Anrita Melchizedek – Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 25/26 April – Transmisson From The Elders – 24 April 2013

Anrita Melchizedek Co-created by Anrita Melchizedek

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Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now, as we take you on a guided visualization to experience the Wesak Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, on April 25th and 26th ~ the first of three eclipses to be experienced within this next month, sweet ones. The energy of eclipses takes you deeper into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation, lifting you in consciousness and Light, sweet ones, into a greater awareness and knowing of Who You Are, as these magical Master Beings, and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. The lunar eclipses generally take you into a greater level of clearing, of having a look at what it is you are still working with, or changes you wish to make. The solar eclipse expands this to a greater level of Solar Christ Consciousness ~ of being able to consider these tasks at hand, of being able to take yourself into a deeper level of your service work, of transformation and rejuvenation. And indeed, sweet ones, into the knowing that all is Divinely Perfect ~ as you travel through these Christed Timelines, and in this new Golden Age of Light through these pathways of Divine Love.


The Wesak Full Moon traditionally takes you into a deeper connection to Lord Buddha, and the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy. It is a time of honoring the Christed Light within you, a time of coming in to deeper levels of compassion and Love and expanding this on the Earth plane, in the knowing that you are the physical vessels of Light in service to Mother Earth and all her Life. It is a time too, of connecting deeper to the many Councils of Light, to consider the focus of your service work, to consider the knowing of yourselves as these star seeded ones, from the various star systems and galaxies of Light; for, sweet ones, you are Overlighted by a particular core group, your star family ~ although you work with different Councils of Light you are generally connected to one particular Council of Light on a regular basis that directs you and guides you in your service work, along with your Beloved I AM Presence and your Higher Self of the Light. And so in this journey with you as we take you through this Lunar Eclipse and Wesak Full Moon activation, we do so by taking you into this journey of a deeper level of remembrance of your star seeded nature and the various Councils of Light that each one of you are connected with individually and collectively.


Let us start, sweet ones, by breathing deep into the body, and setting our sacred space. Having a sense of expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out, grounding into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, and having a sense of this deep Love, as she sends it up your grounding cord, into your body and energy field: and as the sub-atomic particles within your body spin now in increased crystalline frequencies of Light you connect into the Unity Grid of Divine Love as it is within you and around you, and around all Life. You connect with the Lightworkers, star seeded ones, and now into the Group I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, the collective Higher Light of all awakened souls on this Earth plane ~ and connecting now with all the Beings of Light from On High assisting in this Golden Age of Light. Now as you come within your heart, and bring your focus to your heart, to your heart chakras and your heart’s dreaming, open yourselves to receiving, sweet ones ~ the soul matrix widens and expands energetically to embracing all Life, and you merge with you Beloved I AM Presence, the Highest Light that you are within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

In this sacred space, Overlighted by Mother/Father God, you start by calling upon Lord Buddha and the Ray Masters of Shamballa, as the first Ray Council of Light that we connect you to now. You further have a sense of Sanat Kumara taking you into Solar Christ Consciousness, and now find yourself too embraced within the Divine causal body of Helios and Vesta and surrounded in an electronic Ring of Fire, a shield of pure God Essence. Sustained now by the sacred Cosmic Fires of Helios and Vesta, you are surrounded in these beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold Flames of Light, of this thirteenth ray of Solar Christ Consciousness. And in this month of April you bring a focus to Spiritual Truth and Divine Justice, and you hold this now as you find your own equilibrium and balance, of always expressing your truth, the utterance of your spiritual reality, of standing in your Light and knowing that Divine Justice, and Divine Love always prevails, sweet ones. And this may have been the journey for many of you through most of this month of April, being conscious of contracts ~ etheric contracts, legal contracts, of how you connect, act, and re-act with others ~ of being aware of the negative ego aspects, of the knowing of being in your integrity, having this awareness even if you are not always conscious of this ~ for there has been a deeper sense of awareness of your thoughts, and actions, and re-actions, sweet ones. The Ray Masters now gently imbue you in their beautiful ray frequencies of Light ~ you are surrounded by Master El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Master Hilarion, Sananda, Lady Nada, Mother Mary, Saint Germaine, Allah Gobi, Quan Yin and Pallas Athena ~ and now you call in the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy Masters that you personally acknowledge, and invite them into this sacred space. You now bring a focus back to Lord Buddha, acknowledging and appreciating the energy of Christ Consciousness, that is within you and within all Life. Lord Buddha blesses you and you feel this deep compassion and Love and acceptance as you open your hearts to truly loving and forgiving yourselves and others as you experience yourselves with deep compassion, sweet ones.


And now, you call in all the Beings of Light that you work with ~ the Christed ETs, your soul and star families of the Light, the Pleiadians, and the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Venusian Beings, the Melchizedek Brotherhood of the Light, Lord Michael, Lord Metatron, Lord Melchizedek. Continue to just hold this focus, honoring and acknowledging all Life, of connecting to Nature Spirit Intelligence. Taking a moment to breathe in the pure beauty of this magnificent jewel on which you physically exist ~ bringing into your consciousness the appreciation of Mother Earth, her mountains and her seas, her forests and her lands, and her people, sweet ones.


And now in this journey of Light we are going to connect you to the various star beings that are your star family of the Light, sweet ones. You will further activate your star ki Light codes, the energetic Light wave patternings of your vibratory star seeded signature amplified through the super-electron, and connect through these particular star beings to the related Councils of Light that you may be working with in this Now. As you connect to each core group of Light Beings you may feel a resonance with a particular core group, or you may feel a resonance with several core groups, for often, sweet ones, you have incarnated on to different planets or stars, or started with one core group, but chosen to work with another core group for a specific moment in time, so to speak ~ but there is generally a core group, your core group, that you will remain with always and constantly regardless of where you choose to move to, sweet ones, for your service work ~ whether in the lower planes, on the lower planets such as Earth, or whether on different planets or stars.


We start by putting out a call to the Vegan Illumined Beings of Light. As the Vegan Illumined Beings of Light now Overlight you, you find yourself traveling through the stargates of stralim radiation, of Divine Light, into a Vega Pyramid of Light, and as your star ki codes are now activated and amplified through the super-electron, these energetic light wave patternings of your unique vibratory star seeded signatures, we let you know that those from Vega have the gift of healing and often too work with crystals and stones. Many from Vega work within the healthcare industry as healers and doctors and metaphysicians. Additionally, freedom of creative expression becomes important to those from Vega and you need time to enjoy your own company and this is where the balance needs to come in. For often Vegans are so consumed with assisting others that they forget about themselves. Remember, sweet ones, if this is part of your energy matrix at this time, find balance within your life, for in finding the right relationship with yourselves, in finding balance in your personal relationships, you will be of much greater service to others. And now you are taken energetically in this Pyramid of Light to the central Vegan Council of Light. As this Council of Twelve surrounds you now, have a sense if there are any energetic key codes of service work that come through from the Vegan Council that you are working with regarding healing, regarding the energetic matrix that extends through this umbrella into various areas of your life. If you are working with this Council or belonging to this Council you will feel this resonance now, sweet ones. And now, the Vegan Illumined Beings of Light surround each one of you in this beautiful crystal laser light frequency that will assist in your own personal healing ~ to experience a deeper level of rejuvenation and regeneration of your physical body, organs and body parts. Wonderful, sweet ones.


You now feel yourself being impulsed by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light. As you now travel through the stargates of stralim radiation, of Divine Light, you find yourself in a Sirian Pyramid of Light. As your star ki codes are now activated and amplified through the super-electron, we tell your more about the star seeded signature of those of you that are from Sirius, sweet ones. Many Sirians have incarnated into Native American cultures regularly and identify with these cultures and have memories of these parallel realities and past lives. Sirians too often have a deep sense of sacred geometry, and may experience life visually in images and light codes. Sirians make loyal friends, and disillusionment can be experienced when this is not returned, or betrayal is experienced. Miscommunications, lack of communications, and perceived expectations, are what many Sirians are still working with at this time. Letting go of expectations, sweet ones, and being able to trust others, and let others in, is what many Sirian star seeds are still working with at this time and so lessons may be around trust and betrayal, acceptance, letting go of judgment ~ truly just letting go and surrendering to the Divine. The Sirian Council now illuminates you ~ as you are taken into the central Council of Light Chamber and surrounded by the Sirian High Council of Twelve, you experience this energetic frequency and resonance of being linked to the Sirian Council of Light. The Sirian Council have overseen many of the Mystery School Teachings upon this Earth plane , and bring through the Patterns of Perfection for Humanity in this Now, as they have for aeons of time. Those of you working with Light codes and sacred geometry, Mystery School Teaching, Higher Mind teachings, Kabbalah, the Rays, and many of the advanced metaphysical principles and understandings, may indeed be working with the Sirian Council of Light ~ and you have a sense of this, sweet ones, as the Sirian Council of Light now surrounds each one of you in a beautiful silver-gold Flame of Light, bringing through the appropriate Light languages and hieroglyphics, and sacred geometry that take you into a deeper remembrance of yourselves as Initiates of Light. The Sirian Council works very closely with the Great White Lodge in the etheric of Sirius, and this Council of Light is primarily focused in service to this Earth plane, and many of the Ascended Masters working from the Great White Lodge further work from Shamballa. You have a sense too of connecting to the Great White Lodge, of having experienced many of these teachings of Light in your astral body within the Great White Lodge, sweet ones. The Great White Lodge focuses on the upliftment of all Humanity, and now directs you into the appropriate sub-councils of scientists, philosophers and light workers. Whatever this focus is for this Now moment, you are introduced to the appropriate sub-councils of Light that will assist you into a deeper understanding of your service work; what you are understanding in the Teachings of Light in the astral travels, in the Schools of Learning, in the inner plane ashrams, sweet ones. And now, a small etheric energy chip is placed within the etheric body in order to activate a deeper level of remembrance of your sacred contract in this Now, sweet ones, of your gifts, of the focus of your Light work, through your heart’s passion, through your heart’s dreaming.


And now, sweet ones, the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light Overlight you. As you now travel through stargates of stralim radiation, of Divine Light, you find yourself in a Pleiadian Pyramid of Light. As these star ki codes are now amplified and activated through the super-electron, we tell you more about the Pleiadian star seeded signatures. Those of you that are from the Pleiades are sensitive, loving, kind and creative, and often have an affinity with animals and/or children. You have a deep sense of wishing peace and harmony for all Life. As sensitive souls, Pleiadians often repress their emotions and do not express themselves well, and it is important to know that it is possible to experience this incredible gift of communication through coming into the release of emotions. Pleiadians have a deep sense of faith and trust and often become fine teachers and facilitators as they share their creative gifts with others. One of the primary lessons for Pleiadians is to find a way to communicate clearly and lovingly and gently. And now sweet ones, you are gently guided in this Pyramid of Light into this Central Council Chamber, the Pleiadian Council of Light. This Council of Light houses the etheric library of the Earth records, and as you link to this Council, you are now taken into this library, to this etheric library of Light, housing the Highest Potential of all Humanity and many of the activities of Light that have occurred through aeons upon aeons. You are given a sense through this etheric library, sweet ones, of your own Light work in this lifetime and parallel realities ~ this comes through now in streams of consciousness and Light, as the gift from the Pleiadian Emissaries of the Light, and you see clearly through the Christed Timelines of yourself in service to this Earth plane and to other planets and stars. Wonderful, sweet ones.


And now you find yourself being impulsed by the Orion Beings of Light from the Kingdoms of Light within Orion, and connected in particular to the Order of Melchizedek. As you travel now through this stargate of stralim radiation, of Divine Light, you find yourself within an Orion Pyramid of Light ~ as your star ki codes are now activated and amplified through the super-electron we tell you more about the Orion star seeded signature. Those from Orion have strong personalities, ideals and beliefs. Orions have both a very good left, and right brain. They tend to analyse people, they tend to get caught in the head sometimes, operating on a mental level, rather than the emotional body level. However they too have strong sense of connection to the Divine and many develop Higher Mind abilities, extra-sensory perception gifts to a very good degree through a refinement of the higher mind. The key for those from Orion is to develop greater levels of trust and faith in knowing, rather than proof and answers. As you connect at a deeper level now to the Order of Melchizedek you find yourself in this primary Ashram of Light surrounded by the Order of Melchizedek and Overlighted by Lord Melchizedek. Wonderful. This is another Council of Light, sweet ones, that many of you connect with in your astral travels to the Schools of Learning on the inner planes. For the spiritual teachings of Light that take you into this etheric classroom directed by this Council of Light takes you into deeper understandings of your initiations as an adept of Light, or further assist you in receiving information for upliftment of consciousness of all Humanity. And the Order of Melchizedek gives you a gift now, sweet ones ~ they connect you in this Now moment to the knowing of your Highest Potential in this Now, to the best that you can be, to the knowing that you can release all levels of addiction, limiting beliefs, lack of, in any area of your Life. Trust and surrender to the Divine ~ trust and surrender to this knowing, as you receive the Illumined Light Rays, through the Order of Melchizedek and Lord Melchizedek.


Wonderful, sweet ones. Our energy as The Elders Overlight this Council of Light, and we offer you an opportunity now to feel our energy, the energy of The Elders, of the High Council to the Order of Melchizedek; and feel this energy as we connect you now directly to our energy of Light. Have as sense of the beautiful diamond iridescent and golden-white violet spinning sub-atomic particles of strength and Light, guidance in direction, safety, Divine Love ~ we imbue these energies of Light to you, and uphold you in the magnificence and Light of who you are, sweet ones, as these Master Beings, and sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love. Truly, you are seen by all of creation in the Light Realms and Dimensions of Light. You are not alone, you are this collective Legion of Light ~ have a sense of this interconnectiveness now to all the Councils of Light, all the Beings of Light from On High, regardless of who you choose to connect with, regardless of who feels right for you in this Now; know that all these Beings of Light are here to assist you to become the greatest Light that you are and have forever been, so you may direct your consciousness and Light in the upliftment of all Humanity on this Earth plane in this Golden Age of Light.


And now sweet ones, we connect you into the energy of the Antarean Council and Beings of Light. As you find yourself traveling through the Light Grids of stralim radiation, of Divine Light, you find yourself now in an Antarean Pyramid of Light. As the star ki codes are now activated and amplified through the super-electron, we tell you more about these star seeded signatures. The Antarean Beings, sweet ones, those of you that come from this star, find their way generally to the counselling realms of assisting others, of being able to work from a diplomatic or counselling perspective ~ there are many different levels of this, working from a networking perspective, a facilitating perspective, a counselling perspective ~ above all, having a very sensitive energy field and being able to read the energy field of others. Those of you from Antares are also generally very sensitive souls, and highly clairsentient as one of your biggest gifts. However, disillusionment can be experienced if these gifts are not recognized and nurtured. If you are not able to express yourselves in freedom and creativity, in empathy and understanding, then disillusionment sets in, and so too, do addictions, sweet ones. You are now taken in this Pyramid of Light to the primary Antarean Council of Light Ashram and have a sense now of the Antarean Council of Light. The Antarean Council of Light is focused primarily in the creating of Portals of Light to assist souls in moving over into the Light, those that have passed over from this Earth plane, and from different planets and stars; and if you are working in your work, sweet ones, with death and dying and the grieving process, you are working with Antarean Councils, for they are a very useful Council to assist you in this process. They assist in the souls passing over finding their way into the proper Schools of Learning and into the Halls of Light on the inner planes. And whether you are working on a physical level or not, sweet ones, those from Antares generally assist to, on the inner plane level, as part of their service work, of souls passing over. This could be part of your service work, sweet ones. The Antareans give you a gift now. Surrounding you in their beautiful gentle, loving, compassionate Light, they now invite you to connect to the Souls of your family and friends that that have passed over, should you wish to do so in this Now ~ simply connect to them at a Soul level and send your Love and let them know that everything is all right, that you may wish perhaps simply to connect to them and give them a big hug. And if you would like too, you can spend a couple of minutes chatting now ~ good, sweet ones.


And now, the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light Overlight you. As you now travel through stargates of stralim radiation, of Divine Light, you find yourself in an Arcturian Pyramid of Light. As your star ki codes are now activated and amplified through the super-electron, we tell you more about the Arcturian star seeded codes. Those of you from Arcturus have strong personalities, a deep inner strength, and a knowing within ~ you come across as very strong and capable, and have a sense of purpose in your Life. If this purpose, sweet ones, is not found or fulfilled, unhappiness or dissatisfaction or destruction often sets in. Know that your purpose and your passion is what is within your heart’s dreaming, and this is what you are called upon to fulfil; to live your lives in joy and in love and in passion, sweet ones. This is an inward journey, not an outward one. And now in this Pyramid of Light you are taken into the central Arcturian Council of Light Chamber, and surrounded by the twelve Arcturian High Council members, you have a sense of this connection to the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light. This Council of Light is focused from both the scientific and spiritual perspectives, and if you are working with this Council of Light you are generally creating a bridge between science and spirituality, such as an understanding of quantum physics or mathematics, or space and time, as an example. And now, the Arcturian Emissaries of the Light give you the gift of a no-time and no-space Chamber ~ the eternal moment, sweet ones, when everything stops in this vast expansiveness of experiencing the abyss, of just Being ~ feel yourself just Being. The mere concept of time and space dissipates and disappears and now ~ you move beyond the abyss, to the void, to the nothingness, to everything ~ the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. There is a stillness, a silence, a presence, a feeling of Love. Wonderful, sweet ones. Try to hold this energy, to feel it, and experience it, for this is your gift. This is your Life; living in Love, living in harmony, living in peace, living in abundance, and above all, living in Light.


And now, sweet ones, you are connected to the Andromedan Intergalactic Beings of the Light, and as you travel through the stargates of stralim radiation of Divine Light, you now find yourself in the Andromedan Pyramid of Light. As your star ki codes are now activated and amplified through the super-electron we tell you more about the Andromedan star seeded signatures. Those with an Andromedan planetary origin seek freedom of self expression and need to truly have a deep sense of their own identity, of who they are. They question “Who am I? Where do I come from? Where do I belong?” At some point this becomes an inner journey, and if it does not, can become outwardly self-destructive. The Andromedan Beings often have healing and communication gifts,  experienced early in life. They are caring and sensitive individuals with a deep level of compassion. They have a desire to often work for the healing of Humanity, the physical, emotional, and psychic pain of Humanity, and often too work on a planetary level from an energetic perspective in the clearing of karmic patterns. They do this work out of Love as part of their planetary focus. What is important is for the Andromedans to recognize the sense of connection to others in Oneness rather than separation. And now, sweet ones, have a sense of the energy of the Andromedan Council of Light as you are lifted in Light into the central Andromedan Council of Light Ashram. The Andromedan Council works with the upliftment and expansion of consciousness on the lower dimensions. They carry too the energy of the super-electron, through these portals and gateways of Light, downloading packets of knowledge and information and assisting in the illumination of the mind. The Andromedans now imbue this gift to you, of illuminating the higher mind, of embracing the negative ego, of transmuting and clearing. As you release and let go of the false beliefs and judgments, they are absorbed now into the Cosmic Heart of All Creation. You see truly and clearly the integrated aspect of your Higher Light and Wisdom and Knowing, sweet ones.


And now the Venusian Angelic Beings of the Light Overlight you and you find yourself travelling through stargates of stralim radiation, of Divine Light, to this Venusian Pyramid of Light. As your star ki codes are now amplified and activated through the super-electron, we tell you more about the Venusian star seeded signatures. Those from Venus often have a deep connection to Mother Earth and feel an affinity with the teachings of the elders from the Mayan and Aztec cultures. The primary focus of these sun children is letting go of perceived separation from others, in the knowing of Love within and around. Those from Venus are often very creative and musical and good writers, teachers and healers. They are futuristic and hold the focus of many great changes on the earth, and as you connect now to the Venusian Council of Light, you find yourself moving in a beautiful Pyramid of Light to this central Ashram of the Venusian Council. The Venusian Council brings this sense of beauty and appreciation, this co-creation of Heaven on Earth, and you have a sense of this, sweet ones, through sound, color and now Divine Love. The many creative gifts that expand within your own bodies and God Essence comes up and is experienced. You feel a deeper sense of the merging with your own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Spirits now ~ come into your heart’s dreaming, to a deeper level of the beauty and magnificence of this Earth plane, to the co-creation of your Heaven on Earth. And you hold this, sweet ones, of what you are going to create through your heart’s dreaming, of how you can bring this into a deeper level of grounding through magnetizing, manifesting, and co-creating with the Company of Heaven. Wonderful, sweet ones.


The last Council of Light that we would like to connect you to, or should we say “Federation of Light” that we would like to bring your attention to, is the Galactic Federation of Light. This is an organisation of approximately 200 thousand star systems, bringing together different planets and stars within this quadrant of the Galaxy, to oversee at a Galactic level, peace within this quadrant of the Galaxy; and while this is not a Council of Light, each one of you as star seeded ones, as Light workers, as walk-ins, as Master Beings of Light, are connected directly or indirectly to the Galactic Federation of Light, which houses many of these Council Members, through various meetings, and works too with the many Christed ET’s and space brothers patrolling the different planets and stars. It is possible through the appropriate Council of Light that you are working with at this moment that you may too, head to the Galactic Federation of Light. And if it is appropriate for your level of service work, or appropriate in the Light work that you are going to undertake, you are now linked to the organisation that you are working with, within the Galactic Federation of Light, and for a moment sweet ones, just bring a focus to which one of these Councils of Light you are connected to, either through the Galactic Federation or one of these Councils of Light that we have connected you to, or perhaps, to another Council of Light that comes through now in streams of consciousness and Light. Just have a sense, sweet ones, of the knowing of your greatness, of the knowing that you are here with purpose, that you have down stepped your vibration, and as you shift and change your consciousness, and change your energy field into a higher vibrational Light frequency, you create the change around you. Much of this Light work is energetic and it connects you at so many different levels to so many councils and Light Beings with a vast network of Light extending through all dimensions of Light, sweet ones, and you are part of this vast network ~ so bring your focus to this and to the knowing of your greatness and magnificence. Wonderful.

As you move into this month of May hold this focus too of the cosmic embrace of Helios and Vesta. In the beautiful copper-gold and pink-gold flames of Solar Christ Consciousness, you bring a focus to Power; to deeper levels of your own personal power, learning to wield power rather than submitting to it. Of stepping into power, and out of power and control issues. Of aligning your will to a deeper level of the will of Mother/Father God. Of creating change, in taking back the power from your negative ego, in taking back the power you have given to others. And as you hold this focus, you will experience the Solar Eclipse, the New Moon on May 10th which will amplify and clarify what you are working with and further need to integrate, sweet ones. As you experience this second Lunar Eclipse on May 25th known as the Goodwill Full Moon, know that you will see how your Divine Self has released the vestiges of all the fears, of all the false beliefs and judgments. For you indeed have become the empowered Warriors of the Light, the sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love, and Master Beings of Light. This window of opportunity over the next month brings with it much greater levels of strength, opportunity, knowing, empowerment, wisdom, Divine Love, purpose, passion and magnetization ~ so hold this focus, sweet ones, for you are creating the change collectively in this co-creation of Heaven on Earth.

So we bless you for this service work, we truly bless you for being here in this Now, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.

Transcribed by Eadie Miller


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