Bill Ballard – Watching the End Game Setting Up – Round n Round We Go – 24 April 2013

Uploaded on 24 April 2013 by pearls2u

Round n Round WE Go and Where we stop, nobody knows!

The 3rd Week of April 2013 showed some False Flags which I would hope would wake up the world from their slumber in duality. As the frequencies increase so dramatically here into the higher vibrations, there is a personal purging going on within each of us as well as the collective we watch as Team Dark tries to sabotage the workings of the LIGHT. Holding our highest vibrations and emotions is what is needed at this time.

What will it take to wake up humanity once and for all? I certainly don’t know, YET… But we are witnessing some pretty amazing False Flags being thrown at us, which I would hope would do the trick… Since ALL Humanity IS ASCENDING THIS TIME, ALL HAS TO AWAKEN TO THE GAME… Each of us must speak openly and be outspoken at this time to make it unfold with greater speed, while we can still do this on old methods of communication as this, instead of our telepathic powers.



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