John Smallman – Jesus – Fear Is An Illness, And It is Healed By Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, And Acceptance – 24 April 2013

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The purpose of an illusion is to capture your full attention in order to distract you so that you do not see something the illusionist wants to keep hidden, unseen, and unrecognized by you.  And you are the illusionist!  You wanted God to remain hidden, unseen, unrecognized.  And the illusion that you built has worked extremely well.  However, the vast majority of humanity has had its fill — the value of novelty wears off — and now wants and intends to see and recognize what has been hidden.  That intent is completely in alignment with the Will of God, and therefore cannot fail to be achieved; consequently, humanity will awaken, and into eternal joy.

Your divine destiny is inevitable, but you have free will and can therefore delay your arrival, your awakening indefinitely if you choose to do so — remember that time is also illusory!  Not releasing your baggage — all the emotional “stuff” that has accumulated over the eons, and your many earth lifetimes — delays you. With the new energies enveloping the Earth, and consequently surrounding and affecting everyone on the planet, all that stuff is bursting into your awareness from your inner depths where it has been hidden, causing unsettling emotional disturbances or inner turmoil. All that you need to do is acknowledge it without dwelling on it, and allow it to pass on, as it will.  You no longer need any of it (you never really did!), and engaging with it and attempting to make sense of it is a big distraction for you.  Just allow it to flow through and it will.  Yes, it is uncomfortable – like pulling a splinter or a thorn out of your flesh, it hurts – but if you do not remove it, it festers and becomes infected, far more painful, and demands even more of your attention lest it become gangrenous.

Again, it is your choice whether to dwell on it or let it go, and that is where forgiveness achieves wonders because it is the healing balm par excellence. When you have been offended or abused, your egos rise to protect you, insisting that you require and deserve restitution, while demanding recognition of and punishment for the one who has hurt you.  It is a natural human response.  However, if you dwell on the offense or abuse by remembering with bitterness the pain it caused, the emotional charge it carries is further energized leading to resentment and anger which eats away at you, making peace or contentment impossible.

When you choose to forgive the perpetrator — and to make that choice you need to see the event, the incident from a new perspective — healing occurs and your pain starts to reduce.  Your intent to forgive strengthens further and the pain dissolves.  You can of course remember what happened, but it no longer causes you pain and you do not dwell on it because there are happier and more interesting things to occupy your mind.

If forgiveness seems impossible for you to even consider then ask your guides or angels for help.  Describe what happened as though you were telling a close friend, and then release to them the story you have just told with the intent that the emotional charge you are holding be released.  Your intent is an amazingly powerful tool but it certainly helps to ask for assistance from those in the spiritual realms when setting it or using it.  And they are always there ready and willing to assist.

Often when you share a story of abuse or pain with a friend they will commiserate with you, take your side, and agree that what occurred was indeed unconscionable.  That is in a way what friends are for, in the moment.  But afterwards, when you want to free yourself from the pain, retelling the story also strengthens your sense of being victimized, disabling your ability to view the event from a perspective that allows you to recognize the intense pain being experienced by your abuser, who is calling out for love, and your own deep, though hidden, desire to forgive.

Truly, because you are divine beings, beings of Love, your innermost desire is to share and extend your Love indiscriminately and unconditionally through compassion, understanding, healing, and forgiveness.  However, since you built the illusion you have hidden that part of yourselves, the major part of yourselves, from your egoic selves which find it threatening and terrifying.  The egoic part of you believes that the world is a very dangerous place, and it is constantly presented with evidence to prove that this is so.  You have probably noticed that those who appear more calm and more at peace with themselves are generally far less ego-driven than those who are driven by commitments and deadlines that absolutely must be honored.  And that the former are far less accident and incident prone than the latter.

What you expect you bring into your lives; it is as simple as that.  How many times have you said or heard someone say when an accident or mishap occurs: “I knew that would happen?”  So change your expectations in order to change your life — and change the world!  The illusion encourages fear; it broadcasts fear to whomever will pay attention, and it basks in the belief of fear, to which so many humans are enslaved.  If you release fear you cannot be driven or controlled.  And when, despite your fear, you do something that frightens you, then the trepidation you expected to feel will be far less than you had imagined.

Fear is a method of control that is used to great effect, and ironically, often the most fearful are those whose lives appear to be the most secure.  Within the illusion nothing makes sense.  The prevailing ethos is “Love is weak! — Avoid it! — Conquer your fears by being strong, forceful, demanding, certain, and inflexible!”  But Love is like the ocean pounding on the rocks.  The ocean is flexible, dynamic, yielding, all-enveloping, and the rocks get worn away.

Fear is an illness, and it is healed by Love, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance.  Engage with the Love of God, the Love of yourselves, and the Love of all creation, and bring yourselves forward to awakening — which is your inevitable and unavoidable destiny, constantly waiting to welcome you home.

Your loving brother, Jesus. / link to original article

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