Lisa Gawlas – Sine Waves, ET Connections And The Power Of Thought! – 2 May 2013

power of thoughtSomething interesting and wildly/wonderfully strange is beginning to be shown through so many of us.  Yes, this sharing is still going to be the rest of the story I started yesterday, but done differently.  I am going to start with the new of yesterday and work my way backwards to connect it all to where I left off the day before.

I had 6 people on my calendar yesterday, I read efficiently for the first 4, completely crashed in the middle of my 5th and didn’t even dare try to poke my nose into the higher light for the 6th.  It was as if all the readings I had done yesterday were in a sort of parenthesis formation.  Every one of the readings was revealing the very same importance, solar flares that are getting ready to come in and fire up the area that was being shown.  Granted, every one was vastly different in their appearance, but yet, every one was prepared for incoming solar flares that had such an electrical purpose to their connections.

My first lady of the day, she was so strange-looking.  Imagine you have the new ground of marshmallow like yellow and white energy and there she is, laying beneath this topsoil.  The only thing I could see of her body was her feet and her very comfortable high heals.  It could have very well be a scene out of the wizard of oz when the house landed on the witch and all you could see were her feet poking out from the house.  I could see the form of her head beneath the marshmallow like topsoil of our precious new earth, so I knew where her head and feet were in relationship to what was shown from there.

Then these two things rose up that looked like they were those small 3 foot above ground swimming pools.  But every time I tried to call them that, the energy in my mouth dissolved  spirits way of saying it ain’t that.  I finally hit on what it was that was being shown… think more of battery cells… but in a DNA/molecular formation.  The walls of these cells raised up from what would be her lower abdomen and the right side of her heart area if I could actually see her body, remember, she was laying down beneath the topsoil of yellow and white.  When I pondered my usual question… what the hell does that mean… her team said that the incoming solar flares will create the energy needed to turn these cells on.  I thought… what flares?  I just looked at spaceweather the day before and there were no flares.  But then again, we have seen flares coming in before they happened before…

I did understand too, when ignited, these two cells contain enhanced energy in her biological field centered around her sacral chakra and heart chakra.  Firings of DNA codes waiting for the incoming solar flares of brand spanking new energy!!

How much more energy can we take!! lol

There was no way of moving beyond that placeholder in her reading.  Eventually I understood it was because not even spirit knew what you were going to do once this series of activation’s take place.

But not everyone is affected in their bodies.  One guy showed up with each foot, excuse me, each leap of energy forward opened what looked like a deep black pool of energy around only the foot that hit the ground first.  His team emphasized the energy of “leaping” harnessing the energy from the foot in the back (in his case, it would have been the right foot) and using that energy to leap forward and as the left foot hit the ground, a pool of black energy opened up, very much like he created a small puddle at his foot and I could see the ripples happening in that small pool.  I realized what was being shown for each person is super unique unto each person.  However, the commonalities does apply to all of us.

For each and ever person, there were two area’s that would be ignited.  One in relationship to the left (physical life/masculine energy/creator aspect) and since that was the once I always seen most clearly, it was the one being activated first.  The one to the right (emotional-spiritual side/feminine side/dreamer aspect,) a short distance ahead in what I would perceive as time, sealing the energy of their life in the energy of their soul abilities on the ground of life itself.

Ok, I wrote all the above before I started my class and then readings for yesterday… and every time I sat back down to finish it, I just couldn’t!!  Both my brain and my fingers kinda froze up and fell blank.  I am going to blame this pause for the cause completely on my morning class (smile.)  But let me start from the pre-beginning of my day yesterday, connect it to what I shared above and finished with a full connection to the part 1 sharing from the day before.  I pray I don’t lose you in all the looping around I will be doing!!

The first time I woke up yesterday, I thought it was time to wake up.  When I looked out the window I swear the sun was rising over the horizon, the entire sky on the horizon was drenched in light.  I got up, went potty and was surprised to find out it was only 1 o’clock in the morning.  There was just something strange about the light in the horizon, I sat on my couch just looking at it.  I have seen the moon light from my window more times than I can count, I don’t recall its light ever spreading out like it was doing at that moment.  I decided I must go back to sleep, being awake at 1-2 am is just unacceptable when I have a really full day in front of me.

I woke up just after 7am…dammit!  I had/have so much to share, I get annoyed with my crumbling sleep cycles.  The first thing I did was check to see if the sun spit out anything since it was soooooo prominent in the readings the day before.  Sure enough… but just like spirit, it didn’t do it in the way I would have expected it.  It released a solar flare from the dark side of the sun.  How fitting really.  That place I call the deep unknown.  I get a kick out of nasa when they say it will not affect earth.  Yeah right!!  That is like saying someone standing in front of you (butt facing away from you) that passes gas (smile) will not affect you.  They had not been married to my (ex) husband!!  Hell, even the neighbors would tear up!!

That dark side solar flare, I know, is the first of (at least) two that will be released this week.  It is ALL effective!!

So I shared what I could before class started yesterday and had every intention of finishing between readings…

Gotta love those crazy, sudden, unexpected twists that take place.  Half way thru the morning class, I am not even sure how the subject turned from the original subject matter (core energy, blocks, disease…) to our friends from the stars, but it did.  The pure joy and excitement that started to light up the eyes of everyone in class could not be ignored.  They started by talking about the congressional hearings happening in this moment around the ET’s, then talked about the movie Sirius, and before I knew it, I had a class filled with excited beaming women!!  Then one of them said the reason she really took this class was to learn how to connect via telepathy to her star family.  Well then… let’s do that today!!  Everyone was excited to do the rest of the class as homework and now they are going to raise their antenna’s to their star family in this moment.

One of the students present already wrote a blog about her experience and I would highly recommend the read.  You can click here to read: A multi-dimentional group experience

I gave them 10 minutes and the instruction on how to start their connection (which is really the intention, I live and breathe without any pomp or circumstance in all that I/we do.)  After the 10 minutes of their star travel I called them back to me, holy heaven batman, they came barreling back with so much pure ET energy everyone’s computer crashed…. I mean CRASHED!  It wasn’t just skype crashing but their hard-drive needed to be rebooted.  Of the lady’s had a friend in her home whose computer completely crashed too and she wasn’t even in the class, just in the same room as this lady!!

When we finally got to the stable platform needed to share, their sharings were amazing.  Three had direct contact, one held off direct contact and simply asked them (the ET’s) to let her feel them she wasn’t ready to meet them yet (she was starting a brand new job as soon as class was finished… I would say, that was a very very wise request on her end!)  Three ladies had contact with three different planets/systems: The Pleiadians, the Arcturians and the Siriuns.  I am going to take an excerpt from the above mentioned blog, since Andrea shared the groups experiences so beautifully:

The fist one to share was M, I’ll give a short update on their sharing too to give the whole picture… Her excitement was already huge but what she said simply blew my mind as it was the same I experienced. She got in contact with three Arcturians that first showed her a few things and then put their hands on her head. When she asked what they were doing they answered “we’re recalibrating your brainwaves, uniting the two hemispheres”. And she could witness the ongoing process happening in her (and our) brain live!

My experience was with three BEings from Sirius. They too, after showing me how they use consciousness to model matter and the Galaxy Grid they work/oversee into, put their hands on my head. Their explanation was the same: we’re recalibrating your brain waves. I also saw a huge light coming down what many call the pranic tube and their explanation was that with a recalibrated brain function the connection with the Higher Self and our body and the Earth gets much stronger, creating a new Unified Field of Consciousness (kind of a Huge Highway instead of a stairway)

The third person sharing her experience said she got in contact with the Pleiadians, and they showed her how we were all being recalibrated with our brain waves! Well now make this up!!

I started to rethink my 1 am sunrise experience that was too big, too wide to be moon glow!

The sharings, the similar experiences and information from what you and I would see as three separate systems blew my ever-loving mind.  They must have known we were showing up this day and made the experience so validating to each other there was no lingering question that not only what happened to these precious ladies was real, they were expecting their arrival and collaborated!!

When I finally woke up yesterday I was literally exhausted.  I knew I just woke up from a major classroom type experience.  I know equally that in that classroom place, I was learning about the significance of seeing that man the day prior in his pogo-sticking aeration way of being in the reading.  So let me expand on that for a moment.

The pogo-stick showed he already had a tool that his body knew how to use.  In his real life he is quite a mastered architect.  He has already been opening up potentials (aerating his lifescape) with what he already does and does well.  Because he is already doing what he came here to do, it is only going to expand and broaden from this point forward.

I realized his chaotic hole poking pogo-sticking ways were actually quite purposeful in my view.  He was creating sine waves.  I am really starting to understand the significance and importance of this new element in the readings these days, thanks to my vague (to my consciousness) classroom experience the night before.

When spirit adds a scientific detail to the field of readings, it is never just science, but also, it is not just metaphysical either.  It is taking the combination of the two and merging the understanding as one larger, fuller understanding.  Why they task my poor brains with this, I will never know.

I found a wonderful website with great animations and a much more simplistic (really?) understanding of the sine wave here: Intuitive Understanding of Sine Waves

Energy in motion.  We are either starting something, completing something or not doing anything at all.  Sometimes, start to finish may take years, for some people, lifetimes.  To double this understanding with spirit, lets say you get an inspired thought, I will use my own example from many moons ago.

I had just come off the mountain side in Vermont back to “living life as usual.”  I had an apartment, electricity and the internet all back again.  I had gotten a full time job as a care taker at an assisted living home, so I was already employed.  One day, I was on the internet heading to one of the sites I enjoyed back then (2002) to read my daily horoscope.  Some how my browser took me to ebay in the pshycic readers department… who even knew ebay had such a department??  I sat there for a long minute, reading all the psychics out there offering their wares…

I was in instant choice.  Put energy in motion, or just smile and stay at rest.

I constructed an ad to be a reader via ebay.  Until this point, I had only been practicing on anyone who would let me hold their hands and “try” to read for them.  I was pretty sure no one would ever bid on my 99 cent reading, but I could not ignore the fact I was there and there for a reason.  It completely changed my life direction and bloomed in ways I could not have ever foreseen the abilities that I now have available.

In my own way, I was pogo-sticking my way to here.  Aerating the soil of my life with potentials that were deep within and seemingly hidden.  When that first person bid and won a 99 cent reading put the sine wave energy into motion… slow at first.  I refused to post another auction until I knew if I could do that precious lady justice   I was shocked at how much I got right in her email reading.  I posted another auction, then another and eventually had 5 auctions happening at the same time.  From there, the birth of the spiritual development course was created… the sine wave energy was speeding up so rapidly that my head and heart were spinning!  11 years later, I have stopped and changed direction many times… that circle aspect of the sine wave… back up to move forward.

Inspired thought is the start of that new sine wave happening.  As we pass this solar eclipse, that wave is going to be super coiled, rapidly accelerating the desires of our hearts.  For many it is already happening at this very moment.  WE have become the inspired thought of creation.  Listen to that sentence carefully and feel with it.

I had an experience the other day, that was tooooooo “coincidental” to not notice, but at the same time, I sat back and decided it was just a fluke (imagine that!)  That is, until someone put a sharing on my wall of her own experience.  Her sharing was titled “Pulled Over”  The moment I read it, I rethought the experience from the evening/morning prior.

My son, who is in his 3rd year of Daddy-hood is realizing what parents do for their children.  His son is such a wonderful little redneck.  He LOVES Nascar and monster trucks and my son, like a good daddy, takes his little boy to these events.  I did this same thing with wrestling for my own son.  I absolutely dislike wrestling… I always have.  However, he loved it from the first time he seen it.  Because I loved my son more than I disliked wrestling, I endured more live and TV WWE events than I care to talk about in his growing up years.

So two nights ago my son posted a picture of my grandson with a great big smile sitting watching a live nascar event and my son put a title to his image that read: My favorite people and I attending my least favorite sport lol  I put a reply on his wall under that picture that read:  The things parents will endure for the love of their child… I endured live and TV WWE events hoping one day my son would put his childhood toys away. Now he is 30 and i still endure wrestling shows, but at least he is now the one in the ring

Don’t think for a minute my jaw didn’t drop to the floor when that very wrestling organization called my pro-wrestler son out of the blue and booked him for two upcoming events.  I let the thought pass thru me that it had anything to do with the shout out the night before, then laughed it off as a fluke.  Until I read my friends sharing entitled “Pulled Over.”  Holy shit batman!!

Lets take this sine wave energy one huge step forward… what if our thoughts of another, that are emotionally charged within, create that to happen instantly!!!???

Well, I have given you 5 days worth of reading to do (smile.)  I am going to end on that note for today.  I love you all so very very much and am thinking and enjoying the happiest thoughts for each of you!!


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