Hwaa Irfan – The Gold Behind The New $100 Dollar Bill – 26 April 2013

goldbarsIt doesn’t seem to make sense to perpetuating a Big Lie, but the Federal Reserve is doing it anyway considering the US dollar has no value, apart from being the global currency which perpetuates its existence, and that more and more countries are dealing in other currencies, including the gold that they tried to crash the other day.

But here it is, the new $100 bill to be issued by the Federal Reserve October 8, 2013. Tilt the note back and forth while focusing on the blue ribbon. You will see the bells change to 100s as they move. When you tilt the note back and forth, the bells and 100s move side to side. If you tilt it side to side, they move up and down. The ribbon is woven into the paper, not printed on it the Federal Reserve tells us.

The Cabal’s Bloomberg tells us that the new $100 bill has security features: blue, three-dimensional security ribbon, easier to authenticate, and more difficult to counterfeit. The single $100 note is more expensive to make at 11.8 cents per note whereas the previous note costed 8 cents per note.

Fool’s Gold

Gold is a strong feature typically, after rendering the fiate money worthless, and an undeclared return to the gold standard: a gold ink well, a gold Liberty Bell, a gold feather pen, a gold “100″, gold watermark, a gold “July 4, 1776″ and a gold “100″ on the back of the right side. So that means raiding more African countries. But unfortunately, homeopathically speaking, even though the gold character, aurum, is about responsibility and leadership on a high level they are subject to eventual loss of this ability or the threatened loss of this power and high position. We can witness this in the panic attack that the cabal is going through using every evil measure to bring everyone of us, and everything else under their control. They are working overtime to avoid further breakdown. The result is a spiritual, and intellectual decline, and a tendency to annihilate, even themselves.

The design was ready from 2009, and the delay the Federal Reserve has given was due to production problems 2008 was the dawn of what we have come to now as the global economic crisis, but with all intents and purposes, quite frankly it looks staged. If the design was ready from 2009, with all the gold symbolism, it is more likely they were waiting for a return to the gold standard, which is in their possession, hence why they were able to crash the paper gold currency. The financial system remains a debt based fiat system where money gets created hence the paper gold currency.

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When they run out of money and can’t get hold of anyone else’s they just sell drugs, whether it’s Afghanistan’s opium, Monsanto’s GM crops, or Merck’s vaccines! Interestingly, the Founding Fathers is slapped over the Declaration of Independence of what is an occupied state, a state that is run by the cabal!


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