Teal Scott – How To Express Your Emotions – 3 May 2013

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In this episode, Teal explains that you can only heal emotions that you let yourself feel and express.

Emotions are energy, they have to go somewhere and when they are not allowed to release, they rot you from within. Your physical body begins to deteriorate and so does the world around you. The world around you begins to reflect that suppressed emotion.

In order to feel our emotions we need to be willing to risk being vulnerable.

Vulnerability is the place where healing begins. But many of us equate vulnerability with inevitable hurt; and so it feels like a very scary risk to feel our emotions.

Teal then goes on to explain how we use the model of natural expression to deliberately flush our emotions to the surface.

The five layers of emotional expression are:

1. Anger, resentment, fury, blame, repelling
2. Disappointment, sadness, hurt
3. Insecurity, fear, bad memories, deep wounds,
4. Understanding, empathy, responsibility, regret
5. Love, solutions, wishes, connection

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