TheViewFromMyWindow – David – Ascension Update 24th April – Preparing For Reality Shift! – 24 April 2013

jettisonThis message doesn’t apply to everybody at this time but probably will register with most at some point on their journey.

You possibly have followed many teachings and teachers to attain the level of understanding you have now reached. And if you have absorbed the knowledge and processed it to reach the same or equivalent understanding deep within your being. You more than likely have got to the ‘what next’ point or more appropriately the ‘does it matter’ point :)

All ancient teachings and text have one thing in common – they all apply to the level of understanding attained by either people who exist / existed on 3d earth or evolved beings attached to this consciousness.

None of this information is of any use beyond this level of consciousness as everything  is evolving, not just us. Most people have at some time have said or heard it’s enough to BE. Even though we know it’s enough to BE most of us spend the majority of our free time concerning ourselves about everything and everybody instead of BEing.

All the books, seminars, teachers and teachings provide a valid and useful service in guiding people to eventually get to the point where they KNOW themselves in relationship to all that is. They thereby have a good relationship with their higher-self in fact some are united with their higher-self.

In order to move beyond this reality to the new reality one needs to LET GO of the need to see everything in relationship to what you have learnt. When one removes the point of focus one sees everything :)

We only had all these experiences to discover what works and what doesn’t and to see what would happen if you allow total random evolution with no guidance (duality). Many planets (not just us) have evolved to the point of self destruction. This will no longer be the case after the completed ascension process (evolution) of our universe as all life will benefit from our ascension including those that are helping us from the far reaches of our universe.

You have nothing to fear embracing the future beyond this reality and everything to gain ♥

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