TheOne-DreamDreamer – Choosing Doors – 23 April 2013

There are two distinct Doors inside of each one. They both have the same word on it.

Love and love. There’s One Key for the Love Door and many keys for the love door.

To open the love door one can choose amongst many keys: loving their friends, relatives, children, neighbors, the need to change the world for the future generations, love god, love the enemy… be compassionate and open minded, be of service to others and sacrifice all one has to get in it. It opens with all of those keys and many more… It’s a long journey, many paths, many outcomes, many lessons, many achievements. Slow evolution.

To open the Love Door one must use the Key of Self Love. It’s the only one working. It’s solid, there’s no way one can get into it without the right Key. On the other side of that Door… All. And God. For to truly Love Ones’ Self IS TO LOVE GOD and thus ALL THAT IS. Including your friends, neighbors, relatives, children, enemies… No One can be left out once it is understood that to Love One Self IS to Love All at once. Behind that Door?

All That Is, You included, God included.

One Path, One lesson, One Outcome (All possibilities), One achievement: God expressing it Self on earth through You/Me. Peace, Freedom, Harmony and Joy.

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