Lucas – Time To Reinstate And Renew Our Bond Of Being One – 25 April 2013

top-10-tallest-mountains-annapurnaWe have read enough about fears and the feeling of fears and the instigation of those purposely by our own governments, or even corporate structures. Now in the aftermath of the bombings and fertilizer plant blow up in the U.S. as foretold mainstream  media hyped fear and ignored  real truth and facts. This opened only more people’s eyes and woke them up. Things only need to be seen as data and you should not get personally attached or drawn into the stories. For most  of you it is just the one side you see that is in total opposite of you. Your feeling of right and wrong is challenged again. Your morals and beliefs shout out for punishment, argument, debate, etc.  Lots of you are still  going into hate, anger and see only repercussions as the answer for what has been done.

The circle is closing again and wants you to choose. Are you  going to create duality and extreme polarity again or are you chosing to stop and leave the circle. We have now come at a time that  embracing the polarities  within you is your greatest challenge to master. You will succeed in this challenge and become whole again but it is you that has to do it. You will see in the middle of the circle, the balance, there is peace.  We see the neutral space that lets us BE.  If we are with enough people and find that neutral space we shift all into balance again. We make it whole. It is now more important to send love to all  that is not loving.  It is needed to embrace that what you still see as your enemy or the dark and reconcile it as part of you and the One. Duality has been lived by you all in all facets, in many lives and in many ways and you have experienced both sides.

You are now here to bring back that what is unity and wholeness. It is  that what is found in not judging, not opposing, not hating, not punishing, not pushing away or fighting, it is stopping  all actions that give energy to that what opposes you.  All that was separate will be united first within and then without. We have to integrate that what was duality in our selves. You will experience oneness if you find that balance after integrating. You will not become  a collective drone but a loving being that sees equality and wholeness. You also are still your unique personal self, that divine you.

The divine chaos is now moving faster into the divine order of oneness. The peak of the mountain has been reached and you can see again beyond the horizon.  It shows you the movement of the personal vortexes that first grouped up with one or more groups  to find balance in their personal levels of their process. Participating, changing perceptions and growth brought you on a higher personal level in the process. Then you left the groups behind to find your own personal balance and strength as it is a personal shift we all need to go through to become free divine human individual being of flesh and blood.

The experience of 5D is for those still in a dormant stage in their personal process experienced as the ultimate battle of 3D. The ones a step further in their personal process perceive it as knowing things are wrong and things do not add up. Though they still fight the fight with the old 3D even if  the 21st December 2012 closed the doors on duality for us to let go of it. The ones going within will find eventually their balance and see all is just one and always has been. The ones who have found the oneness within are now on their individual paths and often are exploring their ‘new’ skills or found new ways  of creating as one but also as their own divine individual selves.

5D is just for all  a process of growth. It is what it is. We can start creating the new already but we need also to keep the space for all our brothers and sisters to come whole and join in. Know that what ever will be, it has  never been done before.  What we build, manifest or will create is not by copying or using the old 3D/4D.  This willl not function in the new paradigm anymore. It is finding the solution in the knowing the ‘unknown’ by finding our collective knowledge and using it for us and ourselves again. The guidance in all will be unconditional love for all that is and abundance of the all for all and equality that respects individuality as being One of the group that is part of the One total. Balance is also meaning that opposites have still their place in all but are working together in a balanced way. This means there is no friction or need for arguments, wars, separation as all is just fine as it is in wholeness.  It is something to think about. We left duality behind but have embraced our polarities in all to work in balance.

I hear still those speaking of light or dark or other opposites. I hear those speaking about only love and unconditional love being the true way to Oneness. That is  just all again moving into an extreme space of polarity.  That what is split needs to become whole again, united and one. That is what we are here for. Our seeking ends when the extreme polarities find together in the middle and can work together as One. We see in the moment of  now stalemates building as extreme opposites are clashing. They will find out it does not work anymore. The forces will be moved towards one and are going to seek  neutrality. The space of becoming whole again. The time ahead will force solutions to come about. It is good to remember that we only can find solutions for problems if we think and act in balanced ways and regard all the data and facts in neutrality, honesty, equality  and also in the perception of wanting unity.

I know we will find a way to make all whole again. Cycles are broken to let us grow and renew, explore and see the everlasting change of all. This continuing change in the moment of now is a force that will keep you alert as there is no way you can catch things into belief systems, patterns, dogmas and rigid thinking, or separation again. This will not survive in 5D. Let us find our peace and let us find our unity. We have been One always and we have forgotten this fact to learn the lessons of duality in its most extreme form.  It is time now to be reminded to reinstate and renew  our bond of being One with all and being One within.  The importance of our mission was and is  immense. We are the ones that change and shift everything into a new creation for all of us, our planet, universe and multi-dimensions. Nobody will do it for us.  Know you have fulfilled a grand task and I express this to all  sides. Now it is time for you all to come home and be One again.

Love and light,


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