Ariah Velasquez – How to Free Yourself from Long-Term, Stubborn Issues- 25 April 2013


A 40 Day Meditation Practice geared towards releasing obstacles is extremely helpful. In numerology, 40 days breaks a pattern or habit.  The interesting part about breaking a habit, is you may do so through unexpected means.  For example, during your 40 day practice, you may find that you discover something that can clear an obstacle in your life you never knew before.  You may find a way to say something to a person that makes them finally understand as well.  Simply doing the mantra Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rung, invokes the removal of obstacles, and change in ones destiny, and a release of negativity.  Placing the hands in Bhudi mudra (thumb  touching the pinky) on each hand, with the palms facing up accompanied by chanting the above mantra for 40 days can truly clear something stubborn in a powerful way.

Sometimes, in order to clear stubborn issues, you may have to physically cleanse.  When old issues stay lodged in our psyche and energy field long enough, they eventually turn physical.  You may have worked on one issue for a long time, but then failed to remove it from your body.  For this reason, I suggest a 7 day cleanse, and an examination of where you are taking in too much dairy, antibiotic ridden meat, and high sugar carbohydrates.  In fact, research has shown that yeast and parasites in the gut can cause deep emotional problems such as OCD Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression. These foods above often are the root of yeast and parasites.  75% of life is perception and your problems may not seem like problems when you remove the mental ailments that are actually often caused by food.

Lastly, surrender it over to the Grace of great spirit/all that is/God/The Universe.  Pray. Ask for grace and ease.  I find working with Saint Jude of the Divine Light, and Ascended Master Jesus Christ of the light helps to have divine intervention quick.  Sometimes people feel deterred from these two beings because they have been attached to religious dogma, however, these beings as their own entities are actually quite loving, powerful, and helpful.  Saint Jude specifically is called in for desperate times, and hopelessness; for problems that no matter what you do, won’t seem to change.  I find asking for help in sets of three sends a focused, potent message to your guides and spirit realms.  Simply saying: I call forth Saint Jude of the Highest Divine light and the Ascended Master Jesus Christ of the Highest Divine light to help me with ______ (fill in the issue) that is so hopeless and causing me so much despair. Say 3 times. Many I have worked with have found this to help within 24 hours!  Also, when you call these beings and add on  “of the Divine Light”, you are specifically asking to connect with the highest aspect of this being no matter what history has said they are associated with.  This helps for aspects that you might not resonate with about that being when they were in human form.

Yes, we are all one, but don’t you have specific gifts and skills personally that are highly developed? When you call in specific beings that are aligned with specific gifts and focuses they have attuned their vibration to, you can invoke the particular help you are needing.  In this oneness, we all have developed our own skill set.

With much love, in this time of the lunar eclipse, and full moon in Scorpio today, it is a powerful time to start to purify old stubborn issues. The time is now to be free.

With Light,

Ariah Velasquez

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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