Ron Van Dyke – What A Choice: Martyrdom Or Conformity – 26 April 2013

Uploaded on 26 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Yes, that was what a friend shared with me in regard to yesterday’s video in which I expressed how important it is to me that spiritual people need to be involved in both the inner and outer work of personal and societal transformation. I had expressed my concern that since childhood, just like repeated flying dreams though not as frequent, I have had dreams of martyrdom, which I relegated to past lives. As these thoughts have come to me, I have stated to God again and again: “Not this time.” Still, I have had friends suggest to me that my actions in the political arena make me a target, which is likely why so many locals seem to shy away from me. To them, my strong stance for justice makes them uncomfortable, since they have chosen the more practical approach of conformity to the world as it is. For me, that has never been a viable option, since, as I’ve said many times, my goal has been to help establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Can that be done without humans becoming proactive? I think not. To me, the required pro-activity must be both inner and outer, not either or.

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