Nancy Tate – Wake Up Call – Sananda – 24 April 2013


I am Sananda here this day to speak with you through this one. It is a time of coming together and renewing resources that are very much always in our midst. It is a matter of bringing it all together in an intermeshing of love and understanding of what is taking place in our energies these days.

As I speak, so too do you, and in that speaking forth you attract the essences of which you speak. It is a matter of being in the now and addressing that, which is in your face in the now. When you are feeling as if you are overwhelmed by the circumstances that are in your face and all around you, it is a matter of sitting back, taking a deep breath and bringing to mind something that is lovely, that brings you joy at the thought of it, and stirs the wonderfully peaceful feelings that can then bring you into a state of bliss. This will then allow you to flow forth in your life into the power that you have and the ability that can work miracles in your life.

These miracles are fast becoming everyday occurrences that bring you glad tidings and feelings of peace and joy. In this loving state you can perform what you once considered miracles and now realize are occurrences that you feel gratitude for in every moment. It is a matter of every moment being a natural state in your life. Consider it to be the knowingness that is the Godliness in you. That, in itself is the way of being of your trueness.

We are here to see you through this time of your lives with the gratitude and joy that you are bringing into your lives. We are here to ride the waves of ascension with you, as we have always been. To walk in the same shoes is to understand what it is that can bring you into the next moment in the grandeur that you are experiencing. It may not feel that way for you at times, however, when that overwhelming feeling comes along, in that next moment you can step into the real you and go forth in a way that is enriching not only to yourself, but to all of existence.

Do you realize the power you have? Take a look at what you accomplish in a day’s time. See the up and down rides that you take, and see what you have accomplished. See them in the eyes of the non-judgmental observer. In that way you will see the power you are living, and your ability to ride the waves that will take you ashore to the new place to which you are headed.

Though it may seem to some of you that you will be losing so much of what you love about earthlife, stop a moment and realize that what you love need not leave you. It is something that you are recognizing as part of your growth and ability to create what you love. Was it something that someone else brought to you? You are the bearer of your own gifts. Others are the ones who are part of the creation of that which you gift yourselves with. Your original thought is that from which the creation begins. Even if it does not seem as a gift at some point of its evolution you see that it surely has been.

I go now and watch as the moment arrives for me to come forth again in love for you all, the expression of love that resonates throughout the land. You are such wonders to behold as you continue through this journey. We all are astounded by the leaps you are making, and as we run at times to catch up with you in that journey, we see the gifts that are there for all of us to take benefit from. We love, we find joy, and we experience peace along with you in every breath. Have a fun-filled and peaceful day, and we will join you in all of it to ride the endless train of love throughout all of creation.

Thank you dear Sananda,

Love, Nancy Tate / link to original article


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