Sensei Dave Talks To Mel Ve Form Freedom Central Radio – 26 April 2013

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Some truly beautiful beings are coming out of Canada, and Sensei Dave is one of them.

After initially getting to know Sensei Dave (a.k.a Somguy Namedave on Facebook) when he approached me for an interview, I was blown away by this profound young man’s awareness, maturity, and articulate approach to important subjects. Of course, being the talent spotter that I am, I immediately asked Dave to give me an interview when he had the time, as I felt that the world could greatly benefit from getting to know Sensei Dave, and share in his knowledge and wisdom.

Thanks so much to Dave for finding me and interviewing me, indeed, it makes me so happy when that calibre of person reaches out to me for an interview, and I could not resist but to get one in return.

As the creator of the website,, Dave truly deserves his place at Freedom Central as one of our valuable contributors, having interviewed and worked with some pretty awesome people. And of course, we look forward to doing more work with him.

Keep an eye out for Dave, he is definately one to watch, and the epitome of the beautiful young souls now coming into their own and reaching out.

You Tube: Senseidave82

Dave has worked some some very interesting people that we share in common,


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