Lisa Gawlas – Going From Child’s Play To Grown Up FUN – Part 1 – 30 April 2013

amusement parkI am going to start this sharing, this understanding with one of the lady’s I had the privilege of reading for near the end of my day yesterday.  She really did reveal a story of how profound this shift we are in, is.

The first thing I was able to see was a multi-colored beach ball laying across her field of life on the west side (deep physical life side.)  I knew even when I was reading for her, I was missing something important about the significance of this beach ball in her reading.  Her beach ball had a living energy field (color) to it, soft pink blending with a creamsicle colored orange.  I also understood that the creamsicle color, which was so prominent in February, was showing a blend of spirit (white) with ones sense of Self in the world around them (think sacral chakra) but not the mundane world, but the spiritual world alive in matter.  The soft pink color was the energy of passion.

Her beach ball sat beneath a simple set of monkey bars.  Even that was easy to understand.  The monkey bars are used by place one hand over the next to reach the forward bar and you pull your body forward with your reach… your reach for life and its next level of advancement.  Yet, she was not near the monkey bars or the beach ball resting below the monkey bars.  So where was she?

I finally found her, even further into life’s stage, deeper in her West field (energy harvest) in that very familiar gel-like black form.  She was standing there facing forward when suddenly a man appeared directly in front of her, facing her.  He too, was in the gel-like black body, but he was handing her something.  A ticket.  This ticket was glowing white and had gold lettering on it.  The letters were not in any language used here on earth and her team said it was written in an inter-dimensional language.  This was getting very exciting!!

She had asked about the man handing her the ticket, without hesitation the field said “the gate keeper.” Hmmmm….  the gate keeper to what?

There really does come a time when we graduate.  When the old toys are no longer valid and actually expend more energy than is needed.  Think of a childs playground, everything is self powered.  You have to push the merri-go-round, you have to use your biceps and triceps to cross the monkey bars, you even have to use your legs to climb the ladder for a great slide down.  All of these toys took your energy to move you to Here.  It all served to teach you how to move your will on planet earth and building the strength within to do so.

Granted sometimes we fell off the merri-go-round and scraped our knee’s, came zooming off the slide a little to fast and landed on our ass… but we got back up and continued to play.  OK, some may have packed their bags and went home, left the playground of spiritual play… but this sharing isn’t about those folks, its about US!!

I realized last evening as I was stitching together the understands of the days readings, the symbolisms, and that darn sine wave that is becoming more prominent than I care to talk about, but will before I close this sharing.  That beach ball that puzzled me…

Our soul and our human have been playing a game of catch since we started this path of awareness.  Your soul would toss you a larger awareness of Who You Are, the human would catch it, toss back what no longer served them… and the game progressed until one day… THIS DAY…. the soul and the human became one.  No longer separate   No longer seeking.  The integration of the Human Soul is complete.  With this one must leave the childs playground and move into an amusement park!!

Now just think of the profound difference between a childs playground and an amusement park.  The only thing you have to do at an amusement park is decide which ride you want to experience, and it does all the work for you.  You get on and awayyyyyyyyy you go.  It is completely Self powered with its own power source and all you have to do is just allow the experience to take you.

But, it is a weeee bit more tricky than everything simply laid out for you in this wonderful and wild new adventure.  As I tried and tried to see what her amusement park looked like… I couldn’t see a darn thing.  Then I got the image of the video game called “Simcity.”  I have never played that game in my life, but funnily enough I did play a knock off version of it some years ago… I don’t recall the name, but it was building an amusement park.

The game, as well as the juncture we are in (or will be in soon, depending on your energy system within) the field is clear and it is your desire that creates the amusement park.

One can easily say, this has been the way of it… not so true.  First we had to clear karma.  With that we were taken into environments and situations we would have rather passed on.  We arrived at stregnth training choices of removing some rides from our landscape, even housed in deeply personal relationships.  Everything that got us to here was a collaboration of energies… soul contracts, experiences that had to happen first and so on.  Plus we were in a buffered field of energy.  Our magnetic attraction was no where near the fully open rate we have available to us now.  So even remembering we are the creators of our universe was slow in becoming manifest, and for some, the creation was more ego slanted than spirit and we ended up in a ball of goo we had to clear off from.  Very much, we were at the child’s playground.  Strength training.

I also understood, because the field said so, that the gate keeper is equally her guide in this new Simcity living adventure.  If she needs any help at all, all she has to do is place that ticket at her heart and the lettering would do what it was designed to do.

I also realized that while that ticket was simply being given to her, that gold lettering was like a raised ink lettering on a piece of paper.  As we talked more about this park and how to create it, I watched as the golden funny looking letters started to raise up as if in an expanding spiral… instantly I remembered my lady from the day before… Sine Wave.  Geez Louise!!  I finally got to the understanding of zero point, how much more science do I have to endure on this spiritual journey??

For as exciting as this transition of adventure is, I have a feeling it is going to challenge us to the core… as all new beginnings tend to do.  We got to here, so accustomed to having to put our muscle grease into something, to make series of choices of how the experience at hand is going to unfold, learning to harness our divine will over our ego will and now… It is simply a matter of making a decision and hoping on that ride.

Imagine you decided to ride the roller coaster and you created the very one you wanted, for me, that would be the old wooden coaster.  You feel it in front of you, and instead of hoping in the seat and enjoying the ride before you, you go looking in the gear case, turning knobs and cranks as if you know how to run a spiritually designed coaster.  The only thing that would want to do that, feel the need to do that, is the ego.  Just saying.

I sure hope you are getting what I am trying to explain!!

Now imagine you arrived at this heavenly intersection of life and you just now finally got all the bullys off your playground and are just starting to enjoy the freedom of your own vibrational space of life.  It can get really disorienting too.

My first reading of the day had me looking for spiritual contacts!  Everything I could see about this lovely lady was so blurry I couldn’t make out a detail.  Even the ground of the new world was all blurry.  What the hell??

There was this blurry pink thing wayyyy over on the west/left side of her field of light.  I finally found her standing outside of her light field in an area I will just call the outer rim of the east field, new beginnings.  I suppose I was looking thru the eyes of a new born baby, where her reality is still very blurry due to her new body in a new physical world.  How precious really!!

It really is amazing how much our energy field, our reality changes the moment we get out our broom and clean house!!

Imagine now, you have anything and everything your heart desires available to you… all you have to do is place the energy forward by desire and everything clears up and presents itself to you!!  Talk about living the magic that life really is!!

There is sooo much to share, and my day is already steam rolling away on me.  So let me skip to the last reading of the day, phew baby, at first, he puzzled me, then excited me.  There he was pogo-sticking his way around this new earth landscape.  At first his jumping seemed random and chaotic, then I realize he was actually creating a very distinct (and becoming more familiar now) pattern in the marshmallow yellow and white earth below him.  The sine wave energy pattern.

Equally, he was doing something so unique as he went.  The pogo-stick really tripped me up until I kept hearing his team repeating the word “aeration.”  He was already using a tool, that pogo-stick to open up the earths energy to allow a fertile outcome.  I also looked up more about aeration on Wikipedia and this was so prevalent in the understanding: reducing thatch buildup, improving the infiltration of water/nutrients, encouraging deeper roots, and creating an environment where grass seed can have direct contact with the soil.

Ok… I am becoming really scattered, I am going to leave this sharing as a part two-er.  Too many readings, too much new information (solar flares in the offing again) and other stuff that I have lost my train of flow here.

So on that note… until tomorrow…again!!

I love y’all so much!!

((((HUGZ)))) of continuation ❤

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