that fully, unrestrictedly, out loud in every way of every day!!

Love in Body and Motion.

I know I have said this so many times, but I am gonna say it again… Y’all rock my world, expand my heart and leave me breathless every single day!!  Thank you so much for Being you and connecting with me the way you do.

Now let me follow that up with an ongoing apology.  By the time I am done with readings each day, I am super cooked.  I am so behind on emails, I read every single one as they come in on my phone, I used to spend my mornings replying.  My mornings have become shortened intensely thanks to my own sleepy and changing body.  Please do not take my lack of reply as disinterested, quite the opposite, I celebrate every moment with you, every revelation, every connection… often times these days, I do it from my couch.

I love you all so much!!  These are exciting times we have all birthed together!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of unconditional and unrestricted love to ALL!!

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