Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – You Are The 1 Percent – 5 May 2013

onepercentBeing fully present in the here-now moment does not mean accepting your so called limitations. Many of you experience confusion when you attempt to engage here-now. The key is to be fully present in the here-now. When you are fully present you will see that you have no limitations.

As a physical being you tend to engage the here-now from your physical standpoint. You tend to see just what is physically manifested. But the wholeness of who you are goes far beyond that which is physical. Physical is just the outer crust on the pie, the skin on the surface of your planet, the shell of your emergent state of being. You are much more than what is physical, both in yourself, your body, and in what appears before you as your physical circumstances; your friends, your associates, your world.

Just beyond your commonly accepted physical senses lies a vibrational realm that encompasses all of what is being created and is yet to be created. It is a world of vibrational interactive harmonies. It is in this vibrational place of being that your physical world is assembled, brought together. You have your greatest impact here. And the greater your awareness of just how much of a non-physical being you really are, the greater your impact will be in this pre-emergent vibrational realm.

When you accept your physical limitations…when you say, “That’s it. That’s all I’ll ever be, all I’ll ever have, all I’ll ever experience. Might as well close the book now.”, then you are creating in thought physical limitations, which will emerge and cement your present state of awareness into place physically.

The Universe however, is slow setting cement, and there is no such thing as an unmovable object. There are no circumstance that cannot be re-invented. But struggling against your physical circumstances only sets them further in place. It is only in accepting your circumstances as “real” that you choose to struggle against them you see. “If there wasn’t this rock here for me to push against I wouldn’t have to be pushing” you tell us. “I have to push against this illness, this poverty, this limitation, or it shall get the better of me.”

But you created that limitation in thought long before it became your physical reality. And you will create your next physical reality with your present thought as well. For many of you it takes time to shift your thoughts and beliefs. You tend to accept a lot of so-called “facts” simply because 99 percent of the people agree on them, whether they like it or not.

You however, are the 1 percent. You are the 1 percent who are willing to question so-called reality. You say “I don’t have to think that way. I don’t have to believe in aging or poverty or illness or death”. Accepting the fullness of your being in the present moment is to also recognize the eternal, non-physical being that you are, temporarily immersed in physical contrast for the purpose of creation. That’s who you really are. Use your time in meditation to connect with the grandness and fullness of your non-physical being, and then bring that power and awareness with you as you engage your physical world on a day to day basis. Bring your joy to every moment and come to know the vast machine that is working on your behalf.

We are complete.




Yoga of Positive Thought in Practice
I love finding that I don’t have to think of solutions to my problems, just visualize happy ending. The world makes it all very easy if we allow it to do it’s magical work. The last couple of days were a great example. My computer’s hard drive crashed in the morning…and by evening it had not magically repaired itself. And just at the moment the “reality” sunk in, my phone rings. It’s my friend who works on computers. (Not a mere coincidence.)  He’s got some ideas for what we can do, but I’m thinking (uh-oh) that it might be faster just to call the repair shop. So I take the computer with me and call the repair shop at noon the next day. He’s closed a few days for remodeling. (Also not a coincidence.)So I stop at my friend’s house on the way home and in his collection of stuff is a hard drive that will fit my computer. He’s not using it and he generously gives it to me free. As an added plus it’s substantially bigger than the old one I had almost maxed out. A little bit of fun dissecting my computer on the coffee table, a bit of tinkering around and it’s up and running. A quick restore from my external backup and 36 hours later we’re up and running again.My own thinking and planning would not have gotten me there. The Universe sending the the right people and the right circumstances was perfect. The Twelve keep telling me “You need do nothing.”

Oceans of gratitude to my friend for being there at exactly the right moment, for the Universe who orchestrates all this wonder that surrounds us, and to all of you who are reading the journal today.



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