TheOne-DreamDreamer – A Multi-Dimentional Group Experience – 2 May 2013

At times things simply have to follow their path, even when you have no clue you’re about to follow it! It simply happens and you’re IN it.

A few of us were having a class that one could say had nothing to do with the following subject but… well a but happened, and what we consider an important image came to us in three distinct thus identical ways that I’m about to share.

While enjoying our chat suddenly UFO’s and other related issues came up and at one point that Great Soul that is now living with the name of Lisa Gawlas  said something like “ok, as the energy coming out of you is SO intense, what about letting aside all the rest and simply getting in contact with some multidimensional extraterrestrial beings?” The unanimous answer was of course a YES and so here’s what happened:

First thing when we all came out of our meditation and tried to share our experience well… all of our computers crashed at once. And not only those involved in the chat but also those that were used by others in our rooms. It took a while to restart everything and then here we are again, settling down the huge amount of energy so that we could use these amazing machines that help us get in touch with the whole planet but were not designed to keep up with such intensity -if you know any engineer, let him or her know we need at least more crystals in the next one to hit the market please-

The fist one to share was M, I’ll give a short update on their sharing too to give the whole picture but you’ll be able to find them in more depth at Lisa‘s blog later for sure (link opens on her name). Her excitement was already huge but what she said simply blew my mind as it was the same I experienced. She got in contact with three Arcturians that first showed her a few things and then put their hands on her head. When she asked what they were doing they answered “we’re recalibrating your brainwaves, uniting the two hemispheres”. And she could witness the ongoing process happening in her (and our) brain live!

My experience was with three BEings from Sirius. They too, after showing me how they use consciousness to model matter and the Galaxy Grid they work/oversee into, put their hands on my head. Their explanation was the same: we’re recalibrating your brain waves. I also saw a huge light coming down what many call the pranic tube and their explanation was that with a recalibrated brain function the connection with the Higher Self and our body and the Earth gets much stronger, creating a new Unified Field of Consciousness (kind of a Huge Highway instead of a stairway)

The third person sharing her experience said she got in contact with the Pleadians, and they showed her how we were all being recalibrated with our brain waves! Well now make this up!!

Sure enough this message had to get out to all to see. Three different solar systems and consciousness BEings giving us the same message in three different ways… that’s a Planetary message, even more in the midst of this Huge Eclipse period of deep recalibration of Energies.

What I can personally add to it as I reconnected later in the evening as I felt there was more to it is as follows, and in my personal experience it make sense. Though I usually prefer to share what I receive only after living it and knowing it does work at it’s best I Feel this has truth in it. So if it has for me it might as well have Truth for someone else too.

They showed me that they’re able to help in this physical way for the following reason. Each and every One of Us has worked to some degree to increase their vibration (that is we start using Love, Compassion, Unity and Gratitude instead of other low vibrational emotions). This creates a change in the quantum physics of our physical body. It’s Potential is forever changed and is active. But there is a but. As nothing can BE separated from the whole and we live on a Planet with other billions of Beings we create a Unity Vibration and a Unity Potential. The Collective Consciousness does not allow yet such a high vibrational state in our physical bodies, even if in a quantum state we already ARE in that state. That is why they can and will help in this process. As We did it in first place. This means they’re not doing something for us but thanks to us.

This enhanced vibrations brings the Unified Consciousness to a higher vibration too so that those that follow can easily “catch up”. It’s a Door of Potential that has been opened. They help us with bridging it from the metaphysical to the physical. We hold the Door open (by BEing!).

This I find another wonder full way of showing Us how Loving our Self and changing our Self and honoring our Self does do the work for ALL. And is indeed THE path to changing the whole Planet into a more Loving, United and Joyful Experience. We’re not here to suffer or sacrifice our lives for others, that does not create Love it creates lack (of our Self thus of All). We’re here to experience Love, Joy and Unity THROUGH US. Thus, With All as One.

We had this experience but as we’re all One, you had this experience too. Do not forget it. It’s here, it’s Now, it IS. There’s no more and no less, only moments of Now.

Love your Self without limitation and thus Love ALL.

Enjoy your recalibration ;-) link to original article

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