Lucas – Orange Blossom And The New Paradigm Developing – 30 April 2013

OrangeBlossom-380It is a sunny warm day today that marks in the country I live the change of the “power” by succession linked to a family blood lineage of Orange-Nassau.  It is for me a sign of the time of the still not seen truth about the world. The truth of humans that have awoken and unveiled the matrix and those that still hopelessly are stuck in their  veils . They are blinded by living in fear and living by the beliefs, dogmas and patterns that make up their still self-inflicted matrix.  The duality matrix stopped to exist the 21st december  2012. 

The last degeneration and cruel ending of the system makes itself  known. Fairy tales are no longer the truth people will belief in. Terror, control and rulers for power or profit are becoming words and acts of emptiness and insignificance. It is clear that the cut of energy and resources financial systems are running dry and can not be refueled.  Also those that for several reasons like personal interest, gain and power still try to abuse the prosperity systems, the RV’s and restart of the old banking systems will see they can not finish it as all those system will not be able to function in the new paradigm.

The value is no more to be found in matter, gold, or representations of  value in money, etc. The shackles from  the  illusion of money and debt we gave and  give our belief stronghold to are broken forever.  The true value of the free humans is found within in their heart-source connection.  This connection is also a constant interaction with heart-source and the moment of now in our new paradigm.  The way we go is to integrate all that was polarity in its extremes to be neutral. It is bringing all together again in the middle. The center space  of all where only balance in all is found. We need to find it within and establish it also on the outside.

Peace will be made if we see we have to get on with all. As all, the good and bad and other polarities, are just parts of the one. The real stumbling block is just that step to get over duality and polarities. To get uniting as one. The only once that can make this happen are us. It is us that make the difference in seeing all is just often perceptions. You can take perceptions as an offence or see them just as an observer for what they are and let go of them. Peace will find itself were no judgment is made. In writing this I remind me and you we all go through our own processes. No exemptions . It is like it is.

The breakthroughs are forming on the horizon as the sun is sliding into place to illuminate all that is hidden and to embrace all that is exposed with it to make it with our efforts whole again.  We can soon enjoy again all as it all was given in our care and was taken from us or has been withhold.  You will build with your new freedom as individual divine humans the new world without the structures and fractals of the past. Now is the time to shine your lights and embrace all that has divided you and be one again.  One Universe, One Multi-verse,  One People on the One planet our home for the moment of now.

Love and Light,


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