Visionkeeper – Celebrate! – 30 April 2013

I don’t know about anybody else, but I am so sick of death and destruction and the ongoing production of fear mongering. It is time for the world to join together and celebrate what is right in the world! I don’t know how to get a world-wide party started but if somebody else does, it’s time! We need Willie Nelson to get the ball rolling.

If Farm Aid can draw in the people certainly a concert to save our planet and shine the light can as well. Then again, if we hold Woodstock 3 they will just invade it and make mass arrests. If we have a Techno gathering I suppose they just shut it down. So what to do? It’s time to dance and sing and feel joy for the world and break this gruesome grip of fear that is holding humanity hostage. Enough of the dark ones murder and mayhem. Time to let loose and laugh and feel unity with the planet. Time to say screw you to the old world and set the new world on fire! How about a mass local, community block party all around the world on one given date? There’s got to be a way?

Why are we partaking in this funeral of life? Where is the push back against this outrageous take over of life? Who says we have to feel fear, feel hopeless, feel sad? I say it is time to stop this nonsense and return to a normal reality! Life is a gift, a magical gift of joy and promise and we are being deprived from celebrating its majesty. Let us defy the wishes of the dark forces to take us hostage and say NO, we will not cower in fear but we will sing and dance and honor life to its fullest. It is time to inject our joy and laughter into Gaia and throw her a party as well. She needs to feel our enthusiasm, she needs to know we care and we are there for her. We are there for each other on all levels, in all countries and states, we ARE the planet earth, we are proud and we will share this together.

We don’t need some violent revolution to get our message across, in fact we must refuse to give them what they want, chaos and mayhem. No, all we have to do is do the opposite of what they ask of us.  Starting now make it a point to do the opposite of what they demand! I have lived this way for years. If they say the sun is bad for you, it means it really is good and vital to our health. If they say salt is bad, don’t eat it, well guess what, eat it! Salt is critical for one’s health. Good natural sea salt, not the crap on store shelves. So they say mourn, be fearful, I say NO! Let us celebrate life and rejoice! Dance in the streets where you live. This is how we fight back and when people look at you strangely, tell them why you are dancing and give them a good shot of the truth to drink down.

So if anyone out there reading this knows a way to get Willie Nelson or some other soul willing to throw a planet sized party in celebration for life and light to shine upon the darkness, please do so…Start a tweet flying through the ethers asking for help, go on FB and ask for help. Someone out there has to know someone to get this magical ball rolling. Go for it and know what you are doing is right on and the planet thanks you!

Blessings to the world,


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