Brian Kelly’s Blog – Orion Talk Radio – Gwen Caldwell Interviews in Morning Brew Brian Kelly – 26 April 2013

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 Morning Brew with Gwen Caldwell Interviews Brian Kelly April 24

A big thank you to KP for putting together the Mp3’s together! Mahalo Brother!


Complete show:

Topics Discussed:

  1. Brief History of Paradigm Report & OPPT
  2. Point those needing additional info on history of OPPT to
  3. False Flag Attacks
  4. OPPT Show will now be 2 hours every Wednesday starting at 8am pacific time (looking for people who would like to share their stories live on the air. If interested email me at
  5. Our experience with Courtesy Notices
  6. (Part 2)
  7. SWISSINDO explained, from my perspective. Clearing up some of the assumptions and criticisms
  8. Disconnecting from the drama  Witnessing events as a “conscious observer”
  9. Provost Marshals explained
  10. Questions from callers: Who is Charley Miller? What’s the status of Caleb’s project, Project XIII? When and what is The Finale that Heather mentioned in a Skype room / link to original article


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