Intellihub – Shepard Ambellas – New Investigation: UFO’s And Other Strange Activity In And Around Denver – 5 May 2013

Intel-Hub-Logo-I-1I am packed and ready to embark on what could become one of the most interesting UFO, and strange activity investigations of all time.

Investigation: UFO’s and Other Strange Activity In and Around Denver

Location: Denver Colorado

Investigation Dates: May 5-12, 2013

KAHULUI — Tonight I embark on what could prove to be one of the more interesting investigations I have ever been envolved with. One that could lead to either nothing, or, something rather big.

I will be headed on my way to Denver Colorado, to follow-up on mainstream reports that UFO’s exist in the area. The first leg of the trip alone makes me leery as last minute reservations got me a 4 plane leaping-hop into Denver on a late night red-eye. I’m sure I will arrive in a less spry condition then I would like. Nevertheless, I will be meeting my team and going right to work as no one knows what the next 8 days will bring.

My core team at the start of the investigation will be comprised of who I would consider a few of the most rounded people out there that dabble in this type information. Chris & Sheree Geo, researches and radio talk show hosts (Truth Frequency Radio) have interviewed hundreds of top guests and researchers alike, giving them a good feel for what is out there. Shepard Ambellas (myself), founder and director of, a popular news website, will head-up the team.

Realizing that we need to go outside of the box to obtain real, tangible information and imagery we can use, the team plans for interesting times.

Locals and mainstream media have reported UFO’s and other strange activity in the area for years. Although recently yet more attention has been drawn to the area after a Fox 31 news report by Heidi Hemmat. The piece was rather well done as experts in several fields were interviewed about a strange object caught on film by a local man. The general consensus from the Fox 31 investigation was that the object or objects caught on camera are not insects or birds.

However, astronomy blogger’s and others have explained of the images of the objects as “insects” or “bugs”. In fact, Phil Plait wrote, “Those aren’t UFOs. Those are bugs. Insects flying around in front of the camera. Insects that can hover, change direction, zip away. Insects that look like blobs because they’re close to the camera … Insects which were lit by the sun so they flash a bit when they change direction.”

Although believes that the issue goes beyond this publicized sighting, which will further warrant investigation of many people, places, and things in and around Denver in the coming week.

Either way our investigative team plans to bring you exclusive reports throughout the week as our investigation will be conducted in real time between the dates of May 5-12 in and around Denver Colorado.



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