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Lucas – Time To Reinstate And Renew Our Bond Of Being One – 25 April 2013

top-10-tallest-mountains-annapurnaWe have read enough about fears and the feeling of fears and the instigation of those purposely by our own governments, or even corporate structures. Now in the aftermath of the bombings and fertilizer plant blow up in the U.S. as foretold mainstream  media hyped fear and ignored  real truth and facts. This opened only more people’s eyes and woke them up. Things only need to be seen as data and you should not get personally attached or drawn into the stories. For most  of you it is just the one side you see that is in total opposite of you. Your feeling of right and wrong is challenged again. Your morals and beliefs shout out for punishment, argument, debate, etc.  Lots of you are still  going into hate, anger and see only repercussions as the answer for what has been done. Continue reading

Ariah Velasquez – How to Free Yourself from Long-Term, Stubborn Issues- 25 April 2013


A 40 Day Meditation Practice geared towards releasing obstacles is extremely helpful. In numerology, 40 days breaks a pattern or habit.  The interesting part about breaking a habit, is you may do so through unexpected means.  For example, during your 40 day practice, you may find that you discover something that can clear an obstacle in your life you never knew before.  You may find a way to say something to a person that makes them finally understand as well.  Simply doing the mantra Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Rung, invokes the removal of obstacles, and change in ones destiny, and a release of negativity.  Placing the hands in Bhudi mudra (thumb  touching the pinky) on each hand, with the palms facing up accompanied by chanting the above mantra for 40 days can truly clear something stubborn in a powerful way.

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Kauilapele – Rachel Maddow On 4-24-13..”A Lesson In How To ‘Push’ Disinformation”..(And Why I Have Stopped Watching Rachel,And Pretty Much Anyone Else, On MSNBC – 25 April 2013

rachel_maddow_130424_show_snipI happened to flip onto this portion of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show today, and since she was giving what appeared to be a traditional MSNBC, main stream media type, flogging of “conspiracy theorists”, I just ignored it… passed it by (I’d rather watch NHL hockey… which I did).

But then I saw this note at RMN (“Rachel Maddow’s Rant”), and read this: Continue reading

Charles Eisenstein – The Cycle Of Terror – 25 April 2013

https://i0.wp.com/charleseisenstein.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/8655541019_6453e1a4b5_c-300x200.jpgPhoto credit: thestatusjoe

In the wake of terror attacks, politicians are fond of proclaiming, “We will not be intimidated.” By this they seem to mean that we won’t cower in fear, but will boldly root out the terrorists, visit upon them the hand of justice, and hold them to account. “Make no mistake,” about that, they say. We will be tough, and by tough they mean heightening security at home, intensifying counter-terrorism measures abroad, and punishing the perpetrators and all who give them aid and comfort. Continue reading

Jonathan DuHamel – Wry Heat – Giant Crack Opens In Nothers Arizona On The Navajo Reservation – 25 April 2013

Wry Heat - by Jonathan DuHamel

Giant crack opens in northern Arizona on the Navajo Reservation

A giant crack has been widening on the Navajo Reservation near the small town of Leupp, Arizona. The crack occurs 12 miles north of Interstate 40 about half way between Flagstaff and Winslow. Continue reading

John Ward – Exclusive : Brussels Mulling Pre-Emptive Annexation Of Cyprus – 25 April 2013

John WardBusiness community discontent pushes EC into plans for total control

Draconian new property tax a condition of receiving bailout loan

Sources in Brussels allege that the European Commission has been exploring ‘stages of media information development’ in order to establish much tighter control over the immediate future of Cyprus. The bottom line will be on-the-ground  fiscal and financial policy management by technocrats. The move is being prepared in the light of a strong desire among influential public figures in Cyprus to get out of the euro as soon as possible. Sources on the island last night confirmed that the business and political communities there remain irreversibly unhappy about the deal reached with the Troika recently. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – ECLIPSE Tonight, Spaceweather Update – 25 April 2013

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