Wes Annac – The Formless Creator, Experiencing Itself – 30 April 2013

After channeling some information from the Hathors about sacred geometry, a subject I admittedly know little about, as well as reading some of the channeled messages posted today (April 29) I’m finding myself growing into a greater realization of how the infinite and formless has devolved so to speak, down into the finite and formed.

I don’t mean to use the term “devolved” in a negative way as indeed, we have come from the realms of intelligent infinity (to borrow that phrase from the dear collective of RA) to experience an orchestrated illusion we were to temporarily believe was reality.

It’s been said for a long time that we are the Creator, experiencing ourselves in a more distorted form for the purpose of knowing ourselves in a greater way and while that’s a good sentiment, it is also a much realer and deeper truth than I have ever fathomed during this short Life on Earth, until right now.

For me, this intense understanding and realization has been brought about because of the aforementioned messages I read and received on this day, and because of an increasing experience of existing in and as the formless; in and as the infinite nothingness (yet allness) of our pure, undistorted realms of experience.

I’m realizing in a greater fashion that I, from the realms of intelligent infinity, sought to understand myself in greater ways by venturing beyond the allness (yet nothingness) and Creating and sustaining an illusory hologram for myself to play around in and experience the various aspects of my infinite and grand oversoul in.

I’m recognizing that I did not just Create one lone realm for myself to experience the hologram I had Created within; I Created multiple, nearly-infinite dimensions, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, trees, humans, animals, etc. for myself to experience as much of this illusory hologram as I possibly could.

Again; this all seems nice and believable on paper but truly, and I mean truly, feeling and understanding it with all of oneself is a profound experience indeed, and still has me reeling.

I recognize that I fell quite deep into the hologram I was experiencing myself within. The illusions I had entered and cast over myself seemed to become reality, and I quite literally lost myself within the hologram I had Created. It then became necessary for greater facets of myself who had underwent similar experiences, to lend their intervention in certain instances (such as this Earth experience) and instate themselves as “spiritual guides”.

I recognize that these guides, no matter who they are – Hilarion; Jeshua; El Morya; SaLuSa the Sirian; Mira the Pleiadian; they are all aspects of the ultimate oversoul of consciousness that is Me.

The guides and the souls existing in higher states of consciousness helping us to evolve are us, in a more evolved form. This is not to say that they are aspects of our mind or of our higher selves but in a much greater, more zoomed-out sense, they are facets of the same infinite and formless being who sought to know itself that I AM and that we are.

Shortly after the 21st of December last year, I can remember having an intense and amazing experience of being encompassed within what I called at the time, “the all-encompassing Oneness energy” or something to that extent.

I wrote about this experience after it happened, and I can remember having an access to the energies and impressions of every single Galactic race; every Ascended Master; every Angel; every Universal Creator; an infinite and vast array of feeling-based knowledge and connection was bestowed unto me and while that initial experience was fleeting and didn’t last, I find myself now able to access it nearly-instantaneously when merging with the allness that is my ultimate being.

The actual connection to the infinite; to the formless; to the nothingness and the allness; it is instantaneous and can be felt even right now. Go ahead – close your eyes for a moment.

Beyond the colored and glittered vibrations some of you may see, what lies ahead of your vision? Nothingness. Pure, blissful infinite existence that seeks no name; no label or identity. It simply is and yet, as I mentioned above, some of you will notice the beautiful glittered vibrations swimming around your perspective. Titillating, are they not?

Even beyond the infinite blissfulness that can be accessed instantaneously, those vibrations and the energies swirling around you seem pretty worth exploring. And so, some of you may choose to go into meditation and expand upon those vibrations, just to see what they can Create for you; what you can experience having tapped into them.

In doing so, you will have just brought the formless into form. Do you see how simple it is?

Every one of us, as a single and infinite Creator, noticed those beautiful vibrations swimming around in the realms of intelligent infinity, and that’s when we first emitted a mental impression which told us, “hmm, those might be worth exploring”.

And so, we Created. And Created. And Created. We manifested multiple outlets for our Self to separate into and eventually reunite once it is understood by every facet of We the Creator that we are One oversoul. We enjoyed our experiences, yet we Created and experienced illusory emotions and feelings that were quite literally the opposite of the calm, formless realms we had originated from.

We manifested separation; discord; disharmony and pure hate, and we Created and brought forth an array of negative emotional energy that we convinced ourselves was real and at present, a plethora of people on our world do not know many other emotions or feelings beyond anger or stress. They’ve been convinced that those things are reality when in truth, only infinite, identity-less Allness exists.

Even truth itself is an aspect of what we perceive to be reality or not, and I’m learning that everything is reality, as reality is consciousness-based and driven and of course, everything is consciousness.

As usual, I have some more inner-searching to do surrounding this subject or perhaps, I really don’t have any more searching to do as in this very moment, the biggest truths and mysteries of our existence all seem so obvious and for the first time in, well, I would imagine a very long time, I actually feel like I have it all figured out.

“But how could that be?” The mind screams-forth to me. “How can a physical human incarnate in the physical third dimension have figured out all of the secrets without traversing all of the higher realms required to reach such a perspective?”

I guess the answer is that I’m only a physical, evolving human in this reality. In another, I’m an oversoul-extension of the man writing this, who is helping him and the planet Earth to evolve. I could go on and on with examples but in the realms that really count, which I’m finding myself able to access quite easily, I am the formless Creator who seeks nothing other than the peace and solitude of my personal infinity and wholeness.

Ah, does this feel great. Worries and concerns fade and seem so miniscule in the face of this ultimately-greater understanding and the resulting feelings it garners. I’m going to take some time now to bask in this realization, and I hope you are all reaching something similar in this truly-wondrous time we’re blessed to exist in.

Wes Annac – The “identity” of whom needs no explanation

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