Sophia Love – Earth Day Manifestation – 23 April 2013

Picture(Lucas : Yesterday 22 April was Earth Day, I cannot post all at the day it comes out due to the time/dateline difference and having a bit of sleep also.)

And what does it mean to Love?  For Love is not what we’ve been told.  There are not amounts or kinds or degrees.  Love is what we are and what we do.  Love is the great equalizer, unifier and pacifier.  We have been restricted in our expressions so much that we’ve fallen into judgment.  A ridiculous thing.

Today is Earth Day.  On our minds are all things green.  Do any of us stand in judgment of a flower as it grows?  Do we say – this one should not grow so close to that one or those two should not cross pollinate.  No, yet we do so of ourselves.  A flower grows.  A human loves.

The fuel that enlivens us is the very thing that we are.  It is Love.  We Love.  Equally and Absolutely.  The judgments we’ve placed on our Loving are not because Love exists only in some places and in some relationships and in some amounts.  If the word “some” were true, then the words “none” and “more” would also apply.  They don’t.

There is Love.

There is never “none”.  We don’t Love one “more” than the other.  We Love.  Let go of words of judgment.

You are Love.  A flower is a flower.  Despite its size, color or piece of real estate, it stands – always a flower.

Love has been confused with so many things – beauty, obedience, physical attraction, happiness, cooperation, ease, comfort.  It is none of these.  Love is core recognition of Truth.

When we allow ourselves judgments, they turn inevitably within – to the place where we find our harshest critic.  It is ourselves we are most afraid to Love.

What would happen if we Loved ourselves without restraint?  How would it look to be okay with every disobedient, irreverent, awkward, rude, unattractive, sad, out of shape, lazy, broke, weird or uncooperative part of ourselves?  What kind of world would it be if there was unconditional, unrestricted loving?

Watch the wildflowers.  Stand in a room filled with little ones.  Witness the beauty of unrestrained growth and feel the energy of uninhibited passion.  This is your birthright.

You spring from Source and from you Source is made manifest on Earth.

All are watching.  What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

See you tomorrow,

~Sophia / link to original article

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