The Pleiadians – Releasing Negativity from Psychic “Attacks” – 26 April 2013


Some people hold so much pain and “negativity”, also known as areas void of love, that they want to make it about others, they want to blame it on someone else, and then either send their negative thoughts their way, or even go as far as use energy through practices of energy medicine to harm. If you are the recipient of this, their are a few steps you can do to first cleanse, shield, and heal.

The most important thing is first the awareness of what is happening. Purify this energy through consciously bringing light into the body.  Running the violet flame through the body through visualization can help.  Next, make sure your auric field has not collapsed inwardly. See it being expanded one foot in diameter in all directions on all sides of your being.  Flood your auric field now with the color of your choice. We, the Pleiadians have a healing tool, call the Karmic Containment Unit, which absorbs other people’s energy.  Call upon this from us, and we will run it through the body to remove the person’s energy from your field as well.

Now close your eyes and ask to see if there are any symbols thrown into your energy field.  These symbols represent ceremony or pain images that have been done with you in mind.  Call in something we use for healing called the erasure tool. Throw violet light at the symbol and then literally visualize the tool erasing the symbol. You could see it like it is an eraser. Is it a dagger you see?  Something you do not understand? Trust your instincts and erase! Flood yourself again with light.

Now it is time to heal the relationship.   If your instinct senses it is a specific person, then the relationship itself needs healing, but not necessarily in a direct fashion. Intend now you are willing to heal the relationship energy. This energy rests not within you or within them.  It rests within the sacred space of life and all things.  Where all things exists, is truly a neutral place. It is important to neutralize all painful experiences that are triggered by the relationship in this neutral place.  How do you do this?  When you think about the person, feel in your body where there is resistance.  Is there pain, discomfort, heaviness, or even something that feels like a hard rock in the body?  Acknowledge it and then shift focus to connecting with the void, the sacred space, which rests everywhere. You do not need to know how to do this. You simply intend you are merging the feelings you thought were in your body, with now the sacred space, where all is neutral. The feelings were never really in a location, they always existed in the sacred space.  Don’t focus on the place in your body after finding where you felt it.  Simply get the mind to relax now and merge with the sacred space (which includes all things) where there is no judgement, only emptiness. This all happens simply from intention and sitting quietly.

When you feel your body release, you are complete. If you do not have to go where this person or people are, then we do not suggest you do so until you know they are functioning from a non-blaming place.  It is not avoiding, nor is it giving your power away by doing this and saying you are afraid to be around them. It is simply taking your power back by choosing not to participate in the endeavor. You transmute the energy and then release yourself.  You may need to remove hooks from your body that are energetically keeping you tied in with this type of dynamic.  Literally see yourself removing the hooks out of the energy field that appears to be you and filling the hole where the hook was with light.

Empower yourself to be responsible for what can and cannot enter your field.  Realize where it always existed in the first place: in the space of all things.  Again, trust your instincts, and use the tools we have given. So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.,

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