Bill Ballard – GateKeepers And Current Earth Energies – Glad April 2013 Is Over – Whew! – 3 May 2013

Uploaded on 3 May 2013 by pearls2u

Wasn’t April’s Energies Fun??? NOT.. haha! WE just went through some MAJOR clearing of old energies, memories, Karma and crapola to clear from this planet… With that we have entered a much more refined and higher vibrational frequency for all to experience who wish for that experience…

It takes the clearing to allow for Higher Light and Dimensional Vibrations to be experienced on Earth… The GateKeepers have been guided to their missions all over planet for this transformation, transfiguration and resurrection of Mother Earth and Ascending Humanity… Sometimes those energies we feel while doing that is not so fun because of the extreme higher LIGHT as well as the lower vibes that must be transmuted.

Sandra Walter did a wonderful video on this she published this morning. Here is the link so I won’t have to repeat the same messages that so many of us are getting at this time…

Thank you to ALL Gatekeepers and Lightworker Light Warriors around planet who are consciously working on the Awakening and Ascension of Mother Earth and Humanity!



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