Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – God Leaves Out His Answer – 1 May 2013

gods20handGod said:

Where are you looking from, and what do you see? When you look out the north window, you see one view. When you look out the south window, you see another view. Can they ever be the same? Unlikely.

When you look out either window an hour later, the light is different. Something has shifted in the scene and in your purview so that what you see now is not the exact same view.

And this is the story of your evolution as well. What you view from this perspective is not quite the same as when you look out the same window on another day or another year. Your point of view in the world is always changing, even when you are resistant to change. What is the saying? You can’t step in the river at the same place?

This describes your growth very well.

What is the distance between you and the child you once were and the youth and the married man and the father and then the man with a cane? Outer differences, of course, but everybody knows that. I am speaking of more subtle changes, including the range of change of perspective within.

My children are always in a flux or shift of one kind or another in the same way the seasons are.

You change your mind. You have a change of heart. You have an insight. Something you may thought smart once upon a time may seem foolish to you now, but that’s okay. It’s okay to have been foolish. It’s okay to be wiser now. It is okay to be who you are today.

Regardless of what guise you may appear in today, you are always My child. I would call you My GRAND child, for grand is how I find you, yet you might mix up what I say and think I mean you are a different generation. You are My child, and you are Grand. I can only speak Truth. It is you who can have often times erased the Truth from entering your heart, so imbued are you with false notions such as the one that you may hold that says you cannot possibly be My first generation. Then on top of that, I cajole you to believe that you and I are One and the Same when you most likely think you can’t be the Grandness that I AM. Of course, you can. You are. You don’t quite grasp it yet. How can you when you see only so far as you can see?

On the other hand, there are some of you who take the challenge to take over, and you would do things differently. If you had the power in your hands to make a clean sweep, the first thing you might do is to abolish death, free and square. Dear ones, one thing leads to another, and soon enough, you would have made a mess of things. You would have made a mess unwittingly, simply because you can see only as far as the tip of your nose, or, maybe, on a good day, around the corner.

You know that’s true, don’t you? It’s like now when you do not see ahead or think ahead. You realize now that, for every thread you pull, there is another that gets pulled and must be taken into account. Soon enough, you would throw up your hands and say:

“God, come back. I get the lengths you go to. The job you have is not a snap.”

And then you might add:

“Yet, God, I would like to ask you one more thing:

“How do You look at life on Earth and see what occurs and keep Your belief in Yourself? Of course, I realize that You do factor in the grief we humans experience, and, yet, You still keep Your cool. You don’t cringe at death or feel guilty about it. And how do we become like that, like You, and stay out of the mud?”  link to original article


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