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I was reading a Kryon channeling yesterday and I don’t usually read channelings, but I was struck by what was being said. We must be prepared for a year of what he refers to as the ‘Full Moon Crazies’. Does it seem to anyone else out there that this stuff never seems to end? The road or the tracks just keep on going with no end in sight. One can get very exhausted just thinking about a year of full moon crazies taking place. Just another month of this insanity seems like more than enough for me. The more awake you are the more difficult things become unfortunately. When we are awake we tend to see the truth of everything taking place, and while it is a comfort to no longer be in the dark, knowing the truth creates mega amounts of frustration. It was a lot easier when I used to think that mother nature was creating all of the storms rather than Haarp. Now that I know the truth it tears at me to see innocent people die at the hands of the dark ones. These times are by no means easy to be living in. It takes a great deal of focus to stay in your heart and not stray out into the mind fields of worry or anger. But this is part of our mission, why we signed up to be on earth at this particular time. We are needed to keep the balance, to cool the heated anger and shine our light of guidance through the mine fields of war.

I had hoped we would have seen greater changes occurring by now, I think many were hoping we could sigh a sigh of relief after 12-21-12. We were wrong in assuming that. Our true work had not even really begun in earnest. We are stepping into that timezone now. Our biggest battle we have ahead of us I spoke to the other day. Not falling into the trap of ‘ us versus them ‘. It is so hard not to slip into that mode of thinking. Some disaster is created and we know the origins of it and we want to blame those origins, but we cannot for in doing so we have instantly created the ‘ Us versus them ‘. As soon as we enter into that realm of thinking we leave our power at the door and become weaponless. We must have our light and awareness to create our strength together, so we must remain in our hearts and far away from the divisions being created for the sole purpose of weakening our power.

Just when we will begin to see the new world fully manifest and the evils of the dark ones long ended is anybody’s guess. I’m sure we are all praying sooner rather than later, but perhaps not. It is imperative then to find ways to stay focused and flourishing within our hearts. If we begin to droop with weariness we must learn to reach out and ask for help in being lifted up. That is not always an easy thing for people to do. I know myself I am very independent and asking for help does not come easily to me. We must pay close attention to our strengths and weaknesses so we know where we need to work on ourselves and where we can go to pull from our strengths. We are still human and we have lived under powerful lies for a very long time now. We have been trained well to rely on others rather than ourselves. It is time to change that and learn to be there for ourselves!

I wish I could say we are almost there but quite honestly I think our true battle is just beginning and promises to become quite challenging. It is easy to forget our power when confronted by the military industrial complex and all of its mechanical evils, but that is precisely when we must remember our strength the most! They may have life threatening machines and weaponry, but love and unity are far stronger than any weapon hopes to be. Our minds and our consciousness is far greater as well and our abilities to manifest our desires can be quite potent. We must remain intact as a light community and if we falter reach out for help and be there for one another. Rest as you need to and give when you can. Humanity is at the tipping point now and how we act and what we do will decide our future.

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