The Pleiadians – Mind Control…Is it Real?- 27 April 2013


There are currently devices that can and are implanted into those that have unconscious and/or conscious agreements to allow it to be so, or have emotions that need to be released therefore creating a weakness in their energy field.  If you become sick, or have randomly begun to feel bad, you may surely have an implant.

Implants emanate certain messages into people’s consciousness that usually impose obsessive thoughts that are not serving the person’s being. They can also bring about physical illness.  They can be removed, and we will walk you through the removal of these in a bit today.

However, there is also something else going on.  We would like to let you know that there are devices used by those that wish to continue controlling our society that can radiate frequencies which can cause illness and imbalances in the physical, mental, and emotional body.  If you are a wayshower, if you are publicly one; or even not publicly one;  doing powerful spiritual practices that effect you and free you, there are energy devices not implanted, but that sense the fields on this planet.  People emanating a lot of light may at times be targeted by these devices as an attempt to decrease the light quotient. One of the reasons we are here is to help stop this from happening.  We are going to walk you through now two methods to release you from both these types of “frequency manipulation” as we would call it.  There is nothing to fear, this can easily be shifted with some awareness and some tools below.

First, let’s take care of the ones inside of your energy field.  Call in a Decloaking and Decoding Chamber of Light, from us, the Pleaidians.  This will allow you to see what is hidden. Now you must call this in only if you are grounded and in a sacred space.  Make sure you have cleared your space to keep your shield intact while you begin this process.  To create a sacred space if you are not aware in our way, you can simply call in one of our councils of the light, whichever one you resonate with, and ask that the crystalline pillars of light be anchored.  Next, close your eyes and visualize your energy field.  Throw the color purple at your energy field in your minds eye.  Ask for the violet/purple to glow on the areas where there are devices in your field.  If you see some, ask now to hear through your sense of knowing and telepathy what the devices are attached to.  Is one attached to your belief you are weaker than the “powers that were”, the people in control of the government? Is there an agreement you have with the beings using these devices to allow them to put it there so they “help” you in some way.  Of course, they are not truly helping.  Some beings deceive in our astral/dream times. And yes, these can be human beings in the astral deceiving.  This is when the agreements are often made.  Cancel these agreements and release these beliefs. Affirm something new. So if you cleared the upper belief, affirm now, I am a sovereign light being, free of the binds and connections to these beings trying to manipulate, destroy, and control the planet.  Most of these beings are human or mixed human, by the way. Seal your affirmation with “and so it is, so be it”.  Now, remove the devices.  Literally see yourself taking them out of the body.  Call now Archangel Michael and ask him to take these devices.  He assists in this way while we hold the space for you to see. Hand him these devices.  Flood your field with light.

Next, we will help you release from the external sources.  Imagine you have a contract with all beings wishing to manipulate.  Literally see it like it is a contract written down. Your name is signed on the bottom of it.  See yourself  stamping this cancelled, and next throw this contract into a beautiful rainbow flame bonfire.  Now there are two long, etheric hoses connected to each side of the head on top.  This, you could say is a portal that allows the energy in.  See yourself slowly removing these hoses.  See the pain in these holes where the hoses were being filled with light.  Spin the hole counterclockwise to close it. We will now seal it completely. We now flood you with energy that will help change the damaged vibration all throughout your cells and energy field with your permission.  If you wish for this, affirm you give us permission now to do this. Tonight, we ask you to bring around yourselves a Quantum Transfiguration Chamber of light to completely shield and resolve this issue.  See an ultraviolet grid around you and then call it in.  We will work on you as you sleep, so do this before bed.  You can do this process again if necessary in the future in case these beings find another weakness into your energy field.

We know as some of you read this for the first time, it may feel illusionary.  The reason is because what we are doing, and what is happening is not in your tangible world. It is all astral.  Your freedom depends on your ability to realize you actually need freedom from that which cannot be touched.  As more and more are waking up to their ability to work multidimensionally, they will know, visualization is not just visualization.  It is actually action in the astral planes.  This message used to only be revealed to those who really wanted to be the wayshowers, yet now, it is meant for all to be free, for all to see and realize what is happening.  Even if you don’t fully believe, simply reading this, will allow the seed to be planted for you to intend freedom from those who have tried for thousands of years to make this planet one of control with dim lights.  No more we say. No more. Be free, and live as your true self. We thank you for unplugging today, for you are helping the whole.

So La Re En Lo.

We are one. Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.

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