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John Ward – Desperation Britain : In the Absence Of Any Good Ideas, The Establishment Turns To Very Bad Ideas – 30 April 2013

John WardWe have made too many socio-economic mistakes. We’re about to make more.

UK Think Tank Civitas has released a report arguing that the strong Pound is the key factor behind Britain’s trade deficit. The allegedly unaligned centre argues that British currency should be devalued by a third to allow British manufacturers to export more. Its author, entrepreneur and economist John Mills, argues that a weaker Pound would stimulate exports, and thus help reduce the UK’s trade deficit. Continue reading

Lucas – Orange Blossom And The New Paradigm Developing – 30 April 2013

OrangeBlossom-380It is a sunny warm day today that marks in the country I live the change of the “power” by succession linked to a family blood lineage of Orange-Nassau.  It is for me a sign of the time of the still not seen truth about the world. The truth of humans that have awoken and unveiled the matrix and those that still hopelessly are stuck in their  veils . They are blinded by living in fear and living by the beliefs, dogmas and patterns that make up their still self-inflicted matrix.  The duality matrix stopped to exist the 21st december  2012.  Continue reading

Dr. Steven Greer Testifies About Extra Terrestrial Technology – 30 April 2013

Uploaded on 29 April 2013 by CitizenHearingMediaCitizen Hearing on Disclosure April 29, 2013

Méline Lafont – Saint Germain – The Importance Of Grounding And You All – 30 April 2013

MélineLafontGreetings my beloved brothers and sisters of the Light. Thanks to the recent eclipse we have traversed another important milestone in your current life which in itself is very wondrous and joyful. Genuine shifts and absorptions of the light do their inner work gradually but steadfastly in this reality, resulting in drastic changes in the incarnations and lifestyles of many people in a positive as well as in a less pleasurable way.

Of course, this all happens for a purpose and functionality, and that’s the reason why we again stress the necessity to always stay grounded and centered. I keep on emphasizing this aspect because it is an important part of your physical incarnations. It is imperative that you become aware of the fact that you are constantly nourished from above and from below by intense energies of Light which are both having a grounding and also an uplifing effect, bringing you all to where you urgently need to go : to YOURSELF, your true nature from the heart. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – Something Beneath The Buoy? – 30 April 2013

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A Call For Help For Bill Ballard – 30 April 2013

BillBallard1Hi dear ones,

Bill doesn’t easily ask for himself to be helped therefore I do it.  I know he needs help as his car broke down and needs necessary repairs to be up and running. I call upon you readers to help him  with his repair bills for replacing the clutch, brakes, fluids and tires on his vehicle. In total he needs $ 800,– .  If your willing to help please donate whatever you can miss on Bill’s PayPal account: pearls2u ( @ )  with reference: car repair help [remove the ( ) and the spaces between @ and the words.]

Thanks for helping,







Ron Van Dyke – When The One People See The One Soul – 30 April 2013

Uploaded on 30 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Yesterday was a very busy day for me, as Mondays usually are. Besides my normal routine, I was still basking in the afterglow of what happened Sunday; and more light was shed on the greater meaning of that almost-orgasmic soul connection with the young lady in the workshop. What is a soul mate? My lady friend from Canada suggested that what happened on Sunday was but a precursor of what will be happening more and more on a much wider scale. As she sees it, the time is coming when people will recognize our greater connection, one that we all have with the Infinite and Eternal. When the one people see the one soul, our very bodies, minds and spirits will tingle with excitement. We will know bliss, joy and peace. We will be alive, in our bodies, for the first time. We will know that this long and painful phase of our evolution has finally reached another level. We will cross the bridge over troubled waters into the promised land. And we will know each other in ways that heretofore seemed fanciful at best. That day is happening now for those willing to allow it.

John Ward – Italy Crisis : Read Letta’s Lips, BamB Austeriy Is Over – 30 April 2013

enricolipsptFrom the moment he was ‘chosen’ (rather than elected) Enrico Letta (left) made it clear: no more austerity for Italy. Just in case anyone in Brussels-am-Berlin might be hard of hearing, yesterday in the Italian assemby, Signor Letta gave everyone a watch-my-lips moment: austerity is dead, time to change course. Despite troll propaganda to the contrary, I’ve been saying for nearly a year now that events in ClubMed and then opposition at home will lead to Germany leaving the euro before Greece does. Yesterday, Enrico Letta turned that strong likelihood into a near-certainty. Continue reading

AscensionPioneers – The Miracle Of Life – 30 April 2013

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Sophia Love – Request From Off World – 30 April 2013

PictureThis morning there was this request in my inbox, from our off world contact:

“Sophia, can You share this video and website, we want lightworkers to take this seriously and not ignore it, it is important, the sooner people will know and acknowledge the ets presence, the sooner the complete change will follow Continue reading