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Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – What You Plant Now, So Shall You Reap – 26 April 2013

judithdagleyLove/Light Message from Judith and the celestial team

From the celestial team–

Beloved, we greet you with our loving assurance that you are NOT alone.

Nor have you taken leave of your senses and “gone mad,” as you say! Quite the contrary, you are gaining MORE of your senses. So, your experiences are heightened NOW, often beyond your current capacity to assimilate or understand. We know. We also know that both the “highs” and the “lows” of your experiences are often manifesting in very rapid succession. It is a temporary process, but a critical one. It is also extremely discombobulating to the human sensibilities that you have become accustomed to. We SEE that, and we surround you with our love, that you not become distressed. Continue reading


Sandra Walter – The Triple Eclipse Gateway – Big Opportunities – 26 April 2013

Sandra Walter in SedonaI AM off to Chaco Canyon, New Mexico this morning after a GI-Normous Full Moon rise in Sedona, which was quite dramatic over the Red Rocks. I honored the first of this triple-eclipse accelerator from Bell Rock; the eclipse was around 1pm here and the energy was powerful. There is a lot of intel coming in, and I AM doing my best to update when I can while on the road. Another spiral of clouds manifested during yesterday’s eclipse gateway work, along with sudden moments of complete stillness within – the zero point. It’s a remarkable sensation beyond any kind of quiet or everywhere -all-at-once state. Pure Source consciousness. Continue reading

The Pleiadians – Releasing Negativity from Psychic “Attacks” – 26 April 2013


Some people hold so much pain and “negativity”, also known as areas void of love, that they want to make it about others, they want to blame it on someone else, and then either send their negative thoughts their way, or even go as far as use energy through practices of energy medicine to harm. If you are the recipient of this, their are a few steps you can do to first cleanse, shield, and heal.

Continue reading

Sensei Dave Talks To Mel Ve Form Freedom Central Radio – 26 April 2013

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Visionkeeper – Is There An End In Sight? – 26 April 2013

amazing-nature-sea-wonderland-Favim.com-585240(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

Reading music below:

I was reading a Kryon channeling yesterday and I don’t usually read channelings, but I was struck by what was being said. We must be prepared for a year of what he refers to as the ‘Full Moon Crazies’. Does it seem to anyone else out there that this stuff never seems to end? The road or the tracks just keep on going with no end in sight. One can get very exhausted just thinking about a year of full moon crazies taking place. Just another month of this insanity seems like more than enough for me. The more awake you are the more difficult things become unfortunately. When we are awake we tend to see the truth of everything taking place, and while it is a comfort to no longer be in the dark, knowing the truth creates mega amounts of frustration. It was a lot easier when I used to think that mother nature was creating all of the storms rather than Haarp. Now that I know the truth it tears at me to see innocent people die at the hands of the dark ones. These times are by no means easy to be living in. It takes a great deal of focus to stay in your heart and not stray out into the mind fields of worry or anger. But this is part of our mission, why we signed up to be on earth at this particular time. We are needed to keep the balance, to cool the heated anger and shine our light of guidance through the mine fields of war. Continue reading

Boston Bomb Hoax? Phoney Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off? (Mirror) – 26 April 2013

Uploaded on 25 April 2013 by pikeaero (Lucas : Why am I still posting all this? Because I still get questions and comments things can not be true. People saying they do not see it even with all the evidence of a staged attack within a FEMA live training exercise what is true. Not the stories the mainstream media still tell you to believe en you still recycle and repeat as if that always was and is true. Wake up.  Get all the data and shut off your TV and go read the alternative media on the internet, get informed. Stop living the illusion they tell you to do.The sad thing is that real humans  got killed in the actual bombings and that was not staged but done on purpose. And probably others will follow as they desperately will try to hush up and silence all those that could even more expose the corporate USA for doing this to its own citizens.) Continue reading

Smoking Gun Fact Boston Bombings Was Staged FEMA Document – 26 April 2013

Uploaded on 24 April 2013 by havf8 Fema And DHS HSEEP VOL IV HIRED ACTORS DOCUMENT
https://hseep.dhs.gov/hseep_Vols/defa…Revised HSEEP Vol V
http://info.publicintelligence.net/Fi… Boston Commissioner Slips Up & Calls Boston Bombers “Actors”!? http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos…

ITCCS – A Special Report From The International Tribunal Into Cirmes Of Church And State – 26 April 2013

ITCCS-300x94Mass Graves of Children in Canada:
The first documented evidence of the burial of children at a former Indian residential school

Issued by the ITCCS Central Office and Kevin D. Annett during the Ninth Annual Aboriginal Holocaust Memorial Week – Continue reading

John Ward – Opinion : Why The Anti-Matter Of News Manipulation Must Never Be Ignored – 26 April 2013

John WardThis House believes that anti-news lies have increased, are increasing, and ought to be exposed more often. And yes, the MSM are implicated bigtime.

As most of you know, there is a steady stream of trolls who turn up at The Slog. They have two approaches when attempting sabotage: One, “the facts are wrong/this data is nonsense”; two, “you make everything up at this site.” Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Umbral Field Opens, Magnetic Storm Produced – 26 April 2013

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