Wes Annac – Astral Travels : VIsualizing And Manifesting Disclosure – 28 April 2013

This week, I would like to change our astral exercise up a bit and introduce a visualization intended to aid in the manifestation of disclosure.

We’ve been told for quite a while that our collective and individual visualization and manifestation powers are stronger than we could possibly know at this point, and many of the astral exercises we perform are intended to help the cleansing we are bringing forth during such exercises to manifest in our physical reality. It is so very important for us to use the natural abilities we are finding within ourselves as our perceptions of them grow, and I have a feeling that our visualization and manifestation practices will be garnering more results than we would perhaps expect.

I’m going to recommend easing into a light meditation for the duration of this exercise. I’m going to take a few deep breaths myself before beginning it, and finding a deep yet light enough state of consciousness is recommended for this visualization, as we will increase the power of what we are doing if we achieve a certain deep state of consciousness.

Take your breaths, or do anything you feel necessary to achieve a relaxed, peaceful meditative state.

Make an affirmation that Source be with us and help strengthen the visualization we are about to perform. Ease into and really feel a deepened state of relaxation and metaphysical perceptual awareness, and enjoy the lightening vibrations that may be coming over you now. Really relax into this experience and when you are ready, you can read on and begin the visualization aspect of this exercise.

Now, I would like for you to visualize a group of people protesting on the lawn of the White House.

These souls are fed up with the lies and are peacefully proclaiming their dissatisfaction with the manner in which this world is run. At this very moment, coordinated protests are occurring all across the world; one notable protest taking place on Wall Street. While the idea of peacefully protesting may seem counterintuitive or silly to some, these peaceful protests are to be successful and are to show that the will of the people cannot be ignored.

Empathically feel and visualize all of the other protests happening across the world. In every nation, people are fed up with the tyranny and oppression that has ruled and in the developed countries specifically, a widespread understanding has been garnered of the purposeful engineering of societies in an attempt to hold the populace back. Everything that’s been done to keep us in states of collective blissful ignorance is known, and the people as a whole are proclaiming our freedom from the tyranny that has ruled over us for far too long.

Feel that there are no negative vibrations accompanying this White House protest or any other protest taking place in this immediate future we are visualizing and in fact, the mood is very peaceful, assured and happy. The protesters are absolutely sure of their cause and know that they are to trump over the forces of oppression, because their numbers are large.

I am speaking of every soul, in every country of this beautiful world, protesting and proclaiming their freedom. I am speaking of countries that have been brutally oppressed and dominated ousting their former “leaders” in ways that do not require the widespread loss of Life because of battles against the people and the dictators. I am speaking of the people in every developed country standing up and using their sheer numbers to display to the cabals that we are aware and we mean business.

Focus on this unfolding White House lawn protest and as you do, notice a few lights seeming to appear and shimmer in the sky. The lights remain stationary for a few moments, and then begin to descend down and change form to reveal themselves as Galactic ships.

These ships grow larger and more detailed as they come closer to the ground and as they begin to land, feel the purely-awesome vibrations being emanated from these sentient craft. There are three Galactic craft sitting here before our group of protesters, and every protester is mired in the wonderful and calming vibrations being emitted.

What was a calm and uplifted vibe a few moments ago has evolved into the purest and deepest feeling of peace yet brimming excitement, and the entire group around us is feeling these wonderful vibrations and passing them around to one another. Notice now as the three craft that have landed begin to open their doors and sport ramps, and three tall Galactic humans emerge from each craft.

There are now nine Galactic beings standing before our group of protesters on the White House lawn, having emerged from their respective three craft. Visualize as the Galactic humans issue a greeting to the White House protesters and to the police force accompanying the protesters (because where there are protesters, there is usually an oppressive police force).

The Galactic beings greet the Earth souls around them and begin explaining who they are, what star system they have come from and why they have landed on this Earth at this specific location. A news crew is immediately called by one of the protesters and before too long, the presence of these Galactic beings on the White House lawn becomes the common knowledge of the entire world.

Thanks to the widespread, collective efforts of every soul on our world who got involved and stood up for their rights, the collective vibrations began to become more allowing of the direct presence of a few Galactic humans on our surface, and the Galactics have utilized the opportunity to introduce disclosure themselves as a direct result of the actions of humanity in standing up for ourselves.

Continue to watch the mesmerized protesters, police force and now-large crowd of people who have gathered at the White House lawn to watch these nine glowing Galactic humans disclose their existence to the entire world. The cabals have been unable to stop this sudden and brazen disclosure as by this point, they will have been all but overwhelmed and neutralized by the will of the entire world proclaiming our freedom from their rein.

In essence, the cabals’ hand was and will be forced when the entirety of humanity arise and begin speaking up as a collective body. We are now witnessing what will be hours and hours of disclosure as after this initial announcement we have visualized, pre-planned broadcasts will occur that will help to fill in each and every missing piece of our history that has been lost from memory or suppressed from our current societies.

So very much has been kept from us and now, we are visualizing and witnessing a magnificent disclosure of unprecedented proportions. I am certainly not trying to say that what we have visualized is exactly how disclosure will come about; it could come about in a very different manner indeed, but what we are doing is aiding in the initial manifestation no matter how it is to happen.

I could go on and on for quite a while leading visualizations of specific aspects of this overall paradigm-shattering disclosure and perhaps we will visualize further in future exercises but for now, I will draw my leading of this exercise to a close for this week and encourage you all to build upon what we have visualized here.

I was overjoyed to receive the impression to have us perform this specific visualization this week, and I will be equally happy to build upon it as we grow into our natural manifestation abilities and use them to physically and energetically repair the Earth, as has always been intended.

This concludes this week’s astral discussion.

Image source: http://www.antraeus.co.uk/Pictures%202012b/news_711_galacticfed1.png

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