Sophia Love – Shooting For Fantastic – 26 April 2013

PictureWelcome to our 5th day.  You probably don’t want to hear methods or ideas or best routes to our destination.  You probably just want to feel amazing.  We are shooting for fantastic.  Agape and Freedom promise spectacular.

Contemplating both, here’s what your day looks like:

You leap out of a warm comfortable bed.  Remember how you did that as a kid?  You can’t wait to see what comes next!  You run into the kitchen and enjoy a meal of fresh food, which you have plenty of.  You then spend the day engaged in DOing. 

Your “work” includes always your passion.  You are unrestricted in where you can do this and how you can do this and who you can do this with.  You are acknowledged for your unique brilliance and enjoy contributing.  Life is your stimulant.

What is absent are rules, requirements, debt.  There is nothing you “should” BE or DO.  You are Free to choose.

Love is not something you longing for – it is everywhere.  You may or may not live with a “significant other” but it won’t matter – all are significant for you.

You don’t have to hold on to Love with an iron grip.  You Trust.  Love is.  When you look into the eyes of humanity you see it there.  This is what fills you.

Excess amounts of anything are no longer necessary to complete and thrill you.  Living full out is your drug.  Loving absolutely is your high.

This way of life is ours today, if chosen.  No longer willing to commit to ownership and its resulting slavery systems, we must commit to ourselves.  Freedom is full time.  Love is constant focus.

We have to yank ourselves out of anything other than fantastic.  Tell ourselves the Truth until every corner of our BEing believes it, and shouts “Yes!”

You are a BEing of Light – embodied.  Source had a thought, an imagining, and you were shot forth.  The thought went like this “What would it be like to experience the fullness of creation as ( …fill in the blank )?”

You are not your body or your role or your relationship or your failure or your success.  You are light, a bit of source, experiencing life.

There are no parts of you unworthy.  You are the stuff of Gods, Source in a human suit and beholden to none.  Commit to this Truth.  Look in the mirror and greet God.  Look around and say hello to the sacred.

Walk gently and with a deep knowing of respect, feel the Earth and all of us whom she supports.  Honor the task set forth when Source imagined you.  Create Amazing.  You are all that has ever been required.  You are enough. You are Eternal Essence Embodied.  Nothing could be more fantastic.

What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

I love you, thank you.

See you tomorrow,


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