Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Just Be Present – 28 April 2013

past-present-future-sign1L: What do I want? What do you want? Are we on the same page?

You need do nothing. We so want you to get that. Just go with the flow, don’t push the river. You have already intended mightily. If you will allow your momentum to carry you, your involvement in the NOW moment contains all of the information that you are needing.

That’s it! You are living in the mind of God, the mind of Allah, All That Is. You are walking along the neural pathways and watching the explosions of neural energy as they burst forth with fresh emergent thought-creation forms. You are not separate from that.

Previously you have sought some way out of the “now moment.” You were here and you want to be there, so you try to get away from here to get over there. But here, now, is where it’s at—the things you want, the things you ask for, are coming to you here, you see. So when you try to get away from here, they don’t know where to find you.

It seems like a paradox, but here is your stage. The characters, and the opps, and the thrills, chills and spills are all going to be delivered to you here, not there. So be like Siddhartha and really relax into now. Meditate upon now. Exalt in here. You don’t have to go there to receive what you want. You do have to be happy in “here and now”. Now. Now. Now.

Look at it. Your imagination is now. Eternity is now. Infinite is now. It’s all here, now. Why would you go where it’s not? It’s like God has thrown a birthday party for you (He has!) and you decide to skip it to go fret in a dark alley somewhere instead. Are you kidding?!? All those presents?!? Just for me?!? And you want to miss that by being there?!?

You don’t have to meditate and be morose and chant. But you do have to be present, regardless of what you are doing. That’s it—just be present. Be present to get your presents. (laughter).

OK . We’re done. Now what did you want?

L: I think you got it. I’m going to go contemplate my navel.

Twelve: Well, just be present while you do it. OK?

Namaste Bright Creators,
~Twelve via newsletters 28 April 2013


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