Lisa Gawlas – The BODY Of Christ Is YOU – 29 April 2013

body of christThere is so much happening in our world at this moment.  Not just the global world, but our personal worlds too.  The Light quotient is flooding our lives like never before in our collective history.  But what does that really mean to us, individually and collectively?  What is really happening?

Light itself is actually an energy, an electrical pulse that interacts with our own electrical field.  Every thing on earth, the seen and unseen is created and governed by the energy, the electrical pulse of our world.  The purer the Light, the higher the electrical pulse.  Our bodies run on electricity.  They also break down due to the electricity within us.  Too much electricity, we blow a fuse.  To little electricity, we stop running as designed (we call that illness or disease.)

In our original design, we are pure energy.  Pure love in motion.  Pure Light energy.

Every part of our physical bodies run via an electrical current.  Our hearts, our brains…  We were designed to consistently upgrade our power source, to run on higher energy source.  In this beautiful land of duality, we cannot be given the keys to upgrade without equally be given the keys to downgrade, all things being equal.  It is always our choice too, darn that free will!!

The above is all I had gotten written yesterday.  My sleep cycles are changing and I am feeling, pretty much the new way of my sleeping, staying awake later, getting up later.  But I also started to realize as the day of readings when on yesterday, there was a reason I actually stopped where I did in my sharing yesterday morning.  There was so much more to understand!!  Thank god I woke up at my normal early time today, I am so happy!!!   Anyway, back to the story….(smile)

If you can imagine the way the body actually works, electrically… The body itself vibrates at various rates of speed, powered by the electrical field of life.  so as we allow ourselves to move forward and raise our vibrational levels of biology, we feel the upgrades in various places with each surge.  Most people these days are sharing a common symptom… those damn headaches… ouch!  The electrical field of the entire brain is starting to move higher, faster…

Equally, the erratic heartbeats, back aches… all due to the power surge.  Many people on this wonderful planet has so much stored in their emotional receptors of the heart, the past connections of the brains memory field… and for these people, these incoming surges of energy, of LOVE are rocking their core and for some, raising up the deep sadness they have not dealt with for probably eons.  Often times as well, these same people have not moved the consciousness of their own minds to higher levels of understanding what Life really is all about, so paranoia starts to lash out in their lives.  FEAR.  So afraid someone is forcing them to change, so dense in the sadness in their own hearts and the energy coming in, is opening all that.  Creating change, oftentimes forcibly these days.  Everything is being outed!

Now, how we choose to react (or allow) these things to happen, this upgrade to happen, is always, up to us!  Life has zero bias and no matter what, there is something to learn thru it all.

It took me a long time to really understand what “Compassionate Disconnection” meant.  I heard it a lot in my early days and nothing about it made sense.  To view the world stage with compassion and disconnection at the same time sounds like an oxymoron, but yet, I finally realized it is coupled with the saying “take nothing personally.”

Life is changing and change rarely comes quietly and ineffectively.  Compassionate disconnection is key!

The day before yesterday, in one of the readings I had done, I seen something that gives us clearer understanding to the above.  Two things are happening simultaneously on earth, in each of our lives.  A complete decaying of the old,  as well as a complete emergence into what we will just call the new.  (Just for the record, the new is actually ancient.)

Now that we have passed thru the first of three eclipses and the energy is settled on the ground, the very ground that now makes up the new earth, we really should be very excited and dare I even say… conscious!

From what I will call our present moment stretching out as far forward as my eyes can see, as far left and right as my eyes can see is the new ground we live upon.  It is not solid and firm as we have been so accustomed to getting to here.  It actually has a very marshmallow feel to it… for a reason.      The energy that makes up this marshmallow landscape is radiant white and yellow.  It took me two days of readings to fully understand what we are being shown… but, I got it!!

But first, I want to come back to that one reading I just mentioned.  Everything behind her back was in decay.  Think of your garden as it dies in the fall.  The harvest has already happened and now the energy must go back to source to start anew.  Things get brown, black and then just merge back into the landscape of the garden of life.  This too is happening to us as well.  Hence the surge of feelings of sadness as well as paranoia in so many of the old energy structures.

For those of us who “get” what is going on, we are in one of the biggest choice cycles of our lives.  Move forward or decay with the old.

If we can look at the white energy kind of like play-dough (or stem cells) undefined and waiting instruction.  This play-dough is everyone around your feet.  It is now the very earth you walk upon.  YOU are the one that gives the play-dough instruction, form, creation.  YOU decide what life is going to present to you by the energy running thru you.  Let’s say you have a desire, and I am going to use my own real example and lessons around it all.  My current and strongest desire is to make my trip back to Virginia and Pennsylvania to have some hugging time with my kids, grandson and father and siblings.  With this desire, it is no longer a “choice” but will happen.  (This is an important distinction… choice, I will come back to this.)

So you have play-dough at your feet, mutable energy waiting for your decision to bring it into life to serve you.  The moment you decide you want/desire this… the yellow energy springs to life to give that white play-dough energy to come to life.  The yellow energy being the creator that is you.  Your soul energy, the true energy source of YOUR life!!

Now let’s talk about choices.  If you are at a major cross roads in your life (and we all are) then you have only one real choice; move ahead or fall back.  This choice point is either going to completely free you of responsibility (falling back) or intensify the responsibility within your own life.  Like I said, life is not biased and loves and supports you no matter what you choose.  If you feel like you have brought your spiritual potential as far as you are willing to go, great!!  There will be other lifetimes, other body’s of incarnation where you can choose again.  This is, after all  the only reason we are Here.

Let me also make clear, your choices are an energy vibration, not a mouth full of words.  Our words only mean something when there is an energy sparking within them.  If you’re saying you want broccoli and you are really feeling a chocolate bar, it is the chocolate bar that will appear.  Now, if you are honest with yourself and you say and feel chocolate bar, you will probably end up with a case of chocolate!!

Now lets get back to that word that was used so much these last few months that now must come to an end.  Choice.  For eons we have been choosing our destiny, spiritual life vs mundane life and every choice taking you further into one or the other.  When, from deep in your heart, you vibrationally choose spiritual life, it can almost seem that the mundane life gets ripped from your fingers.

Whoever said this path (living from the heart of soul) was easy, really has never been fully on this path.  Soul knows this is an illusion and we have lived hundreds and sometimes many thousands of lifetimes… we keep nothing but the experiences as we transverse to the other side to start again in a new body, new family, new landscape.

The mind however, thinks this one moment in time is real and clings.

Often times, even when we are bravely letting go and moving into the deepest unknown we have ever experienced in this game of life, we still cling to the old for safety.  Survival!!

One of the readings yesterday was with a beautiful man whom I have been reading for, god knows, it feels like all his life, but about most of this past year… there he was, crossing the new landscape of white and yellow life in a flipping canoe!!!  What the hell is that all about??  It was a small wooden canoe  you can tell it was old because of the brown and black coloring of the wood.

He has already put some major choices of change into his life.  He moved away from his family into a new state.  He started to join and connect with others who actually speak spirit (as opposed to the old energy field of mundane drama filled life) and even moved again closer to the ocean of his hearts desire.  So what the hell is up with the canoe!!??


He had told me his body has been slammed with the new energies.  Not to mention, for the first time in his 50+ years of life, he is living with roommates (which was really good for him to do) and he is so out of sync with his “usual” routine of life.  Yeah… me too!!  (Well, sleep wise anywayz.)  He really wants to cross this huge huge moment in life change with comfort.  He had told me the old canoes used to be made by groves in the wood so everything would fit together.  This was a huge things in understanding his canoe… trying to move into the new earth that has now taken form and has intense energy and staying in the old groves of life that got him to here.  Hell no!!  Ain’t happening.  Two feet in… thats the only way we can be effectively and might say, at least at first, intensely in this new earths landscape.

The vibration is high, for a reason.

I also realized I must have myself in a canoe too.  I want my old routine back of going to sleep by 9pm so I can be awake by 4-5am and get my sharing out.  That hardly ever happens any more for me.  I am up til 11 pm and not waking up til 7am throwing my entire routine out the window!!  Dammit!!  Trying to force myself asleep at night seems to only keep up longer.

We agreed to jump ship together!!  Work on a new way of Being in our days and moving with the changing energy both in our bodies and our reflected life.

My lady after him… I swear to god I was about ready to cry.  This whole day was echoing the struggles I was feeling inside for weeks.  There she was, in this tiny little edge of not here nor there.  There was no past I could pick up on her, yet that now very familiar new earth of yellow and white marshmallow energy was about a foot in front of her.  she had two poles that reminded me of wrought iron on her left and one on her right side.  Both came up to shoulder height.  I realized she had a chain from her left wrist to the pole on her left.  The other pole on her right was so blurry it was hard to see, but I knew it was a pole as well.  When I asked the field what the hell are they… instantly the resounded CHOICES.

Since I could clearly see the pole on the left and filled with curiosity about that chain keeping her at the left pole, we started there.  Her team was quite clear in making sure she (we) understood this huge significant moment in time.

Often times, we get chained to the choices we have made to get to Here.  We have been choosing, over and over again to become more connected, more in alignment with our soul, with the source of all oneness.  Those choices served her very very well, because Here She Is.  But now, she cannot go any further making choices from yesterdays energy.  It does not exist any longer.  (At least for her, many on this earth plane are still arriving to this heavenly landscape.)

To arrive Here is to stop making choices.  (More or less anywayz.)

Imagine that!!

You have made all the choices to let go, purge, release the old world energy from your Being.  Now… just move forward with passion and desire and joy.

I realized the reason her right pole (spiritual life) was blurry was because she was chained to the past way of choosing.  Imagine that.  (She really blew my processing mind with her entire reading… and even with relevance to my own current life.)

We even got a wonderful image of God, about 20 feet above the earth, old catholic style in my memory, sitting on a golden thrown, long curly white hair… planting his garden of life.  First he planted a tulip seed, then changed his mind, pulled up the tulip seed then planted a daffodil seed, then changed his mind and replanted the tulip.  At this rate, the garden will never grow, it keeps getting up seeded before anything can even germinate.

The same thing I have been doing with my trip.  I know I am going as soon as my teeth are ready (that sounds ridiculous really, my partials.)  But I have been so on the fence of how long, do I stop and crystal mine first or on the way back.  Do I put together another class or wait till I come back.  Do I stay for a month or two or even more.  I keep changing my mind every day!!  With that constantly changing choice, I keep stalling the energy of what I really need…

So, with her reading and understanding I just decided I am going.  Period.  Everything else will work itself out as divinely needed for the greater good.

When we got to the point she understood and acknowledged what was being shown to her… holy flipping cow batman!!  Suddenly her chain was gone, her right pole changed into this HUGE lockness monster looking thing in the middle of her entire future.  It was the entire size of May… did I say HUGE!!  The body was ginormous  the coloring so soothing and gentle… very pastel in its hues.  The head itself seemed contrastingly small in relationship to the body.

Her team was quick to utter the understanding. I heard (several times thru her reading) “The Body of Christ is YOU.”  That says everything right there!!  But also, they talked about the tiny head on this super large dinosaur looking creature in the midst of her yellow and white life field.  There is no need for “identity.”  It is not about how you look in life, but who you Are in life.  We are so much larger than we allow ourselves to be.  When we allow ourselves to live large, we create joyful change in all of life!!

The BODY of Christ is YOU.

My last lady of the day… first, let me say god bless you and thank you.  She waited two months to get an hour reading, which I split in two.  I will never waste time in a reading.  If you pay for an hour and get a reading that only lasts 30 minutes, I do not count conversation as “reading” time.  I split it up so you can get all you paid for in the field.  She was really the biggest comfort I have had in the craziness of rescheduling that I sometimes do.  Spirit knows exactly when you need just the right information to move you along with a deep inner confidence of what is happening in your body and life and patiently waits until both the landscape, your body and my consciousness can reflect what you need to really know without costing you any more money!!  (We both got your back…. smile.)  So for that, I have to say thank you sooo much.  This was the first time I really really understood how important rescheduling can be with our quickly changing landscapes of life.

This precious ladys reading twisted my mind!!  In a great way of course!!  For the last two days, with the massive shift of earth energy that had taken place since the lunar eclipse, she was the first person I could see way out in our perceived future in an area that became very distinct as the other side of the solar eclipse, out in the distance of the deeper fields of life, encompassing the energies of the West field as well (harvest.)

Ohhhh… geez Louise, before I get to her, let me tell you the larger significance of these times we are in right here, right now (because spirit won’t let me go any other way lol.)

If we can look at this triple phase we are currently in… a solidification within our new story (if we choose that) and the energy field itself.  I did my best at giving you a visual as I explain how HUGE this moment is in our lives:


Lunar phases is a very emotional phase of energy.  This first lunar eclipse served to bump into our core feelings of desire.  Granted, it appears like it just happened on the 25th of April, but we are not living in real time.  Instead, many have felt these intensities for a while.  What we are now doing is living the major choice point of how the rest of our story will unfold from here on out.  The squiggly line I placed in yellow represents the surface of the new earth… the wringer rollers I have talked about is deepening this high frequency light field into the core of earth, into the core of us governed by the choice of direction we are all in at this time.  Higher (forward) or lower (old energy) and like wringer do, it is sealing the energy of your choice as the expression of your next phase of life.  That is what the 2nd and 3rd phase of the sandwich is all about.  Solidifying and then expanding back out into created reality as your new (or old) life direction.

You can look at it this way… you are either going LIVE as the Body of Christ or given more opportunities to remember that is who and what you REALLY ARE!

My last lady of the day really helped me (us) fully understand the profoundness of this moment.  She has already made her choice and is a living example of what that means to us.  Of course, I don’t think either of us really understood the hugeness of her revelations thru her reading until she understood one part of her reading “Sine Wave.”  Something I never heard of before (I am not very science oreinted.)

I could see her on the other side of the solar eclipse, out forward in time with an energy trail that actually confused me.  It was four loops joined together but spread outwards.  Of course, I interpreted that as four series of completions that she had just gone thru… which was valid, but not the whole story.  Still in front of her was what looked like a loosely coiled spring… in a vibration I have never seen before.  I realized thru her, and my man in the canoe (in a fleeting moment I seen the change happen as we were talking about jumping ship,) this new energy that is available, is completely tuned to your soul signature.  Only you can use it, access it, keep it or toss it back.

When she asked about her ears, her ability to hear… I pulled her body into my kitchen and was sooooo surprised at what I had seen.  She may have asked about her ears but her team wanted to look at her legs… her calves in particular.  The foundation in which she lives her life.  With the same color spectrum of her spring energy out in the field, a gentle and constant wave was now flowing up her calves.  She immediately said “sine wave.”  Huh?

We both about shit a brick when her entire reading (the visuals) was laid out on Wikipedia!!  To read more about sine waves and to see the symbology click here.

And there is so much more to this story, but I am going to have to let you hang here until tomorrow.  I am so sorry, but my day is about to start and well… we will continue the rest of the story tomorrow.

I must say thank you to each and everyone of you.  Without your dedication and inner drive, heaven would only be within deaths reach… and we have just landed feet first in a heaven that is now on earth!!

I love you soooooooooooo much!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of jubilation!!

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