Lisa Gawlas – The New Human Soul Merging! – 4 May 2013

alloy-energyDemanding.  I think we forget to allow ourselves to be demanding in this life, spiritually speaking of course.  I had to reschedule 6 precious people yesterday because I was flat-out down…. again.  So many of us are sitting on the edge of our seat, wanting to know, at least a little, of what is happening within us now.  We know its huge.  We know this because of the way we feel and the way we are intuiting it all.  Tiny amounts of understanding was given as I rescheduled my first two appointments…

In my first appointment, we talked about the significance of the present sun flares and the specific energy they are releasing to all this precious world.  Then I heard the words slide off my tongue and I got sad.  It will be a three-day event to settle in.  Man!!!  I also understood there is nothing any aspect of life can do to show us what this means to us yet, because, until it is settled in and we start to make up our minds what we will do with life now, no one even on the other side of the veil, knows, at least, specifically.

When I woke up yesterday, joyfully at 4 am and I started to fit into this body again, I felt like shit.  I swear someone had a huge fire hose attached to my solar plexus and started pouring fizzy water into me.  At first it was just annoying, then it became unbelievably bloating thru my entire abdomen area.  My bowls were kind enough to make room for the incoming energy all morning into afternoon long.  I started burping big hollow sounding burps, thank god I didn’t vomit, I really dislike vomiting!  There was so much energy in my entire abdomen my skin was feeling 9 months pregnant… all stretched out and ready to pop.

What the hell?

As I was rescheduling my second lady of the day and we were talking about these energies, I got a teeny tiny little glimpse of my on solar plexus.  It didn’t last a whole 30 seconds, but was enough to at least let me know what energy was incoming.  I will share this in a moment.

For the rest of the day I pretty much clung to my couch.  I had waves of dizzy that standing up at times became unstable.  I surely didn’t have the capacity to even process a thing… not a thing, so I blankly watched TV just to occupy my lower mind.  Eating was a rather unpleasant experience.  Nothing tasted good at all.  Not even my beloved chocolate.  Bluck!!

My stomach remained confused all day long… intensely bloated and very hungry.  The bloat won out every time!

I was grateful to pass out early.  I woke up once to go potty, holy shit, its only 9:30 pm!!  I must have fallen asleep really really early.  I went back to sleep until 6 am this morning.  When I woke up this morning, I knew, I mean I KNEW what was happening in this amazing moment in time.  I remember being with my friends talking about the specifics of what is happening.  How important to all of life this moment is.  But dammit… just the movement of going from my couch to the bathroom started to erase what I vividly knew and let me tell you, I woke up with such an excitement.  Even tho, my friends (I have no idea who my friends were, but I have a strong strong feeling it was my team members from 10 years ago… my Pleiadian friends, sharing all this with me) told me I would be flat lining again today, it didn’t matter… that is, until my body woke up and my ego engaged in the knowing.

Back to the teeny tiny glimpse I got of my inflow of solar plexus energy….

Remember as the eclipse sandwich was coming up and I said the way I was seeing it was in three large circles sitting vertically on the field, but looked like these circles were made of a sheered metal: magnetic energy?  That’s what the incoming energy looked like coming into me.  It was prominent around the entire opening of the solar plexus which, actually was larger than I had ever seen it.  The opening of my solar plexus was now about the size of a dinner plate.  The metal fragments were in my own unique soul blend (I wrote about this too a few weeks ago.)

Our solar plexus as it opens on our body, must have its own magnetic field to it because that is where I seen the most of this sheered, metal looking energy all clumped up in a circle at the opening into my body.  I seen the flow going in as well… at least the ones that didn’t zoom to the edge of the opening of the solar plexus.

Because of my deteriorating mental process thru the day, I had no real understanding of what this really was.  That is, until I woke up this morning.  Sadly, now it is just a vague recollection.

So I am going to hone in on the pure joy and excitement I woke up feeling.  I cannot underscore enough, the excitement I was filled with.  Even knowing I was going to spend yet another day rescheduling, felt so purposeful and exciting that it didn’t matter.  Again, until this ego mind of mine came on-line… then it just turned into… well just shit!

Several months ago, the field (which to me, often displays itself as incredibly schizophrenic over time) was showing energy that looked like bronze to me.  They even talked about the alloy make up of this new energy.  That this is what we are going thru.  Two elements coming together to merge and blend into a brand new element called bronze.

The recent solar flares created the exact amount of higher energy to fuse these two elements together into one new element, that is unique to each and every one of us.  If we can imagine the energy that we have produced as our physical life, harnessed by the pure energy of our emotional life (left and right fields) are now one whole energy that is vibrationally unique to each and every person on earth.

Yes our plants, animals, dirt, sky… every living thing has gone thru this infusion too.  However, we, the human, are the only thing in this created landscape that has free will and does not work in relationship to a beehive like consciousness.

So when spirit keeps saying they don’t know, I really get that they don’t know a thing… yet.  How could they, if our super unique energy signatures that we present in our physical life and our emotional-spiritual life is under going a radical change and still in that process of solidifying… what can they show us that they haven’t already shown us up to this stage.  I also got an understanding as I get hit with these energies intensity because of what I choose to do… share.  How can I share what I do not experience and do not reach higher to understand within myself.  Hence the demanding aspect of myself.  I have never been content to just allow it to happen (altho, I do just allow it to happen… all-ways) I demand to know what the hell does it mean to us.

Think about it.  Let’s say you have your car that has just gone into the garage for upgrades and repairs.  Your mechanic says you need new tires and they are putting some on.  Are you content to just allow the mechanic to change our your tires without knowing what brand, what rating, what mileage it will get?   I don’t.  I want to know what exactly are you putting on and what does it mean to the life of my car… thank you very much.  I am the same way with this path.  Perhaps that is why I actually do what I do for a living.  I really understand the vast garage of life thru each and every one of you.  A way of taking a look at all the different model cars and understanding the upgrades thru each one, and tells a story about the new raceway of life.

As we move thru this solar eclipse of May 10th, we can look at it as the crystallization of our new energy alloy.  I know there is a name for it, which completely escapes me at this moment.  So I googled it and got even more than I bargained for.  I found this website and here is a great explanation (sort of) of what is happening, right down to the image of that one lady several days ago (battery cell lady.)

The structures of pure metals are easy to describe because the atoms that form these metals can be thought of as identical perfect spheres. The same can be said about the structure of the rare gases (He, Ne, Ar, and so on) at very low temperatures. These substances all crystallize in one of four basic structures: simple cubic (SC), body-centered cubic (BCC), hexagonal closest-packed (HCP), and cubic closest-packed (CCP).

I have a feeling, the time leading up to this amazing solar eclipse will help us all understand what we are made of and what we can do with it.  Giving us the energy to create and use new energy, new choices, party at new exciting levels of Life!!

So on that note, I want to apologize in advance for any rescheduling I may have to do… I promise you, it is out of my human control.  I swear I show up ready to work every single day… only to find out one or all is closed for upgrades…. again!!

I raise my glass and celebrate the New You, the New Us, the pure conscious elixirs of Life creating anew!


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