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With springtime finally underway, now I can hardly wait for the glorious colors of summer flowers and their dreamy perfumes floating about in the air. This world has so many wonderful gifts to offer us everyday, but sadly for far too long many took these gifts for granted and did not appreciate them fully from their hearts. Thankfully this is changing now, everyday we see more people being moved by what they once might have considered mundane. Hearts are opening up and people are beginning to feel things deeply as never before. As these emotions well up within and at times spill out around us, we tend to worry about what others will think of us. Look at this space we have gotten ourselves into! ‘ This is how we must act or feel to fit in with the norm.’ What happened to our own individuality? What happened with just letting each other be who we choose to be and have no judgments attached? Why is being who we are so frowned upon?

Because people who conform to a certain way of being as a whole are far easier to control by the few! We have allowed our own oppression to take place by not finding the courage to stand firm for who we are and saying no, I am me and I will continue to do things my way! We bowed our heads and followed along down the path we were told to go down. That was then and this is now and we must no longer stop ourselves from being who we truly are! So much of the sickness we see occurring today is erupting from souls who can no longer remain blocked or be held hostage from being free to express themselves. We enter into this world as free spirits with a deep curiosity and a hunger to be all that we can be and before long that free spirit has had its wings clipped and is forced into certain boxes to become who it is told to become, and our original ‘I’ begins to fade away.

This is the true horror of what is taking place on this planet today. It is awash with beings who have been stripped of the spirits expressions of who they are. We are almost a humanity that is lifeless. The fires within us long since burned out and our empty shells now stumble about, day-to-day, thinking they are being who they are. This is why materialism moved into our lives and took over. It was created to fill the voids within us all from no longer being connected to who we really are. That void still remains unfilled and is crying out loudly now to be soothed. The only way we are going to fill that void is by reconnecting with ourselves, to feel free to be and do whatever we choose for ourselves, to have no judgment about ourselves or about others. This is where we are headed together.

We must stand up for ourselves, for those poor free spirits we allowed to be reeled in and shackled so long ago, the poor souls we abandoned and left to die a slow painful death from non-expression, for our beautiful beings we have allowed to be diminished and silenced. We ARE beautiful beings, we are vibrant and filled with compassion. If you weep because something moves you or is beautiful, do so proudly, for when you do you are giving those permission around you to do the same as well. Each person who allows themselves to express who they are and do what they desire safely, is showing those around them what they too can be and it will spread and over time people will allow their inhibitions and fears to drop away and instead embrace who they are and begin to blossom like swaths of summer flowers! Let your light and colors and true self shine forth for all to see. Be Free!

Blessings to us all,


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