Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Excitement – 25 April 2013

JamyePriceExcitement is an excellent expanding force, yet it creates a binding.  How exciting is that?  The exact opposite is unexpected, yet a natural reaction.  If the universal forming doesn’t exclude its opposite, why then would you?  It incorporates the opposite, expediting form and expansion.  Expounding upon the idea of expansion, Excitement seems to be an emotional response, but it is much more than that.  Excitement is a quickening, a catalyst for movement.  When an electron is excited, it unleashes from its current bond and accesses new options.  The heat of expansion is the opposite of the cold of contraction, yet both are necessary for new life to bond.  Both are movement.

Excitement is one of your many states of creation, as all states are creative.  When you become excited, like an electron, you are hopeful beyond the current state of being, yet not resistant to it.  You are open to new form, though not yet experiencing it.  You are free in your ability to create, yet not the totality of the creation.  Excitement is a peacefulness that Knows All is Well.  The letting go of the old creation and the opening to the mysterious is the natural flow of life.   It’s Exciting when you feel confident in your ability to create.  It’s daunting when you feel that letting go or creating a new bond is a consumption of life force.

Your Excitement is not your only state of creation or movement, it is merely a rapid opening.  Yet to experience only Excitement becomes paramount to frenzy.  The continual state of being excited results in an unstable environment.  Thus the beauty of opposition…the natural, calming cohesion that builds form.  Allow your Excitement to be one avenue of growth, as your peace and rest is another.  Mutually beneficial, as all Life truly is.

As we sit to Blast Excitement, we are opening to the next creative moment, available right now in our release.  We are full of Life and Love to overflowing, that the next bond receives and renews – the great flow of Life.  We are duality in Oneness, the great mysterious paradox formed, ever opposite and united.  We are hopeful, letting go and binding anew; Knowing All is Well.  Blast on!

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