Lucas – How To Fabricate A New International War? – S26 April 2013

syrian1For some time now Syria is the target of the military industrial complex to make a big war happen with the USA, NATO and UN involved on dubious evidence.  The money does not come in anymore via the financial banking system for the puppets behind the scenes and in that case  you have to go to the last resort make war to profit. We have heard already many false accusations in the past with  Irak as a nr. 1 example. The fabricated weapons of mass destruction claims gave  a full-scale UN/ NATO backed war the green light. 

Of course this is again tried as they need a war or black ops or other planned event to distract all of us. They need us to go back into fear and except the police state and corporate control over everything. The effect though this time is not the same. More and more people are awake and wake enough to see through this scam.

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If you see the pattern and see the repeats you know what is going on.  Even funding both sides of a war is lucrative as  it sells arms, etc.

Russia says U.S. coordinates weapon deliveries to Syria rebels :

UN report reveals Libya as hub for arms deliveries to insurgents in Syria and Mali, fails to identify state sponsors of terrorism and elicits systemic flaws of UN System:

Follow the money and see for yourselves. See who contracted who and where is the money coming from. It soon will become clear all sorts of phony firms on the list of some government agency or corporation connected to it  is in play. Just get real and see what is true. Data are coming out and the full story will unveil.  Connect the dots. Not hype things but just see all as facts and data you need not get emotionally attached to.

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