Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Only Dance In Town – 26 April 2013

gods20handGod said:

If you have ever been serene, you can be serene again. Serene is a place within you. Peace, love, happiness all exist in this secret place of My heart within you. Now, you want to open this special place within and make it available for all, and, therefore, out in the open. Of course, you can have your privacy, yet your love and sense of all good things shine to all right out in the open wherever you may be, or, believe you are.

As a representative of My Kingdom, naturally, you are cordial. That does not mean that you can’t be to yourself when this is your desire.

So often life in the world is a push and tug. You want to be introspective, and the world seems to knock on your door and wants you to come to a party. Or, conversely, you want to go out on the town, and the world, your world, those nearby you, caution you to learn to like your own company.

The world of human beings, as you may have known it, is not always easy to satisfy. The world, at large, as you know it, the people in your world, may not want you to be as you are but often rather want you to be what they want you to be, as if it were for others to set the beat to your drum.

You rightly belong to yourself. You can be a good citizen and belong to yourself. Who has more right to you than you? Of course, there is the matter of Me, God, Who would set you free from the bonds of the world. Truly, there is nothing for you to escape from or to, for the whole world is yours and you are entitled to privacy or company as is your preference at a given moment.

You do not always have to look over your shoulder and scratch your head wondering who is at your door and what do they want from you now.

It is enough, beloveds, that you know what I want. I want you here on even keel in the center of My heart. You are like an arrow of love that pierces My heart. You pierce My heart with joy. Yes, pierce My heart again and again so that you can know the importance you hold for Me and know firmly what it is to be in the Heart of God. There is nothing else like it. What else possibly stands on its own two feet so well as does My heart emboldened in yours?

We discover love together as it dissolves into the Oneness of One and holds all the cards. Oneness is, and it is Ours, safe and sound within the One of Us as We love without owning or assessing, just being in a moment like freckles on Eternity.

We know nothing else but this Eternity that opens everything to itself, and what do We find in this unfindable Eternity but Our hearts beating as One, beating as if to beat the band, beating, pulsing like hearts on a holiday picnic packed with love, packed with love because there is nothing but love in the whole worldless world, love whipped up like a recipe, disappearing before Our very eyes of love as We whirl in the Silence of Love, love before it took semblance of all the imaginary scenes of love in disguise, love misdiagnosed, love hidden away in a sepulcher somewhere called something else. Yet, even so, love is death-defying and can only be what it is no matter how it may be bent out of shape, for it can only return to its natural state which is love in My heart for all time and all over, love. Love is the only dance in town. / link to original article

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