Boston Bomb Hoax? Phoney Leg Bone Prosthetic Falls Off? (Mirror) – 26 April 2013

Uploaded on 25 April 2013 by pikeaero (Lucas : Why am I still posting all this? Because I still get questions and comments things can not be true. People saying they do not see it even with all the evidence of a staged attack within a FEMA live training exercise what is true. Not the stories the mainstream media still tell you to believe en you still recycle and repeat as if that always was and is true. Wake up.  Get all the data and shut off your TV and go read the alternative media on the internet, get informed. Stop living the illusion they tell you to do.The sad thing is that real humans  got killed in the actual bombings and that was not staged but done on purpose. And probably others will follow as they desperately will try to hush up and silence all those that could even more expose the corporate USA for doing this to its own citizens.)

Some people are suggesting this is the phoney leg bone prosthetic falling off. I would like to hear from EMT workers with respect to my comments on protocol: You always should place a double amputee in the vertical position to help the blood flow out while you sit him on his wounds in a wheel chair and always wheel him at least 50 yards (100 yards is better) making sure there are plenty of controlled media photographers to (somewhere?). Never consider backing up the ambulance up to anywhere near where he is, and putting him in on the stretcher. See my other videos on this topic: (Thanks AmericanKabuki for pointing this video out!)



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