Crys Crystaqueous – The One Eternal Knower – 24 April 2013

gheartThe only window of opportunity there is to fully awaken out of the illusion of dream, is the one that is always opened and always here in this forever NOW. Its like the Present— indeed it IS the Present and therefore can never ever go away from anyone. As long as each choose to stay around the open window is always staying around too. Its like our Heart— we can never get away from our Heart.

Every one of us only awakes to the realization that no one including ourselves, ever actually went to sleep in the first place. Each one is to come to the realization that who we truly ARE cannot awaken at all because its impossible for US to go to sleep or lose our Infinite Identity. But this is only seen as such from the other side if you will, of the veil called dream through which all are now passing. However, due to the fact that there is presently a Blaze of Divine Light penetrating everywhere which is unparalleled in any time past disclosing all that is Real (due to the fact that so many are presently realized)— very few stand a chance of missing out on a total realization of these Universal Facts in the Here and Now.

It is time that all commence with a steadfastness never previously experienced, to approach all life’s situations from the viewpoint of the One Eternal Knower. This means that whenever questions arise that suggest one doesn’t know about this or that, but desires to know— that one meet these as the ONE who KNOWS ALL and the mysteries will and must— on the spot— drop one by one. This is the only way in which to take those apparently weird and perplexing situations that seem to appear to us suddenly and make them disappear just as fast or faster than they came until none of these strange incidences ever rise again. In this manner are mountains of apparent difficulty dissolved into plains.

Truly, it is right and proper for all to do this for there is no getting around it— ALL ARE ALWAYS THE ONE ALL-KNOWING ETERNAL MIND. It is high time and a very blessed thing that we all dispense with playing this silly game of making believe that we are someone that we are not never have been nor ever could be! There is but ONE Absolute Knower and all that live and breathe and move ARE THAT. If we had the capability to commence to play this silly game of pretending that we are some one we are not, then obviously it is just as easy for The ONE who is All Power and All Strength as well as All Wisdom to choose to lay the game down at any time we really desire. And We Know its really just as simple as that. Its time that we all looked into the Right Mirror and see who we Always Truly ARE and simply act or go forth in great Joy accordingly.

“The Masters of the East never say anything less than that America contains 130,000,000 Masters. That means that everyone is a Master. That is, of course, true of the whole world. It is world-wide to them. Every individual IS a Master. Even Man’s limitation is proof to them of his mastership for only a Master could make himself to appear that which he is not.” (LTM Vol. 4, p119).

I can remember something that Baird T. Spalding was told by one of his school teachers as a young boy. He was asked if he knew— the Hindi alphabet. And he answered no. The teacher instantly got all over him and said if you take that attitude toward Life you will never know anything. He went on to instruct him to address to all things that appear to be unknown with the definite attitude of KNOWING that you do KNOW and they will immediately surrender their mystery to you— in other words, the apparent mystery will instantly disappear.

Jesus said that this is how faith gets turned into Knowing. He said, when you ask or have a desire for something— believing or in faith— (even if it be for information or knowledge), Know that you already possess it— (no matter what it is) before you have asked or thought of it and it must then manifest in your Life. And therefore commence and cease not to give thanks and praise that you are Already in possession of what ever you desired.

Since God IS ALL— and all humanity is included in the ALL— then obviously All Humanity is GOD. And God has and IS the Boundless Abundance and Knowledge of ALL THAT ACTUALLY IS. This is a most beautiful and True picture! And THIS is where Faith goes to and what happens to it when it gets turned into KNOWING. Such is the Divine objective of Faith. Faith was never designed into the dream to remain always alone. Again, it is time that such erroneous idea be rejected by all. It is the Cosmic Design that True Faith be the vehicle that turns the faithful seeker— even the one desiring to have and to know— into the ETERNAL KNOWER where no longer is there even a trace of the so-called faithful seeker remaining. What Awesome Power We Have! What Awesome Power We ARE! We can construct incredible riddles and then undue them in an instant! What can’t We do? There is nothing impossible to US!

We know that this whole business (in the context of the illusion of dream), of “asking the Father” what His Divine will is regarding matters of this nature (whether one should consciously choose death or not) is a cop out of the most self-disdaining nature— an attempt to pass the buck to a non existent and only imagined entity. For as Jesus and all Masters say: “I and my Father are ONE”— that is, “I AM the Father and the Father is me.” Hence: “If you have seen me, you have seen the Father.” There are two only so long as dreamers sleep in delusion. When they awake they awake as the Father— that is, God. And they’re there is but ONE. How absurd it is to imagine even for a single moment, that the Universal Self of ALL Who IS Timeless LIFE and LOVE would be in the business of willing or consenting or inviting dreamers into a so-called death experience— even where the illusion life of dream must begin all over again from point zero! For the Spirit Goals that are put off in one life must be met again and again until they are addressed and achieved. Death is naught but a needless detour! The will of I AM is Singular— IT IS TO LIVE AN UNCEASING JOYOUS LIFE HERE NOW AND ALWAYS!

But dreamers play funny games with themselves and seek to justify or shift all responsibility to somewhere other than themselves so they can hope to feel somewhat better about doing things that are truly in contradiction with the very innermost part of their own being. Thus do dreamers ride the infernal wheel of re-embodiment going round and round. And of course all must be allowed to pilot their own ship— although Aware ones look on reluctantly!

“You have used faith many times. You have used faith in troubles to bring upon yourself the things you feared. You may have used faith in poverty to keep yourself in want. You have used faith in limitation to hold your talents back. You have used faith in physical breakdown and old age to destroy the reality of your life force, the reality of eternal youth. You have used faith in short lifetimes to keep yourself in bondage to the cycles of birth, childhood, old age, death; rebirth, childhood, old age, death.

“Since faith has been used so many times to bring destruction upon yourself, you have already practiced using great and mighty faith. Now all you need to do is reverse your attitude and lend your faith to Me (Your True Self), using it to invite the unfoldment of the sacred pattern which is trapped within your soul.

“Rebuilding your attitude upon the rock of faith causes it to become a firm foundation beneath your feet which is absolutely immovable. Once you thoroughly understand that the ways of the Father Consciousness (or You Real Self) are impossible to the surface minds (or ego intellects) of men, your faith cannot be shaken by anyone alive; it would be easier for the doubting Thomas to shake the earth itself than move this firm foundation on which your feet are placed.

“A miracle is merely a manifestation, in the earth realm, of Perfection that exists already in the timeless realm of Being. Miracles could be happening every day among my children if all lived upward toward the Christhood level, refusing to be held back by false belief. The average human consciousness is so bogged down, however, beneath the pressures of daily living, it takes an emotional intensification of some sort to boost it upward even a slight degree. Faith itself (towards the positive aspects of Life) cannot be exercised on such a low, non-hungry level, except to bring more human good and evil.

“Exercising great and mighty faith means looking towards the Christ, not outward at the darkness.

“Jesus himself confronted many he could not help because of their non-hungry attitudes. The surface minds (or ego intellects) of these lost souls were so completely closed to truth not even a glimmer could penetrate. Those who already had their ‘ gods’ sneered and persecuted. Others came to worship him because he seemed to have some superhuman personal power. Not many comprehended the truth he was revealing well enough to apply it for themselves.

“If you want to be lifted off the wheel of cause-and-consequence, you must learn truth and then believe it until it is demonstrated by my Spirit (or That Spirit which is really You).

“Belief is the partial opening of your heart center, and when it is not present your heart is completely closed.

“Faith is far more than belief. Faith means the heart has opened wide, it is radiating its dynamic vibration, it is ready to be filled with Light.

Belief widens into faith when nourished, cherished, and practiced. FAITH TURNS INTO EXPERIENCED KNOWING.

“The point stressed most in all the Master’s teachings was that you must believe.” (The Door Of Everything, pp139-142, by Ruby Nelson –1963).

Yes! There is but one choice that all should be making in regard to sticking around or not. And that’s to face the Universal Facts and trust that all the assistance possible is always here and now to provide sufficient motivation to achieve all Spirit goals and finish entirely with stressful karma hurtful sufferings and dark and dreadful death once and for all by simply putting that beautiful thing called Faith into practice NOW.

In the final analysis it’s all about saying a continuous YES to the God within which speaks LIGHT LOVE and LIFE to all who choose to hear. This is the easy and Joyful WAY. The other way is the hard and painful way and who in the world would desire consciously to choose that! People pass the buck and think that they can actually produce someone somewhere to choose that dark hard way “for” them in order to get the monkey off their own back. The only problem is that there is no one “out there” who would or could ever take such responsibility.

God— The Christ, is Only and Forever in the business of LIFE not its illusory imagined opposite! So what it all comes down to is that those who imagine that they have found someone to consent on their behalf to continue in such endless and repeated sufferings of repeated birthing unto death— have only found their very own self-sabotaging ego to doom them. How disappointing it is to travel many lifetimes to find that one out!

That’s why what we were discussing earlier is so beautiful. Namely, that there is so much LIGHT flooding humanity now that it would be only on a blue moon that one who has tasted of the Lovely Joyousness of Spirit could miss out on fully awaking out of the play of dream. In this powerfully advanced generation we all know too much to make the same ridiculous mistakes and follow in the footsteps of the blind of earth that have fallen into the snares of misery and death before us.

I see only LIGHT and LIFE for ALL. There is no so-called “other” option now!


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